Marie Faircloth Funeral

Marie Faircloth who recently lived in Round Rock, Texas died on Friday, Sept 28th, 2012. She was 91 years old when she died.

Her brother Floyd Faircloth lives in Longview, TX. Her sister Gladys Yvonne also outlived her.

Marie joined the 2x2 cult after hearing a couple of 2x2 workers and believing they were Godly people. She was deceived. Marie joined the 2x2 workers in 1946 and preached the 2x2 message started by William Irvine. Many of the 2x2 workers have been convicted of molesting children. Many claim to be celibate, but live sexually immoral lives. She moved around with other preachers in the cult for 60 years. She preached the message approved by the cult overseers in Texas, New Mexico, Mexico and Puerto Rico. Read a sample letter where Ray Hoffman praises a child molestor Rays CSA Letter Ira Hobbs.

The overseers that controlle Marie Faircloth forbid them to marry (not in Bible, not teaching of God) and tell them what they can and cannot preach. When I joined this cult as a 2x2 worker, they had me sell all my things and give them the money.

The funeral of Marie Faircloth are on October 3rd, 2012 on WED at the Chapel of Lakeview Funeral Home.

I hope all who knew Marie Faircloth would look again to see if they have joined this same cult, and if so, learn how much the cult damages souls and families. It is very dangerous and many children have been sexually molested by the 2x2 workers. They use religion as their cloak for their immoral activities.

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Marie Faircloth Funeral

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