Mountain Peak Convention

Mountain Peak convention in Texas for the 2x2 religion is scheduled for Oct 25-28, 2018.

Mountain Peak, TX - Annual Church Convention Dates:
From: 2018-10-25 to 2018-10-28
From: 2017-10-26 to 2017-10-29
From: 2016-10-27 to 2016-10-30
From: 2015-10-22 to 2015-10-25

Lyle Schober's Ultimatum

From what I understand, the Texas overseer Lyle Schober has issued an ultimatum that if anyone in their testimony at convention publicly professes in the presence of an overseer that

"Jesus Christ is God AND that salvation comes through faith in God AND you don't have to profess in a meeting tested by workers to be saved"
, then they will be excommunicated by Lyle Schober.

Lyle has evidently been having trouble with people finding out that the 2x2 religion was started by William Irvine and is continuing to purge his followers of anyone that holds onto Biblical beliefs. It is damaging to their kingdom when people read their Bible and start putting their faith in God instead of the workers.

Mountain Peak TX Convention Dates

Oct 26-29th, 2017
Oct 22-25, 2015
October 25-28, 2012
October 27-30 in 2011


Byron Potter?

I used to attend Sunday morning meeting at Byron Potters house when I lived in Texas. I was asked by Byron not to speak about divorce/remarriage in the meeting because he was inviting people to profess who were divorced and remarried. So I didn't speak about it in the Sunday AM meeting anymore because I went to a different one. I waited until convention and spoke about it in my testimony :).

It's funny how 2x2s think they can control what goes on in the heart through outward pressure, mean faces and peer pressure. They just don't get how God works through love, his word and mercy. It seems it is just beyond 2x2s to read the Bible and have faith in God.

This was a speaking list posted on a message board

Mountain Peak, TX - Oct. 24 - 27, 2013

WED 7:30 pm Roger Ramsden, Jeannette Coker, Talus Murphy

THUR am Carl Hamilton, Gwen Farmer, Joyce Lawrence

THUR PM Matthew Jensen, John Culver, Joyce Szakacs

THUR Evening Lee Irish, Nadine Throgmorton, Rachel Jagielski

FRI AM - Daniel Farris, Ronald Elliott, Marie Mounce

FRI PM Barry Barkley, Tom Davis, Alice Oetken

FRI Evening - Scott Potter, Sue George, Rachel Potter

SAT morning - Roger Ramsden, Jeannette Coker, Marilynn Frye

SAT PM - Carl Hamilton, Nadine Throgmorton, Trisa Chavez

SAT Evening - Matthew Jensen, Gwen Farmer, Mary Simon

SUN morning - Barry Barkley, Joyce Szakacs, Sue George

SUN PM (1:30 PM) Lee Irish, Daniel Farris, Jennifer Downs

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