Freedom, Redeemed by God

Someone has asked me to write about what I have enjoyed since leaving the cult. There are many things. God has redeemed my soul and set me free. Praise God!

Here are a few of the things I enjoy since coming to faith in God:


I am free to tell the truth. I don't have to lie about my feelings or existence to satisfy someone. I don't have to worry about pleasing someone's religious views.

Since I believe in Jesus now, I am not worried about maintaining a perfect image of myself to maintain religious form. I accept the righteousness of Jesus Christ which is sufficient to cover my sins.

If I don't feel like doing something that God has commanded me to do, I am free to pour out my heart to God and ask Him for help. The LORD is not limited by my understanding.

I can be honest about what I understand in the Bible and talk with other people whether Christian or not. If they don't like the Bible, I don't feel threatened. If they do, that's great. If they're upset at God, then I can still listen and love them.

I can have doubts about what is written in the Bible and I can tell God about them. I don't have to worry about getting in trouble with God for being honest about my feelings. God loves me and I am satisfied with Him. Being honest before God about who I am allows me to receive the help that I need from God.


I don't have a worker looking down at me discouraging me for asking questions or wanting to learn.

I have the encouragement of God. I can read the Bible and am free to seek to know and understand what the author intended for me to learn.

I can listen to Christian radio stations, watch Christian movies and fellowship with Christians.

I don't feel obligated to to depressing meetings with other people stuck in their "we are the only way" beliefs.

The more that I learn of God and what is in the Bible, the more things I can use to help others with.

The faithful lives of the apostles, believers and prophets encourages me to be faithful to God. I can learn from the Bible without having to manipulate it's words to fit the cult.


My life has more meaning. I am learning the meaning of words like love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness. I am learning how words have a powerful affect on people. I am learning how words have power to heal and comfort. I am learning to speak the truth in love.


I feel more responsible for who I am, what I believe and my choices.K/p>

I don't worry about what a worker thinks about what I watch, what I do.

I know God sees everything and that I am responsible for the choices I make.

When I make mistakes, I can turn to God for help. I find that God is more responsible about my life than I am.

I can trust God with my needs and trust Him for counsel. I can pray to him for help about "natural" things as well as spiritual.

Now I understand more of God's love when Jesus taught that God knows the number of hairs on my head. I don't even pretend to keep track of such things.


I feel a lot more responsible to exercise good judgment. I don't depend on the workers to make decisions for me or others. I know that I bear full responsibility for my decisions.


Because I don't have people lording themselves over me and condemning me for reading and praying with friends, I feel free to get counsel from friends. I know many of the 2x2s don't ask the workers for advice anymore because they don't want to be obligated to the workers getting involved in their affairs and micromanage them.


I have more power in my life to do what is right.

I don't feel embarrassed or out of control as much from inconsistent beliefs of the 2x2s.

I can tell others about God. I can tell others about Jesus. I can get into the word of God and learn things about myself and others that allows God to help me.

I have recognized that change in my life does not come from my own will, but requires faith in the word of God. Believing in the things that are real changes my choices and causes me to act more righteously. Believing in the love of God causes me to love people who hate me.


I can be more helpful. I have learned how to listen carefully to people. If they disagree, then it's great to listen to them and hear their full complaint. It's great to hear their evidence for their complaints (if there is any).


I have learned to love others as Jesus loves me.

I have learned what love is.

After feeling repression and the control of the will of other men, I have learned the love of God.

I have learned more of the commandments of God that show me how to love as Jesus loves me.

I have real principles to guide me that work together with all the teachings of Jesus and benefit my soul.

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