Wayne Harris

Wayne Harris used to be a 2x2 worker in Oregon. His last year in the work was in 1989. After being in the work, he went to live with his wealthy mother Dorothy Harris near Corvallis, Oregon.

Wayne Harris is an Accomplished Pianist

Wayne Harris is an accomplished pianist. He often plays the piano for many of the 2x2 meetings, weddings and funerals. Since Wayne Harris is so well known by the 2x2 FRIENDS in Oregon, some offer what looks like his recordings for sale. See http://rkivs.com/digitalmusic/

Exworkers Speaking at Meetings But Never Christians

My first year in the work, Randy was sick on a WED,THU or Sunday and was not well enough to speak at meeting. So Randy had Wayne Harris take the meeting. This is very interesting and shows the politics and priority of the 2x2 cult. I was a worker and should have led the meeting because Wayne Harris had left the work (not that I wanted to lead the meeting). But here Randy put Wayne Harris in charge of the meeting. This shows how there is an inner circle of Workers and Exworkers and the focus is on their cause of promoting the cult beliefs. Christian preachers are NEVER invited to speak at a meeting. I have gone to meetings for 33 years since a baby and have NEVER seen a Christian preacher speaking at a MEETING, SPECIAL MEETING or CONVENTION. They would rather have a WORKER who dropped out speak at a GOSPEL MEETING than have a Christian preach at a GOSPEL MEETING. But this does not show the extremity with which they hate Christians.

Wayne Harris Told Me About WORKERS Changing Doctrines

I met with Wayne Harris to talk with him about the divorce and remarriage issue in Oregon. He told me that Matthew 18:19 is used by the "older brothers" to support them deciding on doctrinal issues. The lesson was that if two or three older brother workers decided it's OK to divorce and remarry, then God would comply with the older brother workers decision.

Mat 18:19 Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.

That is a really interesting teaching on Matthew 18. In fact, it's laughable. I know the 2x2s in large believe that everyone else is going to hell except them. They believe that they are the one true FOLD and that all lost sheep will come to meetings and PROFESS. But somehow they believe that if three of the OLDER BROTHERS agree on something, God is going to change his mind? I know that's a conceited view. I know that this is used to make workers quit the work based on the opinion of the OLDER BROTHERS. Can you imagine how scary it would be if you didn't know God and were a younger work - an OLDER BROTHER WORKER coming up to you, telling you of their decision and quoting Matthew 18:19 when you didn't know the Bible. You would probably think you are going to hell if you don't agree with them. And this is the exact kind of scare tactics that the WORKERS use on THE FRIENDS and THE FRIENDS use on each other. They scare each other because of their superstition, ignorance and disregard for truth.

These verses are completely taken out of context by Wayne Harris and the OLDER BROTHERS to support someone changing a doctrinal issue that Jesus Christ is totally clear about. Matthew 18:15-20 is used to try to restore a fellow Christian to fellowship, and failing that, to remove them from the church so that they can see how their eternal salvation is affected by their decision to offend others on doctrinal issues.

Wayne Harris Buying Beer and Cigarettes for a Younger Man

Recently, I have been told by a parent that Wayne Harris is living with his son and buying him beer and cigarettes. This is extremely suspect to me. First, the 2x2s don't smoke or drink typically, and so there must be something that Wayne Harris wants from the young man. I have never known Wayne to date a woman and has never been married.

Not So Honorable

I thought it was more honorable that Wayne Harris left the work. But after I was in his field during my first year, he was back in the work with Dave Nealon.

Website Comments

Here's a comment by a writer using the pen name of "Dirk". Be aware that most people who are pro-cult don't give their name or email address but give a false name and use a proxy because they are afraid to be identified with their own behavior. So here's what they wrote and my questions will follow so you can see they hypocrisy and poor logic of cult members and those who love the religion they call "the truth".

You disgust me. I left the truth a long time ago. But the people in the faith are not in a cult, not false prophets etc. Wayne Harris is an honorable man. He Married me and my ex wife, he was very kind and a friend to us both. I lost touch with him when I left the truth...but my leaving had NOTHING to do with the faith...but everything to do with me and the demands of my parents and the truth. Your attempts to sully and dirty Wayne and his reputation are disgusting...and you should be ashamed of your self. Even if he did buy beer and cigarettes for someone, which I doubt...who the hell are you to judge? especially with second hand information. You're just a gossip, and IMO a pretty sad & petty one at that

Obviously, I cannot reply to this writer since they didn't leave an address. I doubt the name is real. But here's some questions so you can see through what they write:

  • Why are they afraid to use their name or email address?
  • If they think that the "truth" is right, but are not part of it, then are they not saying that those who condemn them to hell are correct and they believe they are going to hell because they are not going to MEETINGS? This is how anyone who supports the cult believes. They believe in their own condemnation.
  • They write that I disgust them. Is it a sin to disgust people? Didn't the most perfect person in the world disgusted people? Aren't people in cults disgusted with those who identify them in a cult? Aren't thieves disgusted with people who identify them when they steal?
  • They write that the people in "the faith" are not in a cult. Why should I believe this writer when they are ashamed to be identified? Why don't they have any supporting arguments?
  • They write that Wayne is an honorable man. I don't see how marrying someone makes them honoroable. I'm sure that Wayne was very kind. But aren't many people kind? If the writer was friends with Wayne, then why did they lose touch after they left "the truth"? Don't many 2x2s quit being "friends" when someone leaves the cult?
  • They write that leaving "the truth" had nothing to do with "the faith", but with the demands of their parents and "the truth". I don't understand this blatant contradiction. What's the difference between "the truth" and "the faith". And what were the demands of their parents? And "the faith" is a faith in what?
  • They write that Wayne married him and his ex-wife. I've never heard of a WORKER marrying anyone. In fact, the 2x2s are against WORKERS marrying people. Has anyone heard of a WORKER marrying anyone? I think this is an attempt of the writer to mislead me about who they really are.
  • They write that I was attempting to sully Wayne's reputation. That is far from the truth. I am attempting to share what I know with others. The people close to Wayne know his reputation. Randy Russell told me Wayne's reputation. This is why I respected Wayne for not going into the work, giving the temptations that this presented. Why make provisions for the flesh?
  • About the beer and cigarettes. Is it a sin to buy beer and cigarettes for someone? Is this not judging them if they think it sullies their reputation to buy beer for a young man living with him? If you think this is a lie, then please give me your full contact information and let's talk. Or the young man who was/is living with Wayne can say first hand. A writer's doubts doesn't make for facts. I have stated clearly who told me the information.
  • They accuse me of being a gossip. What's the difference between a gossip and somebody who is telling their experience to help open the eyes of people who idolize the WORKERS?
  • Now here's a good question. If the writer doesn't like my experience and sources and doubts them, what would this writer say if they had a daughter and a WORKER molested them? Is this not how child molesters are moved from field to field? Would they not make the child ashamed of claiming sexual abuse, justify the WORKER and the child quit PROFESSING as an adult and maybe commit suicide later in life? Why don't they treat others as they want to be treated. I welcome clearing up anything on this page if it's in error. Let's get the truth out there and correct any mistakes if there are any.
  • How do you think this writer would handle "Mango Chango's accusation of Leslie White raping her? Because she is a well respected (among the 2x2s) sister WORKER...If your going to idolize the WORKERS without cause, how do these people handle it when both people who are idolized accuse each other of crimes? How can they both be right? And how would they handle the extent of the accusations of this email: Sister Worker 2012-06-06 which show a massive degree of abuse?

    These are the types of website comments I get now and again. It's from people who have trouble handling the report of others. I'm sure they have trouble dealing with the facts because they have to rethink their estimations of the WORKERS. I hope that people learn to think from a Godly perspective and put their idolatry away. Many who have left the cult believe it is the "only way" to heaven and condemn themselves (not because of their sin) because they have not met their parents or the WORKERS expectations based on their false gospel.

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