My Experiences in the WORK

Wow. Some people want to know what I saw and heard as a worker. I've kinda taken it for granted that people knew these things, but these are the things that I saw in the work.

Obviously these things are not what you would expect from people professing to be Christians.

I'm going to throw out some experiences and sort through them later.

Sell All and Give to WORKERS

If you go into the work, you are required (or you won't be accepted) to sell everything and give it to the workers, (if they can get to it first) or your relatives. I'm really surprised how many people don't know this, but if you've never been a worker, then I understand.

It used to be in the beginning when William Irvine ran things that they told you that you could not be saved unless you sold everything, gave it to him and became a 2x2 worker. But they've changed that doctrine.

Everett Swanson was in our field and when I had "offered for the work". He told me to sell everything and bring all my money (from savings and selling all my stuff) to convention. After I sold everything and gave the rest away (what I could not sell), I went to convention preps with my money. Stanley Sullivan, who was the worker in charge of the convention, was there to greet me and asked me for my money (now who says workers don't ask for money?!). I told him I thought that the money was supposed to be given to the poor (my twisted understanding of Luke 18:22), and Stanley Sullivan said, "I'm poor, you can give it to me." Obviously there was no option as to who to give it to if I wanted to be "accepted" as a worker. So much for being "called by God".

Mandatory Annual Workers Collections

When I went to conventions at Boring, OR and Ronan, Montana I was required to give all my money to the worker in charge of the convention. If I didn't have much money, I was frowned on. After they took all they wanted for plane tickets, building supplies and "whatever else" (they never told me and we weren't really free to ask), they "divided up" the remaining money (equally they say) and supposedly give me back my fraction of what was left. I was told by Shirley Doolittle to save up all my money during the year because "conventions are expensive". They don't say what would happen if you didn't give them all your money, but I think we can all figure out what would happen if you didn't obey the overseer.

Mingling with Workers in Adjacent Fields

Workers may have lunch once or twice a year with workers in adjoining fields to say "Hi" or conduct business such as appointing new elders etc. They also talk about people they are having problems with in the field. If you are "one of the friends", think again about what you say to the workers. All sorts of private "issues" are talked about, whether you told them to workers in confidence or not!

The "Field" Diary

There is a diary or notebook for each field where workers are. In it, the older worker makes notes and comments about people, families etc about who they do and don't like and why. It may have recorded who can be an elder and who cannot. Who can have a meeting in their home and who cannot. Since workers change fields every 1-3 years, this field diary is passed to the next set of workers. My companion never allowed me to see the field diary. The workers are very secretive about this field diary and the notes it contains. If you've every wondered why each year the new set of workers seemed to be prejudiced against you, you may want to ask what's written about you in the field diary!

Choosing Elders

Elders are usually determined by an older (male) worker in the field. The popular people are considered first for being an elder.If sister workers are in the field, they submit their proposal for an elder to the male workers nearby and get it approved by a nearby brother worker and finally by the overseer. If you think you want to be an elder, then consider why so many people have wanted to quit being an elder and wanted the meeting moved out of there home. Gossip is just the beginning. It is rather difficult for workers to find "good" elders.

Temporary Speakers in "Gospel Meetings"

When the older worker is sick enough to not be able to speak in a meeting, they may actually appoint an elder or former worker (in good standing) to lead a gospel meeting instead of a younger worker. This flies in the face of workers having more authority than elders and confirms the politics and inner circles in the cult.

Poor Younger WORKERS

YOUNGER WORKERS who don't receive much money don't get much help from OLDER WORKERS.

WORKERS with Bank Accounts

Some OLDER WORKERS try to keep as much money as they can. Randy Russell told me that some WORKERS have bank accounts. Evidently they don't give all their money at CONVENTIONS (oops). Presumably they are saving up for what they expect upon being too old to be of any use for the OVERSEER. They know that the OVERSEERS will always be "taken care of" (read about the Incorporation papers in Alberta or google 2x2 incorporation), but not so with the lower WORKERS. I can understand why the OLDER WORKERS would want a backup bank account.

Money Collecting Through Mail

Older workers who are popular speakers may receive a lot of money especially through the mail.


You cannot be an overseas worker until you get enough money through the mail to support you overseas. If you don't get enough money, then you may be returned back to the states (if you were from the states to begin with).

OVERSEERS tell WORKERS "Don't file Tax Returns"

I was told by my older companion Randy Russell and the OVERSEER Harold Bennett that that WORKERS shouldn't file income tax returns. Some OVERSEERS claimed their staff of WORKERS were "volunteers" and not their employees. We definitely weren't subcontractors because we always had to obey the OVERSEER 24/7.

Lack of Care for Sick Younger WORKERS

Younger workers who are sick or suffering from depression are dropped off at relatives houses and the relatives are left to care for them. On the WORKERS list they call it "in care of health" or "Resting" or don't put any reason next to their name. There is a high turnover rate among young WORKERS. But it doesn't matter much because the OVERSEERS make money each time someone sells everything and gives it to them. WORKERS don't get their money back when they leave the work, even when they leave "poor".

"Disposal" of Older Unpopular WORKERS

Older workers who are not popular and who have medical bills may be left off the workers list at conventions without explanation. This is how they find out that they are no longer in the work. They are left to fend for themselves with medical bills amidst their bewilderment and confusion as they try to adjust to real life outside the cult ministry. An older sister worker who was in need of medical care told me this (weeping) after it happened to her by Harold Bennett.

CONVENTIONS Esteemed Greater than Life of Workers

Workers who are sick at convention, even close to death with food poisoning, may be required to withhold information from the Health Department authorities and kept from visiting the hospital to allow conventions to continue so they "don't cause the convention to be shut down". This happened to me my first year in the work. I nearly died.

Overseas WORKERS Money Policies

Workers who receive money to help friends in poor countries keep the money in bank accounts and do not distribute it to the needy who are sick and sometimes dieing. Workers only care for the spiritual, not the natural" may be an excuse given.

WORKER Politics in the FIELD

Workers who don't like some people in their field may slander them to other workers to gain support in excommunicating them or avoiding them in hopes that they quit coming to meetings. This is done by dropping phrases that imply things that are not true.

Pregnant Sister WORKERS "RESTING" or Sent Overseas to "Labor"

Sister workers who are raped or get pregnant by someone in their field or a brother worker or a head workers may be sent to a foreign country to labor (pun intended). After they've had their child and adopted it out, they may be allowed to return to their original country.

ELDER Excommunication

Elders may be excommunicated or have the meeting taken out of their homes if these elders believe that other people not of the cult may be saved. Workers in this elders field may go to the head worker and make the accusation. The head worker will ask the workers to ask the elder if it's true. If it is, then the head worker gives the workers permission to remove the meeting or to excommunicate them.

WORKER Power Struggles

There are large nasty power struggles among older workers to become the head worker. Many things are done for the sake of popularity and to gain power.

SISTER WORKERS Required to Obey Brother WORKERS

Sister workers times to speak at conventions are cut short at the request of popular speakers at conventions. These sister workers may go crying to their quarters (where they sleep at conventions) and are encouraged to believe that they are suffering for Jesus' sake. Sister worker who had this happen to her by Mike Thornsteinson told me this.

Abusive Older Companions

Both younger brother and sister workers may suffer intolerable cruelties in trying to remain in the work. If they leave the work due to depression or sickness etc, they may be told by some older workers that the work may "just not be for you". Or statements may be circulated that they "turned back from the plow". Horrible burdens such as these lies are promoted to dissuade people from listening to their hardships and to discourage people from validating what they hear from these younger people.

Vying for Richest Fields

There are large power struggles to work in the best fields. Best fields are determined by how much money the people give. It is of course in the interest of overseers to keep the most popular workers in the best fields so that the people will be encouraged to give more financial support.

Enabling and Lying to Cover Abusive Workers

Some cruel workers are apologized for by a few compassionate workers to try to console younger workers who are abused and stepped on. They don't realize that they are just enabling the cruel workers to abuse more people and discouraging these younger workers from confronting the cruel workers with their offenses.

What the FIELD LIST Means to Some

Some people in the field may cry and weep if their name is accidentally left off the field list because they feel like they would go to hell for not being on the list. I remember Martha Axtell in the Albany Field crying because her name was accidentally left off the field list.


Head workers may be consulted as to whose name should be left off or put on the field list.

Removal of Mailing Addresses

Mailing addresses were taken off the field lists (except for homes with meetings) in the Pacific Northwest so that former cult members who got out would have more trouble educating cult members about it's origins, knowledge of the cult, knowledge of sound doctrine and "causing doubt".

Purpose of Sings for the Youth

Sings and youth events are created to keep younger followers away from mixing with "worldly" people and learning about the cult they are being raised in. Also, WORKERS want all the young kids to only date and marry 2x2s, not anybody else. This is why so many 2x2s are related to each other.

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