Happy Convention

Happy convention is July 19-22nd, 2018. Happy convention is located at 17001 E Fm 285, Happy, Texas 79042-3408. I understand that Happy convention grounds are owned by Joe and Anna Price.

Happy is a small town in Texas with a population of about 675 and it is about 35 miles south of Amarillo, Texas in the Texas panhandle. The city is where Interstate 87 and US87 join as you are heading south.

Happy, TX - Annual Church Convention Dates:
From: 2018-07-19 to 2018-07-22
From: 2017-07-20 to 2017-07-23
From: 2016-07-21 to 2016-07-24
From: 2015-07-16 to 2015-07-19

Owners of Happy Convention In Texas

Joe and Anna Price
17001 E Fm 285, Happy, TX 79042-3408
(806) 764-3349

Were you Invited to Happy Convention?

You should know that the 2x2 religion believes that if you don't join their religion that you are going to burn in hell. If they had enough courage and could be honest on this matter, they would tell you this themselves.

Having been a worker and false prophet in the 2x2 religion, I believe the 2x2 religion operates in even a more sinister way than the Ku Klux Klan, Neo-Nazis, Racist skinheads and other organizations that lie to people and cause them to commit crimes.

Preaching Lies in God's Name

The false prophets of the 2x2 religion will continue to teach their lies at Happy convention

1) One of the 2x2 overseers' biggest lies is that preachers must sell everything and give away the money (to them). I have witnessed this. They falsely accuse and condemn to hell all Christian preachers who won't follow their man-made rule. They profit financially by collecting money from preachers who sell their homes to become 2x2 preachers.

2) Another big lie 2x2 overseers teach is that people must only fellowship in homes. The falsely accuse and condemn to hell all Christians who don't follow this rule of theirs also. Their teaching is not a commandment of God. It is never taught in scripture. It is hypocritical also, because they fellowship at Happy convention which is not in a home.

3) They don't worship Jesus Christ. Some of their overseers even claim that worshiping Jesus Christ is satanic! The scriptures teaches to worship Jesus Christ as his disciples did:

Matthew 28:9  And as they went to tell his disciples, behold, Jesus met them, saying, All hail. And they came and held him by the feet, and worshipped him.
Hebrews 1:5  For unto which of the angels said he at any time, Thou art my Son, this day have I begotten thee? And again, I will be to him a Father, and he shall be to me a Son? And again, when he bringeth in the firstbegotten into the world, he saith, And let all the angels of God worship him.

Convention Used to Isolate People

I believe one of the many goals of Lyle Schober is to get people away from their homes and friends and be in isolations for a few days. And while at Happy convention, pour on the lies to convince some poor soul to sell everything and give them the money and become a false prophet like Lyle Schober.

Suicide by Two Children Rather than Attend Convention

Two children committed suicide rather than attend convention. See 2 Children Suicide

Physical and Sexual Abuse by Two Former Workers

Two former 2x2 preachers of this same 2x2 religion were arrested for hundreds of counts of physically and sexually abusing children. I have been told they even had a meeting in their home. See Daniel Spurgeon and Jenise Spurgeon. Jesus Christ said you will know them by their fruits.

Lyle Schober's Ultimatum

From what I understand, the false prophet of the 2x2 religion in Texas, Lyle Schober, has issued an ultimatum that if anyone in their testimony at convention publicly professes in the presence of an overseer or in their "testimony" at Happy convention that

"Jesus Christ is the Word of God, is good and is God. God has come in the flesh and salvation comes through faith in God and by the grace of God. Any workers who are preaching another way are false prophets.
, then they will be excommunicated by Lyle Schober.

Lyle has evidently been having trouble with people finding out that the 2x2 religion was started by William Irvine. People are also finding out that the 2x2s have lied for years about preachers being required to sell their homes and give it to them. They have been running this scam and defrauding people for years. Lyle Schober is continuing to purge his followers of anyone that believes the gospel taught by Jesus Christ and his 12 apostles.

Former 2x2 Leader Takes Stand for Jesus Christ

You can read the story of Earl George who had the meeting removed from his home for talking about salvation by the grace of God and through faith. Earl also believed that Jesus Christ was his Lord and Saviour.

Warning about Pedophiles at Happy Convention

In some conventions there are pedophiles that attend conventions contrary to law. This does not make for a happy convention. In the past, the false prophets of the 2x2 religion have known pedophiles were on the convention property but did not warn parents with children. See Bob Williston - Convention for an example.

The former 2x2 overseer of Texas, Ira Hobbs, was a false prophet and a pedophile and attended Texas conventions.

Child sexual abuse has occurred. Preachers of the 2x2 religion who have spoken out against this have had their bosses try to get them removed. See also Graham Thompson Letter

If you have foster children and bring them onto the Happy convention grounds, you may have them removed if a known pedophile is present and you are reported to Texas authorities.

The overseer Jerome Frandle was convicted of failing to report child sexual abuse.

I have yet to hear of a 2x2 overseer who has had background checks done on 2x2 preachers before they are hired. See also convicted felon Chris Chandler


Some rapes have occurred on convention grounds. See Raped at Convention.

Also another former 2x2 overseer, Leslie White has been accused of raping one of their female preachers.

Fornication, Adultery, Homosexual and Lesbian Practice

On some convention grounds fornication and lasciviousness take place.


Conventions are a time for constant preaching of the 2x2 lies. These lies are taught by their false prophets at conventions for days on end to convince kids to join their religion and to get people to sell everything, give them the money and go preach the 2x2 way.

Beware that some have been persuaded by constant preaching in isolated environment and have sold everything and given it to these false prophets and later regretted it. As the saying goes, "A fool and his money are soon parted."

The Happy convention in Texas, USA is one of hundreds of convention operations by the 2x2 religion.

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