Brandon Miller of Round Rock Texas

Brandon Miller of Round Rock, Texas was a part of the 2x2 cult that their followers call "The Way", "The Truth" or "The Faith". Brandon attended Sunday Morning Meetings at the house of his 2x2 elder Doug Carlson who also lives in Round Rock Texas. The 2x2 workers call this area the Austin Field.

The Austin "field" is in Texas

Brandon Miller met Christa Hageman through a Muslim friend of his.

Before you read more of this story, you may want to read The Lying Fiancee which is a letter written by a 2x2 of how she regretted marrying an "outsider". In this case, Brandon Miller was the 2x2 who was lying to Christa.

Brandon invited Christa to come to the 2x2 meetings in Pennsylvania. Rita (Christa's mother) and Christa both attended to see what it was like. After attending, Rita was convinced it was a cult and began asking questions. A friend of Rita's found my website and I was contacted by Christa and her sister separately. I called Rita and spoke on the phone with her for hours. I was told by Rita that Brandon told Christa to keep the names of the two workers who held the meetings in Penssylvania secret. Now doesn't that make you suspicious already? Ever heard of a minister who wanted his name kept secret?

Brandon knew that Rita didn't want Christa in a cult nor attending their meetings. Brandon knew that Rita didn't approve of him, nor how he was treating Christa and her family. Rita's husband did not approve of Brandon either. Brandon's solution was secrecy and lies. His influence on Christa led her down hill.

Christa was going on a trip to visit a friend in California, and Brandon convinced Christa to come to Texas also and stay with a 2x2 woman (another woman in the cult who lived nearby) while Christa visited him. Again, Brandon wanted the name of the 2x2 woman kept secret and hid it from Rita and Christa's sister and Christa's long-time Christian friends. Christa told her mother that she was going to visit a friend in California. But what Christa didn't tell her mother was that she was going to fly over to Texas after her visit with her California friend. She hid from her mother that she would be going to Texas also. This secretiveness is very typical as 2x2s try to recruit people. You can probably see the theme of secrecy, lies and guile here.

While Christa was in Texas, Brandon took her to the cult meetings. At this time, Christa knew that Brandon was part of the 2x2 cult and had emailed me as much.

Brandon wrote to me and asked me if I thought he was in a cult. I asked him some questions, and based on: his answers and devotion to the 2x2s and his disrespect of God - I assured him that I believed he was in the 2x2 cult. I wrote many pages about the 2x2 cult on this website, and Brandon read over 300 of them, yet Brandon continued to be devoted to the 2x2 cult. Brandon was really into the cult and devoted to it.

Talking with Brandon on Phone

I talked with Brandon on the phone. He claimed that my website "redefined words". I asked him where I redefined words. He couldn't say. He said it was on his computer, but he didn't have access to his computer. He said that all over my website I was redefining words. I told him if it was all over my website, then it should be easy to find an example. He couldn't give me one. He kept on making accusations against my website, but never could give an example. He kept going over and over again in a really whiny voice about my website redefining words. It was a frustrating phone call to Brandon. He whined a lot, refused to answer my question and kept going round and round in circles.

When Christa wasn't getting along with her mother and sister again (problems in the house with one member dating a member of a cult), Brandon invited her to Texas again to get away from her family. This should not surprise you. This happens as cult members cause conflict in families and then use this as an excuse to get their recruit away from their families.

During this time, I heard from Christa's mother that Christa was stating preposterous lies about the cult that either she made up or were told her by Brandon while they were living together. She told me these lies and I could hardly believe them.

  1. Christa began believing that Brandon's Sunday morning meeting was separate from the 2x2 cult and that he and his meetings were Christians! (That's like having a Christian group that is part of an witch-craft religion). At this time, Brandon had read hundreds of web pages about the cult.
  2. Brandon even wrote to me and denied that William Irvine was the founder of the 2x2 religion. Christa had read hundreds of web pages about the cult also. I firmly believe that Brandon was able to brainwash Christa by keeping her up late at night talking to her on the phone and be separating her from her mother and Christian friends when they lived together alone in Texas.
  3. Brandon told Christa that he believed she was saved. This was a lie also because 2x2s in general believe that if you know about the workers, but don't attend their meetings then you are going to hell
  4. Brandon and/or Christa claimed that Brandon didn't have to attend the meetings and was free to go to other churches.

Living Together Out of Wedlock

Brandon's 2x2 female friend that Christa stayed with before was afraid people would find out about her. So she didn't want Christa Hageman to stay with her again. So Brandon invited Christa to stay at his house with him. Never mind that they weren't married. Christa told her mother that she was going to go over to Texas again and Rita was very upset. Christa hid from her mom that she was going to be living with Brandon in Brandon's house. Christa knew she would be living alone with Brandon before she even flew to Texas.

Brandon even invited the workers into his home while Christa was living there.

Brandon Justifies Living Together Out of Wedlock

Brandon justified living out of wedlock with Christa. He posted about it publicly on a message board when he was exposed. With guile he wrote that "conservative" Christians supported what he was doing. He knew this was a lie because Christa's mother Rita was a conservative Christian and she strongly disapproved. Brandon failed to mention on the message boards that they had tried to keep it secret that they were living together. Brandon also didn't post on the message boards that Christa hid this from her mother that she was living alone with Brandon. Brandon was the one that finally told Rita over the phone when Christa had already moved in. Rita was furious with Brandon and was very upset that they had both deceived her.. It was near this point I realized that Christa didn't love her mother. I knew Brandon never did care for Rita.

If Brandon and Christa ever have kids, then they should not be surprised if their kids are secretive, lie to them, leave home, badmouth them and live out of wedlock with cult members. Why should they complain? They've set the example for their keeds and the heritage of what they will pass on to their kids (if they are able to have any).

As I learned of Brandon's progress, I came to believe that Brandon enjoyed deceiving Christa and was gloating over it. Rita and I both felt this way. His guile was sickening. The lies were bold and outrageous. Christa was believing things even a 2x2 worker would not lie about. It was that bad. Up to this time, I had never met a person who lied more about the cult beliefs than Brandon.

Rita and I fasted for days and prayed for hours while Christa was at meetings with Brandon in Texas. We prayed that God would rip off Brandon's mask, so that Christa could see Brandon for who he really was.

Brandon knew that he was not allowed to call the house because Rita told him not to. His cult members doctrines and theologies were not welcome in her home.

2Jn 1:9 Whosoever transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son. If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed: For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.

But things were already set in motion for Brandon's exposure. While Brandon claimed that he didn't have to go to all the meetings, Christa and him went to other churches. Did Brandon think that Doug Carlson was stupid and wouldn't find out? Did Brandon think he could lie about the most valued teachings of the 2x2s and none of the cult members would rebuke him?

Already workers had talks with Brandon. Already Doug Carlson had conversations rebuking Brandon for his behavior. But Brandon and Christa hid these things from Rita. Brandon's lies had brewed trouble for his 2x2 life.

Brandon Exposed by Doug Carlson

Even Doug Carlson wouldn't tell the lies that Brandon was telling Christa. Doug Carlson called Brandon and made an appointment to come over to Brandon's place. Doug Carlson brought over an elder or two. They had a talk with Brandon with Christa present. Brandon was warned by Doug Carlson and the 2x2 workers to quit dating Christa and to get back to regularl meeting attendance or else his part would be removed from the meetings. Christa got to see Brandon exposed and Brandon's lies first hand. Doug Carlson didn't pretend to love Christians. Doug Carlson didn't pretend that Christa was "saved". Doug Carlson didn't lie and say Brandon could go to other churches. Doug Carlson didn't say that Brandon was free to date "outsiders". Doug Carlson was not pleased with Brandon's lies and behavior. Doug Carlson made it clear that Brandon was not to be dating OUTSIDERS and that Brandon needed to regularly attend MEETINGS. Other complaints against Brandon were: taking too long in his testimony in MEETINGS, having the "wrong spirit". After finding out about Doug Carlson exposing Brandon and his lies, I've come to believe that Doug Carlson is far more honest than Brandon.

Brandon Marries Christa Anyway

Beyond belief, even after Brandon and his lies being exposed by Doug Carlson, Christa still married Brandon. They got married in Pennsylvania by a pastor (that I've heard supports gay marriage). Brandon and Christa now live in Austin, TX.

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