John Culver, Texas 2x2 Worker


John Culver is a homeless 2x2 worker currently in Austin and Round Rock Texas area who lives off of what other people give him. He dresses pretty nice for being a "homeless" man. From what I gather, his sole occupation is preaching. I don't think he reports his income from preaching, but I may be wrong about that. I've never personally met a worker that told me they reported their income to the IRS. Brandon mentioned tipping the IRS about this. From what I can tell, John is told where to preach by Lyle Schober. John is "companions" with Duane Topinka.


John Culver collects money from followers in the Round Rock, TX area. He collects money in handshakes at the ends of meetings. You can watch at the end of his meetings, stand near him and see people pass money to him occasionally. Of course, if you're standing there gawking, people may quit.

John Culver's contact information

John Culver gets mail at c/o D. Carlson, PO Box 551, Round Rock, TX 78680-0551. He can be reached at 512-255-3115 or 512-310-9918. I think this PO Box must be paid for or in the name of Doug Carlson because the initials and last name look familiar. I wonder why the PO Box would be listed in his name?

Questions I Have that I Would Like Answered

  1. Do you think this man has no income?
  2. If so, how does he have a suit and tie and live so nicely as a homeless man?
  3. How does he have a car to drive around?
  4. How would a homeless man be able to afford gas?
  5. Who pays for the car of which he benefits?

If you have answers to these questions, please contact me. Thanks


Brandon Miller tells me that he enjoys meeting with Duane Topinka and John Culver and going to his preaching sessions where this homeless man preaches.


If you have a picture of John Culver, please contact me. This way people can know for sure if the person they know is the same one that I'm writing about. Thanks

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