The Workers are Right about Some Things

There are some things that workers tell people that are true. But they are told to people to discourage them.

Church buildings can be a burden

I agree that church buildings can be a burden. But if a group of people build a building, the Bible does not teach that this is sin. If it was sin, then what about convention meeting sheds? I have been to conventions, and they require a lot of money and a lot of work. Buildings owned by religious organizations can become a financial burden. Even a home purchased with debt or a car that you cannot afford can be a financial burden. But the fact remains, that whether a religious organization has a church building, or whether you or someone else has a fancy car that they cannot afford, we can still be saved through faith in Jesus Christ.

Churches have problems

I absolutely agree that religious organizations have problems. Reading in Revelation, those churches had problems. For crying out loud, I have problems. In fact, come to think of it, Jesus came to earth to help people with problems. If I didn't have problems, what need would I have for Jesus Christ?

Denominations Divide

I agree that denominations divide. Different denominations make jokes about other denominations. But the root problem is disbelief in God. When the 2x2s claim that they are not a denomination, this is not true. They don't believe in the fundamental teachings of God, lie, don't keep the ten commandments and hate many people.

I was raised and influenced by the overseer's teachings and I hate what it did to me. The 2x2s take a name for themselves and call themselves "the way", "the truth", "the faith". Just because they are not open and honest about their denomination doesn't make them "non-denominational". In fact, I believe the only reason they claim to be "non-denominational" is to discourage people from trying to research their beliefs.

The 2x2s try go get people to come to meetings, destroy their faith in Jesus Christ as God, teach them to ignore fasting, healing, laying on of hands, anointing with oil etc and encourage them to only go to meetings and not fellowship with Christians. This is dividing. Of course they could not fellowship with Christians because they are not followers of Jesus Christ and believe that "Jesus Christ is God" is a doctrine of the devil.

Preachers Don't Care for their Flock

In many instances, this is true. But it's not because preachers get a salary. Think of the cover-up of child sexual abuse by the overseers and workers. Is this their example of "caring for the flock?". While many "Christian" (name only) preachers may be greedy, it doesn't justify their greed either. Because a person receives a salary does not make them greedy. What about the trust accounts held by overseers?

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