Christa Miller, Round Rock Texas

Christa Miller of Round Rock, Texas has married Brandon Miller. Christa is the daughter of Bill and Rita Hageman and used to be known as Christa Hageman (her maiden name) when she grew up in Telford, Pennsylvania.

Recruitment of Christa Hageman into the 2x2 Religion

Back in 2011, Christa and her sister went scuba diving. While on the scuba dive, Christa met Shajad, a Muslim man who "for all the wrong reasons" (according to Christa) was studying to become a gynecologist. Shajad was friends with Brandon Miller, a member of the 2x2 religion in Round Rock, Texas. Shajad got Christa Hageman and Brandon Miller together. Christa began emailing Brandon based on Shajad's recommendation and Brandon emailed her back. Soon Christa and Brandon began talking together on the phone.

Before you read more of this story, you may want to read The Lying Fiancee which is a letter written by a 2x2 of how she regretted marrying an "outsider". In this case, Brandon Miller was the 2x2 who was lying to Christa.

About a month later, while at the Franconia Heritage Restaurant, Christa tells her mother that she's been talking to this guy, Brandon, online.

About the end of March, Christa was staying up late into the night nearly every night talking with Brandon. Christa's sister overheard Christa say ~"you seem to be what I've been looking for all my life". Concerned about this, she went and told her mother Rita.

Christa continued talking with Brandon late into the night and early morning (2 AM). Christa was trying to finish up her master's degree at this time. Christa would have Rita listen in on her conversations with Brandon without Brandon knowing it.

At the end of March, Rita ended up talking with Brandon for about 3 hours, asking him questions about his religion and beliefs. She asked him if he was going to heaven. (He didn't know at any one time) Did he believe Jesus Christ is God? (No.) Does he know if he is saved? (No) What was the name of the group he belonged to and where did he meet on Sundays? (Claimed it didn't have a name). Rita said that Brandon's answers were not Biblical.

In April, Rita began going on a fast out of concern with Christa's relationship with Brandon and his weird beliefs.

Later in April, Rita told me that Brandon had texted Christa, telling her that he had gotten fired at work for "no reason at all", and that they had yelled at him. He said the "spirit in him gave him peace."

Christa Invited to a Meeting by Brandon

Brandon soon invited Christa to the 2x2 "gospel meetings" in Pennsylvania held by two Pennsylvania 2x2 workers. Christa and Rita (her mother) both went to see what it was like. Here's what Rita said they noticed: the women dressed similarly, had no jewelry and wore their hair in buns. This gave both of them an indication of a very controlling set of non-Biblical rules. Rita also noticed the monotone speaking of the workers and that at least one of the 2x2 followers appeared to be in a trance while listening to this boring preacher. Rita was very concerned about the religion; it was very weird.


Rita and Christa begin to suspect that the 2x2s were a cult. Christa and Rita talked to Brandon on the phone. They asked Brandon for the name of his religion. Brandon claimed "they didn't have a name". However, during a conversation, Brandon said he was going to a church convention in Idaho. Picking up on this, they asked what city the church convention was in and Brandon told them it was in Parma, Idaho.

That's What Friends are for

With this new information of a church convention in Parma, Idaho, Rita passed the city and state of the convention to a Christian friend, Gary in Texas. Gary searched on the INTERNET for conventions in Parma, Idaho and found out about the 2x2 cult. He found this 2x2 website (among others), and recommended this one to Rita.

First Contact

Christa contacted me through the website and wrote to me about Brandon Miller. Christa also emailed me later that she believed Brandon was in the Texas 2x2 cult.

Maybe a day later, Christa's sister contacted me through this website. At the time, I had no idea the two contacts from the sisters were related. Their emails were different, and I had no last names to match. The email addresses gave no clues to their relationship as sisters. Then I got a second message from Christa's sister, asking me to please speak with her mother, who was unable to read my website because of poor eyesight. I replied back with my phone number.

Rita called me. I stopped my business work for about 1.5 hrs and from the roof of the house where I was working, talked with Rita, trying to answer as many questions about the cult as possible. I told her the name of the cult and how the 2x2s worked. Rita was very impressed that I was so helpful, and she was very concerned that Brandon was in a cult and didn't want her daughter to date a person in a cult. Rita told me that she asked Brandon if he was saved , he had told her that he couldn't know if he was saved (this is common in the cult). Rita told me that Brandon was hesitant to answer questions. She told me that Brandon was afraid of answering questions because he said that Chuck (a former worker who was living in Brandon's house) might get "jealous".

Family Vacation

On the family vacation, Christa's dad, Bill, told Christa to quit texting with Brandon. Christa continues texting Brandon anyway, later claiming she didn't understand what her dad told her.

Bill Hageman in Hospital

Bill Hageman was very sick, and went into the hospital. When Bill Hageman found out that Brandon was in a cult, he was very upset. He was also upset that Christa was still talking and texting a man in the cult. He referred to Brandon as a viper. He could not do much from his hospital bed because of his sickness. Soon after (a few days), Bill passed away.

To top it all off, Brandon went so far as to try to get Christa to get the workers to have her father's funeral! Rita was disgusted and refused.

More Warning Signs

Brandon emailed Christa that he would only want his kids to go to meetings held by the workers. Brandon revealed many warning signs and hints of his exclusive cult and their beliefs early on to Christa.

Brandon and Christa's Secrecy

Brandon Miller of Round Rock, TX told Christa not to tell me (Brad Lewis) the name of the workers who had the meetings in Pennsylvania. Christa told her mother Rita to keep the name of the workers secret also. Brandon was afraid that I would post the name of the workers on this website. This gave an early indication to Christa that workers are secretive and do their work in darkness.

Rita Gets Copy of The Secret Sect Book

Rita, Christa's mother, purchased the book, The Secret Sect by Doug and Helen Parker and encouraged Christa to read it to learn about the cult. Christa would only read a chapter or two to her mother.

Brandon Emails Me

Brandon emailed me and asked me if I thought he was in a cult. I asked Brandon a series of questions and confirmed he was a 2x2 and definitely part of the cult. He told me he loved the workers, the meetings, conventions etc. and Brandon never said he loved God. It was clear to me he idolized the workers.

I emailed Christa back and told her that Brandon was definitely in the 2x2 cult.

Christa Disregards her Father, Mother, Sister and Best Christian Friend

Christa decided to date Brandon Miller anyway. Her brother, Dan Hageman helped her with her plans.

Sleep Deprivation - Texting and Late Night Phone Calls

Rita grew more and more concerned because Brandon also kept Christa up late at night talking on the phone. They texted each other very frequently. Rita told me that Christa was drowsy during the day from lack of sleep at night. She also told me that Christa was beginning to not function well. They began having many family conflicts because of Christa's relationship with Brandon.

Christa's Accusation of Evil Spirit

Christa told her mother that my website was written with the wrong spirit. Brandon said my website was written with a wrong spirit. She didn't care that what I wrote was true. It wasn't "Hey Brad, this is awful about this group. Let me help you write this in a better way." It was obviously an excuse to discredit and ignore the facts. This is a typical 2x2 method to discredit things since many don't even know the Spirit of God.

I challenged Christa's sincerity and integrity of heart by asking her to show me what was wrong with each page. Her excuse was that there were too many pages to "correct". It was obvious to me that she was just lying to justify her rejection of things she didn't want to hear. She didn't want to hear the truth.

Later people in Brandon's meetings said that Brandon's spirit was not right. (This is a common 2x2 tactic to discredit people). Which is ironic, because Christa told me that my website was written "with the wrong spirit", and not the friends in Brandon's meetings claims he doesn't have a right spirit. Goes to show how people who dig a pit for others will fall into their own pit.

Christa at Sunday Morning Meetings

Christa went on another trip to visit Brandon. She stayed with a professing woman in Texas. This professing woman didn't want her name known nor associated with the 2x2s because she felt the association would hurt her business. Christa went to a Sunday Morning Meeting with Brandon. When Christa came back, she was very clingy to her mother and would hold her hand.

More phone calls with Brandon resulted in Christa hanging up crying.

Breaking Up the Family

Christa's relationships with her sister and mother deteriorated. Rita cast out an evil spirit from her daughter several times. After Christa would talk with Brandon, it would come back again. Christa's relationship with her sister deteriorated. They were no longer best friends. Christa continued to ignore her sister Holly's concerns and warnings. I heard the frequent arguing and yelling in the background while talking with Rita on the phone.

Dan Hageman of Green River, Pennsylvania

Dan Hageman, Christa's older brother, invited Brandon Miller into his home on Christmas. Dan Hageman believed that Brandon Miller was in a cult because the 2x2s were secretive about their doctrine and would not publish their creed. Yet, despite this, Dan Hageman invited Brandon to his home on Christmas. Dan and Christa kept this secret from their mother until right near Christmas time. Christmas was a very important time of year and favorite holiday of the Hageman family.

Rita was upset for several reasons: First, Dan and Christa had hid this from Rita. Secondly, Dan knew that Rita was upset by her daughter dating a man in a cult. And thirdly, Christmas time was a special time of year to spend with family. Also, Rita's husband Bill (and Christa's and Dan's father) had just passed away. It was not kind to try to force Brandon into Rita's life and force Rita into being with Brandon.

Rita was saddened by Christa's choice and Danny's choice, and them springing this on her. With Christa, it was one piece of bad news after another. And this bad decision served for Dan and Christa to divide the family. Rita and her other daughter chose to not be with her family on Christmas and spent her Christmas at home with her daughter Holly.

Christa told her mother that while Brandon was at Dan's home with them at Christmas that Brandon didn't spend much time talking with Dan and her and spent much time "gaming" on his computer.

Mind Control

After months of listening to her "lover" late at nights, Christa forsook her Christian parent's counsel and could not tell the difference between Christians and cult members who don't put their faith in Jesus Christ. I reminded her on a message board that she had written me that Brandon was in a cult. She replied on the message board that Brandon was a Christian and he was not in a cult. She said she had changed her mind. This was on the same message board that she attacked a Christian woman who warned her about Brandon. Christa's personality had changed radically and Rita was very concerned for her daughter.

Christa Claims Brandon Would Never Lie

Christa claimed to her mother that Brandon would not lie to her or to anyone else. Christa bragged to her mother that she was welcome to give her testimony or "take part in meetings. If Brandon told her this, it was a blatant lie. I knew this was a lie, but Christa was idolizing Brandon. I thought at this time that perhaps Doug Carlson, Brandon's elder, was participating in this lie with Brandon, but could hardly believe this to be true.


Christa broke more social boundaries and eavesdropped on private phone conversations between Rita and I without my consent. From what I've read in federal and state laws, this is also called wire-tapping (whether you splice into a wire or not) and is illegal, an invasion of privacy. I confronted Christa about this on several occasions and she has never repented. She has just ignored it. This is a gross breach of trust and a great offense. This helped me to see that Christa truly was not Christian or fell away from God through Satan's wicked devices. Christa has never reconciled with me about this.

Christa's Controlling Behavior

Christa became very controlling of her mother. Christa uplugged the phone lines when Rita and I were talking. This childish behavior was unbelievable. I also witnessed Christa pinch her mother so hard on her leg that her mother cried out in pain. It was from Brandon's influence on Christa that helped me to see how demonic spirits affect people who attend meetings and promote the cult as Christian. Brandon's influence and the cult changed Christa's personality. Christa learned Brandon's ways.

Christa told her mother that she didn't want Rita talking with me. Christa had a big argument with her mother, telling her that she shouldn't talk to me.

Brandon Splitting the Family

Because of all the problems from Christa: her controlling behavior, idolatry of Brandon, unwilling to believe all the documents about the cult, her condemnation of my website written with a "bad spirit", her broken friendship with her sister (She used to have her sister as her most inspirational person on Facebook) etc, the family was split. This is of course the goal of cult members to drive a wedge between them and Christians to get them away from Christian influence and into the meetings.

Brandon's Offer

When Brandon found out of the division, he offered Christa to come stay at his place. Christa agreed and bought a plane ticket. She kept this secret from her mother too.

The Thunder

Months ago, Christa and Rita, had both agreed that God would thunder to make His will known to them.

So on the evening before Christa was flying down to live with Brandon (they were not married), it thundered. The thundering was really loud, Rita said. This was an extremely hard time for Rita, having home-schooled Christa, raised her in a Christian home etc to see her leaving the family to go to Texas again. And this wasn't for a few days, or a couple weeks like last time, but a month or more.

Also, at this time, Christa had already made plans to live in Brandon's home, but Christa had kept this secret from her mother too. All Rita knew was that Christa would be going to meetings with Brandon again, staying for a month or more and would be living at the professing woman's house.

Christa Lives with Brandon in His House

Christa lived out of wedlock with Brandon Miller in his house in Round Rock, TX. Before she flew down there, she hid it from her mother and sister. Christa let Brandon tell her mother over the phone, after the fact. Rita was furious at how Brandon was treating her daughter. Her mother Rita offered to pay rent so Christa would not shame the family by living with Brandon out of wedlock, but Christa refused. Christa attended 2x2 cult meetings with Brandon and began professing that Brandon was a Christian and that Brandon's meetings were Christian. Brandon justified on a message board them living together. I even had a 2x2 email me that Christa Hageman was not a Christian. Even 2x2s knew that she was not Christian.

Christa Threatens to Sue her Sister

Christa's sister posted on her facebook account that Christa was living in sin. Christa threatened to sue her sister if she didn't take it down. Christa is what some people call a Facebook Christian, trying to make things look right and happy on the outside and to her Facebook friends but her heart is not right with God.

Knowledge of Cult Crimes

Christa knew about Ruben Mata, Jerome Frandle, Peter William Mousseau, Darren Briggs, Leslie White, the OLDER BROTHERS, the Workers, child sexual abuse by the OVERSEERS and WORKERS and their years of cover-ups, the pornography, the false doctrines, that they believe Christians are going to hell if they don't come to MEETINGS and PROFESS and still she continued to live with Brandon and claim he was Christian. Brandon even had the WORKERS over when Christa was living with him.

Interview of Former Cult WORKER

On a message board, I even interviewed a former WORKER who had been in the WORK for about 12 years. We went back and forth on a message board as I asked him question after question about the affairs of WORKERS etc. Even his wife told of the crimes and immorality in the 2x2 work. Christa read this interview and still continued to live with Brandon, believe he was a Christian and that his meeting was Christian. Christa read this interview and told her mother that ~"Brad is posting as this person and making up the interview." No matter what truth was shown to Christa, she would come up with some lie to believe in.

Another Big Lie

Christa told her mother that ~"Brandon's meetings were different. Their group was different." I posted photos on my website showing Brandon's workers from Austin, Texas participating in meetings out of state with the other 2x2s. I posted speaking lists showing "Brandon's group" speaking at meetings out of state. I showed plainly on the website (Christa read these pages) that Brandon's meeting group was involved, participated with worked with etc the rest of the 2x2 religion. Christa refused to believe it.

2Th 2:9 Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, and with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

The Challenge

I was incredulous at the lies that Christa was being taught by Brandon and that she believed. I really doubted that Doug Carlson would even dare tell the lies that Brandon was spouting about the 2x2s, so I put up a Doug Carlson Challenge. Two weeks afterwards, Doug Carlson "had a talk" with Brandon. Brandon was drawing unwanted attention to the 2x2 MEETINGS, saying things in meetings that were not true, missing meetings and dating an outsider.

Doug Carlson Has a Word with Brandon

While Christa was living with Brandon and just before they were going to drive together to Brenda Millers house (Brenda is Brandon's mother), Brandon's 2x2 elder, Doug Carlson told Brandon Miller to drop the girl (Christa, who was present and recording the conversation) and come back to meetings, or they would ask him to not take part in meetings. Doug Carlson was against Christa because the 2x2s have the rule that they should not be unequally yoked. 2x2s consider any who doesn't profess to be outsiders and not of God. Brandon knew that rule and had read the page on my website about divided homes before. Doug Carlson and his wife had a talk with Brandon and Christa letting Brandon know that his life was not acceptable.

Brandon decided not to continue to meetings. It would have been embarrassing for him to go to meetings now and not be able to take part. Going to meetings would be a reminder to Christa of all of Brandon's lies about: Christa supposedly being accepted by the 2x2s, Brandon's group being different, Christa supposedly being able to take part in meetings. Doug Carlson had just exposed Brandon's lies in front of Christa. All his lies didn't stand up to the light of day. And Doug Carlson didn't approve of Brandon's lies. In fact, ironically, Brandon had been told that he "had a wrong spirit".

Their Goal

Brandon and Christa knew that their parents didn't approve of their marriage. Christa figured that if she married Brandon, it would force Rita into accepting Brandon because then she and Brandon "would be one". So Christa ignored all the truth that had been told her and tried to use a Bible verse to force her mother to accept a cult member.

Despite Warnings, Christa Marries Brandon

Despite all this happening and her mother, mother's friends, sister, sister's friends, father Bill Hageman's last words about Brandon and all the verses in the Bible and reading hundreds of web pages about the cult, Christa married Brandon Miller anyway. After their wedding in Telford, PA, she continued to live with Brandon Miller in Texas. Brandon is in computer Science and Christa Hageman works as a forensic accountant in Round Rock, TX last I heard. Her name is now Christa Miller.

Lessons I Learned in General From Cult Recruitment

This story serves to highlight the power of darkness and how 2x2s will lie to recruit people into the cult or to marry them.

When parents say that their children are Christian, don't believe it till you see it. If the child doesn't keep the commandments of God, doesn't love Christians and lies to them, you know that they don't love God. The Bible says that people who claim to know God but hate their brother are liars.

Beware of helping people who may try to use you for their own gain. I've found that giving to them with no expectation of anything in return is the best way to offer help. Many families have children who join cults because they have a cultish family.

Many people who are heading away from God will join a cult. They don't want help and cannot be helped. When people will not listen to scripture, it is because they do not recognize the voice of God and do not consider him their Saviour.

Mat_15:14 Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.

It's No Wonder 2x2s Despise "Christians"

It's no wonder why 2x2s despise "Christians". Christa claimed that 2x2s were Christians. The 2x2s claimed Christa was going to hell. It's no wonder why 2x2s look down on "Christians". Why would 2x2s respect someone who lives together out of wedlock, lies to her mother, is full of guile, eavesdrops on private phone conversations and justifies it all? Who is deceiving who here?

And how well this plays into the hands of the workers. All the workers have to say about Christa is "you shall know them by their fruits". And all the friends of the workers will agree with them.

And what's Christa to say to all that? She claims they are Christians, and they say she is not. That doesn't leave any doubt in the minds of the friends of the workers that Christa is not a child of God. And Christa has helped them come to that conclusion by believing in the lies.

Lessons to Learn, Questions to Ask

I hope you can see how powerful the 2x2 cult is. The lies are appealing. Unless a person loves God and believes in the commandments of God, it makes them easy prey to cult members. If Brandon (who wasn't even raised in the cult) was able to deceive and manipulate Christa (who had a Master's degree and had gone to "Christian Churches" all her life and was not raised in a cult) and get her to marry him, then how hard it is for children of who have been abused, sexually molested and disabled by workers in the cult to escape?

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