Common Worker Sermons

Several common worker sermons are the parable of the sower and the seed, wheat and tares and one fold and one shepherd.

Workers have favorite sermons. They include a list of often taught sermons whose aim is to gain converts to their religion. WORKERS use people's ignorance and gullibility to deceive them. This is why OVERSEERS forbid WORKERS to get an education on the Bible, be educated and don't want others to be educated. They teach through insinuation and use a pretense of being Godly people.

Must Have Strong Foundation

Workers can preach for a half an hour that you need to have a good foundation, but never mention what that foundation is. They will often mention the scripture where Jesus Christ said that the foundation of sound did not withstand the storm. They leave out the fact that a good foundation is likened by Jesus Christ to DOING what Jesus Christ said. The WORKERS insinuate instead that a good foundation is believing that THEY are the only way going to heaven and the WORKERS are the only true prophets. This is a similar fashion to Muslim beliefs that Allah is the one true God and Mohammad is the only true prophet. There are many cults which have similar veins.

Become Like a Little Child

WORKERS teach that you need to become like a little child and obedient to them. If you are not obedient to them, then you are "headstrong", "rebellious" and "going astray". This contrasts strongly with the Jesus Christ who taught the apostles to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. Yes, we are to be humble, but we are to be discerning. And we are to beware of false prophets. The apostle Paul taught that we are to be mature Christians who hold onto the gospel delivered by the apostles without wavering.

WORKERS are Jesus Christ Come in the Flesh

Many WORKERS teach that they are Jesus Christ come in the flesh and that if you reject them, you are rejecting Jesus Christ. The idea is to put fear in the hearts of ignorant folks and out of that fear come to accept the WORKERS because they don't know any better. This fear often works on children.

Parable of sower and seed

They teach that sower are the workers. The "good soil" are people who go to meetings and support the workers.

However the parable is about Jesus, not the WORKERS. The good soil as explained by Jesus are the ones who hear what Jesus is teaching and understand it. The cult followers do not understand what Jesus teaches. They believe that if you don't receive their "seed" that you are "bad soil".

They are the Well of Water

WORKERS want you to believe in all they teach and do. They want you to drink in everything they give out. This is anti-Christian. God wants us to abide in him and not idolize others or worship others. Jesus Christ said "I am the vine and ye are the branches."

God Doesn't Dwell in Buildings

What WORKERS are trying to drive at is that anyone who worships in a church building is going to hell. Yes, God wants to dwell in our hearts. But God has not made a doctrine about where to worship. We can worship in tents, churches, on the beach, in the forest, on mountains and valleys. To worship in a building is not a sin. But WORKERS condemn to hell any preacher that has a church building. Interesting to note that the early WORKERS had portable buildings that they preached in.

Parable of Wheat and Tares

WORKERS teach that tares are bad people in the group that God is going to remove. However they ignore the fact that Jesus explained the parable and the field is likened to the world, and not likened to the cult.

Abraham's servant looking for a bride for Isaac

WORKERS teach that the workers are like the servant looking for a bride for Christ. Their followers are like Rebekkah

This analogy falls apart because Abraham's servants brought gifts to Rebekkah. The cult workers have nothing to help their followers. The followers are expected to give to the workers. Also, the cult workers do not bring people to Christ. They bring people to a more confused view of the Bible and discourage them. This is why their numbers are dropping.

One Fold and One Shepherd

The Bible teaches that Jesus is the good shepherd who gives his life for all who believe in him. The WORKERS insinuate that they are the fold (only one true church established by God) and that God is their shepherd. WORKERS insinuate that because they don't take public/formal salaries (instead they take cash under the table), that they are not hirelings and are the good shepherds (plural!) that give their life for the sheep (the FRIENDS) (as if Jesus sacrifice was not enough for the sins of people. They insinuate that they are the only ones saved.

Rich Man and Jesus

Mat 19:16-22. The Bible teaches that Jesus is good, is God and knows all people's hearts. The workers use these verses to insinuate you need to sell everything and give it to them to be a worker.

Peter and Apostles Left All Behind to Follow Jesus

Peter is acknowledging his ministry to the Jews and how he left things behind at home. Peter never said that he had sold everything and given it to the poor, nor do we read this anywhere. Jesus tells Peter his reward. The workers use this to insinuate that since they became homeless that they will have same promises Jesus gave to Peter.

Must Do the Will of God

This preaching is common, but the "Will of God" is, is redefined to mean the will of the WORKERS. It's assumed by many to be "going to meetings" and "taking part in meetings". Also, they may mention "believing on him whom God hath sent"

Joh 6:29 Jesus answered and said unto them, This is the work of God, that ye believe on him whom he hath sent.

but substituting believing on the WORKERS (assumed to be sent by God) instead of Jesus (who the Bible is really referring to).

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