A day in the life of a 2x2 worker

Many people wonder what a workers day is like. Well, it's pretty boring and unfulfilling from my experience.

Typically I stayed with my companion in the home of someone in the field. We would get up sometime around when they got up and then they served us breakfast. Sometimes the whole family would be there because they were "having the workers over" and other times it's just one or two for breakfast.

Sometimes (rarely anymore) we would all read the Bible together. Most know that us workers were uneducated and understand really very little of the Bible. So many of the verses are twisted in rephrasing so as to make our group look like the New Testament church that Jesus built. The reading was very shallow as most families are in a hurry to get off to work, except us workers.

Then the man of the house goes off to work and the kids go off to school. This creates a dangerous situation because now we had us two men workers or one man worker in the house with the woman/wife home alone. Many of the women that profess didn't care for their husbands and tell almost everyone but their husband about it. But often as workers, we would stay in "our" rooms and only come out for meals or the meetings. We stayed in the kids rooms typically. The kids are the ones that take the brunt of things. Have you ever heard of the parents giving up their rooms?

If we were going to spend the night at the same house again, we could leave our stuff there, otherwise we packed things together to move again for the evening.

Then we usually went on a "visit" with some of the "friends" or ran some errands.

For lunch, my older companion typically scheduled so that someone else was fixing or buying us lunch. I didn't collect much money at meetings as a younger worker.

In the afternoon, we usually "studied" for the upcoming meeting if there was one that evening. If not, we usually schedule an afternoon visit. My companion would often schedule visits more with the favorites in the field. These included people with nicer homes, more money and who financially supported us more.

We would come home often in the afternoon. The people sometimes gave us keys to the house so that we could come and go as we pleased. Many did this out of pity realizing we had no home of our own. Sometimes we would be home when the kids came home from school. Sometimes both parents worked. Thank goodness no one broke into our car with all those keys in the glove box and a field list!

Supper time was usually spent at the home of wherever we were staying that evening. We waited for the man of the house to come home and chat with the kids (maybe) or read their newspaper while sitting on their couch in their house. I felt awkward and unworthy after socializing all day and then eating food given by someone else who worked for a living.

We usually all ate supper together since us workers were there. The man usually asked the older worker to give thanks for the meal. Maybe during supper we would talk about what workers are doing what, who's going to conventions, who died, who got divorced (just kidding!), who got married. The talk was light and was probably best because so many beliefs vary widely in the "fellowship" and most 2x2s don't know beans about the Bible or God.

Review of the day:
  1. Total work done for the Lord during the day: NONE
  2. Total talking time usually done: about 4 hours of idle chat
  3. Total Godly counsel time spent: zero, the Bible is not used as a guideline for living, rather a twisted support of their weird lives
  4. Job satisfaction: Zilch, Nadda, none


The most difficult part of being a worker was the doubts and unanswered questions. Many workers wondered after going into the work whether they were really being called by God. Probably because of the emptiness after their first convention and initial excitement. A day spent as a worker felt wasted. I wasn't edifying anybody. I wasn't really helping anyone, just telling them to do the same old same old. I could put on a smiling face for meetings and speak in meetings, but what was to show for it? I felt like we were getting no where; just maintaining the same routine. During special meeting rounds and at conventions, I got the same feeling from other workers. Very few workers (count on your fingers) actually enjoyed meetings or speaking in meetings. There was no "joy" in telling the "gospel message" that we so adamantly touted. Where was God in all this? Wasn't joy the fruit of the spirit of God? If so, why didn't we have it? Weren't we trying hard enough?

The Garbage Can and Babysitting

And listening to people gripe to my companion and I about their spouse wasn't fun. Especially when I felt like telling them to quit complaining about their spouse and take a good look at them selves. It seemed like we were just babysitting and being a wastebasket for people to tell us their trash about other people. I know that the workers are supposed to keep track of what is going on in the field to report it to the overseer, but it all seemed so empty and pointless.


Another part of being a worker was trying to forget. Trying to forget the "activities" of my companion with a woman going through a separation/divorce. In fact, there were two couples going through a separation and divorce that year and a couple more who were having serious problems and on the border of divorce. Trying to forget the backbiting we saw in families whose homes we stayed in was interesting to say the least. Going from house to house and being so closely connected with all these problems being dumped on us was just asking for trouble. And trouble it was. My companion was getting into relations with a woman, and I was kept away from his activities and asked to "Please don't say anything to anyone". How's that going to work? I talked with Craig Jacobsen and Craig probably told the overseer Howard Mooney. Hello world! If elders report on the "friends" in the field, and the elders report to the workers, and the workers report to the overseers, who's to think that nobody is reporting on the workers to the elders or to the overseers? It felt like we were in an huge glass fishbowl in a communist country.


As a worker my first year, I prayed to God that he would show me the truth. My prayers were answered about convention time when I asked another worker, "How do you know if something is true?" He told me that if I could find it in the Bible, then it was true. That made perfect sense, but created a huge conflict now. There were so many things that the Bible taught but we didn't do. Those words stuck with me.

Trying to Follow Truth in the Workers' Way

My second year, I started asking questions. It didn't go over well. I handed out invitations boldly even to pastors. I started learning things from other "worldly" people that the workers had hid from me. I asked my second year companion Craig Jacobsen why we didn't advertise and go have Bible studies during the week. He didn't like the idea of having Bible studies with other churches. I couldn't figure out why. It didn't make sense. If we were the only way going to heaven, why not tell the world? Silly me, what was I thinking!


I grew very discouraged. There were many things that I saw the workers doing and myself doing that we condemned other denominations for. Where was my joy? Where was my peace that I assumed that I would have? The frustration mounted over these contradictions. If the only way to heaven was this way, and this was it, then I wasn't sure if I wanted to go to heaven. Not that hell would have been better. But if heaven was like a meeting where workers grudgingly smiled and preached a sermon, then I wasn't excited. I couldn't understand why I should be leading meetings at 19 years old when other more experienced people were being taught. Weren't older people who were wise supposed to teach? I felt ugly and dirty inside. Why should I dress up in a suit and tie and pretend to be happy? I quit wearing ties whenever possible. Life was getting miserable. It seemed that every time I started to think, that things got worse. Trying to follow the Bible and make sense of things was making my life very difficult. I asked an elder to lead a meeting instead of me at one Sunday morning meeting. It nearly killed him. He did it, but he didn't want to.

Taking Out the Trash

Finally, when Craig had enough of me asking questions, he took me to see Howard Mooney who told me "don't turn to the right hand or the left". Whoopee. That didn't do anything to help me. A few weeks later, Craig dumped my used, confused, worn out mind and body at my folks house. I guess he figured they had used me long enough, I was no longer someone they needed and they could let my folks take care of the worker's problems that they had created. That was God's answer to my prayer. He gave me a big dose of how the workers' way doesn't work. Now I can witness to you exactly what I experienced as a worker. So don't go encouraging people to become workers. And when you read on the workers' list about someone "In Care of Health", look again. The workers' way is ruining people's lives.

Being Taken Out of the Trash Can

Behold! I found the Lord. Praise God for his great mercy. I discovered in the Bible that it says to confess and forsake your sins. I dumped out my sins and confessed them to a good Christian friend. Oh wow! What a relief. The workers don't teach to confess their sins to each other. No wonder why the workers' way doesn't work. They're not obeying God. I love the fellowship I have now with friends. And the peace is enormous. Sure, I still struggle, and yep, I need God every day. Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word of God. And God give me my daily bread! Hey, dear friend, turn to Jesus Christ. If you want to sacrifice and try to "work" your way to heaven by pleasing workers, go for it. But if you want some reward from God, then pray in secret, openly praise God and keep God's commandments. Confess your dirty, filthy sins and love the most tender compassionate Savior there is. God bless you. Now you know who to turn to when the workers turn on you for obeying God and trying to believe in Jesus Christ. Turn to God :)

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