Things workers don't want you to know

Workers don't believe in Bible - As a worker, I was taught to preach what others preached and defer to the overseer. The Bible was not the final word, it was the overseers. I believe the workers believe in the Bible as much as a con artist believes in the cover he is using to con people. Whatever gets the job done.

Workers don't believe in God - As a worker, I was not to believe that Jesus Christ is God. He was supposed to be a nice man, better than a prophet, who sacrificed so much for us and attained to perfection by being really disciplined. AKA, the first "worker". I was not to believe that he was God or worthy of being worshiped. Believing in Jesus Christ and worshiping Jesus Christ is considered erroneousness doctrine that Truitt was preaching. However, teaching that Jesus Christ is not God is called the spirit of antichrist in the Bible! Read 1 John, where John explains that if you don't have the son, you don't have the Father. You cannot believe in the Father without believing in the Son and vice versa. To claim to believe in the Father, but not the son is a lie, delusion and the blindness that comes from being led astray by evil spirit and false doctrine.

Ignore Bible - Jesus Christ's teachings on how to handle offenses (Matthew 18:15-20) was not to be followed because it empowered people to bring offenses before the church and allowed them to rebuke workers. Workers were above reproach and if accused, I or my companion would be moved to another field until things blew over (the friends of the workers forgot and quit talking about it).

Don't Speak on Unpopular Verses - I was told not to speak on subjects that the wealthy 2x2s in the field didn't agree on.

Workers take collections - At the end of meetings, they collect money money through secretive handshakes and envelopes. This is why as workers we went to the back of the meeting hall to collect money right after the meetings.

Worker's don't pay taxes on their earnings - On one hand the workers will claim "The workman is worth of his hire" and the other hand will claim that people are giving them "gifts" not "wages". I don't know a single worker that files income taxes as required by law. But they drive nice cars, wear suits, get hair cut frequently (men workers), spend a lot on gas, receive room and board, paid for insurance, paid medical, paid airplane tickets to travel around the world for overseers.

Overseers have large funds at their disposal - Workers often claim to be broke (the younger ones may be) but the older workers and overseers may have bank accounts of saved money for their retirement and personal use. Overseers receive money from people's inheritance and this transaction if often managed through wealthy elders in the field.

Overseers keep track of people who profess through workers - If a worker doesn't gain enough converts, then they drop them from the worker's list.

Workers don't follow Matthew 10 - Workers claim that they follow Matthew 10 in going out in pairs, but they don't and don't even try. They go from house to house and they go to the gentiles. They take collections, have bank accounts, dress and live nicer than many people in their assigned field and are served (not servants) by others.

Overseers take collections at conventions - At conventions, the overseer will have an elder worker (typically the worker in charge of the convention) collect all the money from the workers, take out what they want, and then divide the rest back to the workers. As a worker, I was told by Shirley Doolittle to save all my money throughout the year for conventions.

Elders spy - Elders keep track of attendance and report absences to the workers. Followers are supposed to give a "word of thanks", a little story, a "message of intent" (I want to have more faith).

Injection - Worker's inject themselves into scripture to get people to believe that they are apostles and servants of God. Workers inject their religion in place of Jesus. For example - "Jesus is the only way." becomes "We (workers) are only way"

Workers create confusion - by not being frank and open, workers want people to be confused to the point people will give up trying to figure it out and just keep going to meetings.

Brown nosing workers get free trips - Workers who conform and praise the overseer are treated to round the world trips to attend special meetings and conventions in other countries, visit Rome etc.

See what former worker Graham Thompson witnessed about the overseers and other workers.

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