Between a Rock and a Hard Place

The workers through their lies have worked themselves between a rock (the truth) and a hard place (their lies). Their best solution is to repent and believe in God.

Workers are in quite a fix nowadays. Here's some problems they are having:

Flyer Fear

Workers in some fields send out elders into the parking lot before the MEETINGS are over to check for fliers. They fear the friends will find out about their founder William Irvine.

Media Hypocrisy

Workers have banned TVs in most FIELDS, but allowed the INTERNET which allows them access to pornography. As a result, curious people are doing searches using Google and Yahoo on "William Irvine", "2x2s" and "2x2 religion" etc. Then, the friends are emailing their friends with links to the websites. The 2x2 secretive culture that the workers have bred have led to the friends being secretive about their questions and caused them to search the Internet because the workers are so unapproachable about their "doubts".

Rule Denial

Workers have made rules for the friends to follow. While some workers have publicly denied any rule making, it is obvious to many women friends who still wear their hair in a bun. This blatant lie by workers trying to cover for the OVERSEERS has backfired in many cases and simply upset many women.

Signs of God's Blessing

Workers for years have bragged that God is with him because more people have professed and more workers continue to believe the OVERSEERS, sell everything, give it to the workers and start preaching the 2x2 religion. However, in many fields, few if anybody is professing and less people are becoming workers after they read what goes on in the 2x2 clergy. So what are the workers going to say now? That God is not with them? Their bragging and lies have left people with a former "proof" that no longer works for them now. And what are they to say about Catholics who still have people willing to become "priests", that God is with them too? After telling lie after cover-up lie, many have found it better to say nothing.

Excuses and Lies Followed by Silence

Failed cover-ups abound. Workers trying to vouch for overseers and other workers have declared their beliefs and left them looking like a fool. They didn't realize the value of teaching lies through insinuation and instead stated their beliefs straight. This backfired and caused some of the overseers to warn workers that they can only "speak for themselves" and not for the 2x2 religion in general. Since the new policy of the overseers, this keeps workers from trying to answer questions. Instead, people get silence and more secrecy. This has caused some to doubt more and continue looking for answers. Silence towards sincere questions by "faithful" friends has backfired in many instances.

Confusion in Policy

The workers haven't implemented a written policy and creed. Some workers mock the idea of a written policy for workers. As a result, there is little unity in the cult except on the well-known basics. This has caused mis-step by some workers who didn't know better. For example, the two sister workers who reported the child sexual abuse that led to the overseer Jerome Frandle being arrested, convicted and sentenced to jail and then later Bill Denk.

Rapt/Rape Attention

The Bible never talks about female apostles, but yet the workers have female sister workers for many reasons. However, while the idea of women in the work who are supposed to "submit themselves" to the men workers is "attractive", it has backfired. With Leslie White being accused of raping a sister worker, it has brought a lot of attention from professing women. And while some professing women have had affairs with brother workers, I believe it has caused some of them to wonder if it really was their fault, or if the brother workers took advantage of them. Thanks to Leslie White, the sister worker with her emails, more people have been following this short story than the infamous Jerome Frandle who was convicted of failing to report child sexual abuse and denied being a minister/clergy member in the process.

For Prophet/profit Organization

One of the friends in Michigan testified under oath the that workers are not a non-profit. Also, the lawyer for Jerome Frandle stated that they are not registered as a non-profit group. This makes them subject to IRS tax laws for for-profit organizations. As such, they are required to file tax returns as individuals and declare their income including room, board, gas, car etc. I feel that some day the IRS will see that they are just people using religion as a cover for what looks like a pyramid scheme and bring them into conformance with the laws that we all follow. Until then, some of them may fear being investigated for failure to file income tax returns or income tax evasion. The IRS can go back about 7 years.

Walking by Interest/not by Faith

Overseers have been caught investing money gathered by the church into the stock markets. Some workers have been caught having bank accounts. This flies in the face of the workers who have professed to be going out on faith alone. The overseers agendas and special treatment was exposed in the Incorporation papers.

Book Profits/Prophets

Many people have written books about the 2x2 cult and the workers have tried to claim that they are trying to make money off the books. Actually, some authors have only recovered printing costs but have effectively reached many people. Also, the argument backfires because websites like mine generate no money, have no ads and are freely given. So what are they going to say then?

Websites Are Full of Lies

Some workers have slandered authors of websites and said they are full of lies. This creates a huge problem because the next question in the friends' mind may be "What websites?" and then "I wonder what they say?". 2x2s have been searching more earnestly using keywords like "MEETINGS IN THE HOME", "OVERSEERS", "BROTHER WORKERS", "THE WAY", "2x2 religion" and "2x2 cult". Even when the workers speak against the websites, it makes people curious as to what the websites are and what they say. Once the friends have read the websites, they start listening in meetings and thinking about their religion in a whole new light. Many have never heard of their 2x2 founder William Irvine, nor about the Faith Mission. Also, the form at the bottom of this website asking people for evidence for any errors counters their claims and the challenges I've put put prove the point even more.

2x2 kids go to school and talk with their classmates. These classmates ask them questions about their religion, and do research on what they've heard. The young friends who warn their school and work friends about "those websites full of lies" only serve to make their school mates curious and see what the 2x2 religion is really like. Their failure to give straight answers only causes the people they are trying to recruit to turn to the INTERNET for answers. Teenagers going to school who feel the horrible restrictions and weirdness of cult life begin to rebel against professing parents when they learn that they've been lied to and felt pressure to lie about their religion to their friends at work and school. Eventually something gives. It's hard on teenagers when their school friends know more about their religion, the 2x2 clergy and scandals from Internet reading than they know after PROFESSING and going to MEETINGS for many years. Some rebelling kids cannot handle the mental strain and turn to alcohol, pornography, drugs and leave home.

"Internet Workers"

So-called "Internet workers" who justify the workers, claim that the 2x2 religion started years before William Irvine and other nonsense have served to put the workers lies in writing. And in doing so, they have caused people to do research and they have come away disgusted with these Internet workers who claim to have a higher revelation and to be more knowledgeable than the overseers. While these Internet workers have a few out-spoken followers who idolize them, they have served mostly to disgust people and polarize them against the workers. I believe these Internet workers have sabotaged the 2x2 religion faster than the overseers and workers can brainwash new people (with the exception of Leslie White, Bill Denk and Jerome Frandle who have become world-wide spectacles). Amazingly, more people are doing searches on Leslie White, Bill Denk and Jerome Frandle than on the Free Mason William Irvine and his illegitimate son.

Iron Fist Shunning

As workers bring down their iron fist to rebuke the friends for looking at the Internet etc, it only serves to validate the friends' fears that what they have read is true. They begin asking questions and when the workers lie (people are learning how to ask questions) or side-step questions, it further causes people to doubt the workers. Many are getting tired of the iron fist of the workers and disgusted at the number of people who have been kicked out of the cult for missing meetings, having TVs and not believing everything the workers teach in meetings. Some of the friends have started shunning the workers! because they are not approachable nor friendly.

Lowered "Standards"

For years, the workers have preached about "HOLDING THE STANDARD HIGH" when the "standard" was really just rules of the workers making. As they 2x2 religion has lost followers, the "standards" have had to drop to hold onto its followers. Thus the workers have branded themselves in the eyes of the "faithful" as having dropped the standards. The "dropping of the standard" has included allowing TVs in the homes of newly professing people who the workers haven't the heart to tell them to get rid of their TV. The workers know that trying to make them get rid of their TV will simply cause them to leave, and they cannot afford this. They are taking whatever recruits and their money that they can get. It's hard to be part of a failing religion when you know in your heart that it's not of God.

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