Typical 2x2 Recruitment

Some of you have met some 2x2s at work and are curious about their religion and what they believe. This curiosity can pull you into the religion. So I've laid out how the typical recruitment process goes for people not raised in the cult. You may ask them questions and make decisions on their deceptive answers, so reading this website should help give you more information about whether you want to get involved with this group. This cult works through the power of Satan and there are evil spirits in their meetings.

  1. You are at work and look around.
  2. You notice somebody dressed differently or seems different (women wear hair in buns, no pants, no jewelry and no makeup)
  3. You ask some questions about them, like "Where do you go to church?"
  4. They may say "We don't have a name." They don't really answer, which piques your curiosity. They claim they don't take a name, or may say that they are a non-denominational Christian church (Don't believe them. They are not. They preach a different gospel)
  5. You still don't know what they believe. They don't give straight answers.
  6. They invite you to a meeting
  7. You decline, but are still curious
  8. They are very nice and agreeable. They don't say anything confrontational because they are trying to draw you in with social obligation.
  9. They invite you over for a meal. How can you resist? They seem so friendly. You don't dare wonder if they are trying to "buy" or bribe you with meals
  10. Afterwards, they invite you to a meeting. You decline.
  11. They build up the relationship with time and shallow talk to condition you to accept them
  12. They invite you again. You want to be friendly, and now you know them a little better. What can it hurt? you think. So you come over for a meal.
  13. Afterwards, they invite you to a meeting again. You feel obligated, so you go this time.
  14. The meeting is odd. The people are strangely quiet before the meeting.
  15. You sit and listen for an hour. The singing is bland. The service is odd. It's not like a Christian gospel meeting.
  16. The women all have no jewelry (like the first on you saw), no makeup, hair in bun and no pants. Hmmm. you are noticing a pattern.
  17. Two workers of same sex speak during the meeting. No time for questions are allowed.
  18. The preachers smile and shake your hand after meeting.
  19. You may notice if you watch carefully that the preachers collect money through handshakes.
  20. The preachers who you notice are called "workers", are arranging with people to stay in their homes for the next week.
  21. You ask some questions and the workers don't give straight answers. They invite you to come to more meetings where "all your questions will be answered".
  22. You want to be nice, but there are some serious red flags. But you don't want to put them off by expressing your frustration, so you don't mention it.
  23. You go online and try to find what group they might be part of.
  24. You do searches on the workers' names, names of the people you met, names of conventions they attend (if you can get this out of them or if you knew to ask).
  25. You ask about the ministers. They tell you that they are homeless and go out in pairs. (This is another big clue). They say they are like apostles. It sounds nice, but if you don't know your Bible, then you don't realize they just lied to you, again.
  26. You search on meetings in the home, homeless preachers. You end up here.
  27. Your friend asks you to a meal again. Now you are faced with a decision. Perhaps you don't want to offend them by telling them the truth, but on the other hand you don't want to join. What do you say? Let them know you've researched their religious organization and found that they are a dangerous cult. Offer to show them this website. If they say it is full or lies, ask them where ONE lie is and ask for evidence to prove what is right. They can contact me through the forms at the bottom of every web page.
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