No Belief in 10 Commandments of God

I don't believe the 2x2s believe in the ten commandments. I have never heard a worker teach that a person should keep the ten commandments. In fact, they practice otherwise.

I estimate that 99.99% of overseers, workers, money elders, elders and the friends (the 2x2s) could not even quote the commandments in Exodus 20. And probably 95% could not even summarize them. I have not heard the ten commandments preached on as the subject in their gospel meetings or fellowship meetings or conventions. I have never heard a worker say that we should keep the ten commandments. In fact...

In fact, the 2x2s do not deny that they are not perfect. But the issue I address here is that they don't even believe in the ten commandments and don't mind living in sin. Or would like to change the meaning of the words to justify their sin. And make no mistake, breaking the ten commandments of God is sin. For we are commanded to love others as Jesus Christ loves us.

And my point is definitely not that I am perfect or have and always keep the ten commandments perfectly. It's that there is a serious problem when a person's religion preaches that they don't need to keep the ten commandments.

And I'm not saying that if a person keeps the ten commandments then they can earn salvation. I am not teaching this. Scripture teaches (example Abraham) salvation by faith, the grace of God and the blood of Jesus Christ.

Let me go through each of the ten commandments and show why I wrote the things above about 2x2s not believing in God's ten commandments:

1) The LORD God delivered the children out of the land of Egypt. This is historical fact and documented in scripture. I think most 2x2s would believe this commandment, but don't have any idea of it's significance because they dishonor God.

2) Idolatry. 2x2s do not worship graven images that I know of. However, the 2x2s clearly idolize the workers. 2x2s even talk about "worker worship" and setting workers on a pedestal.

3)Taking God's name in vain. 2x2s take God's name in vain. I think most of the 2x2s would claim to be nondenominational Christians. But they don't follow Jesus Christ (they follow the workers who are not following Jesus Christ according to scripture), and the 2x2s are a denomination. They fit the definition of a denomination.

4)Keeping sabbath holy. 2x2s do not keep the sabbaths of the LORD God. 2x2s follow the Roman Catholic teaching of observing Sunday as a "day of solemnity". Some workers even go so far as to tell people that Sunday is the "Lord's day". And other workers go so far as to even claim that Sunday, the day of the Sun god, is the sabbath!

5) Honor Father and Mother. I have heard some workers teach this. But it isn't followed much. I know many 2x2 kids who dishonor their God-fearing parents and hate them because their parents aren't 2x2s.

6) Don't kill. There are 2x2s who have murdered, killed. The 2x2s don't publicly teach to kill other people. But I believe workers DO teach things that cause 2x2s to despise others and nearly kill them with slander, lies, deceit, guile etc.

7) Don't Commit Adultery. There are 2x2s who divorce and then remarry while their first spouse is alive. This is a common practice. And many 2x2s who are living in adultery fellowship with other 2x2s and drink of the same cup and eat the same bread in their Sunday morning fellowship services.

Workers have committed fornication together. Workers have committed adultery with spouses in the fields they have been assigned to. A head worker was even accused of raping a woman worker, and to top it all off, he still fellowships with the 2x2s.

Head workers or overseers have even been convicted of failing to report child sexual abuse.

8)Don't steal. I have heard of worker's being caught defrauding other people. I know some head workers want people to leave their inheritance to them, no strings attached and with no accountability. The money is given to a "money elder" who sets up a trust fund for the overseer and doles out the money at his word. This is fairly well known. I believe: this practice is disgraceful and it borders on stealing from old people in their last few days and hours of life. That's my opinion on it and some people share this feeling.

9) Don't bear false witness against your neighbor. Workers have lied to kids for years, covering up their founder William Irvine etc. to work against the kids to convince them they were "from the beginning", or were started by Jesus Christ on the shores of Galilee. This fanciful lie cannot be proven by them.

10) Don't Covet. Clearly from the workers financial practices and the stories of adultery etc, I do believe that workers covet. They also covet people to follow after them and their teachings.

In short, I don't believe 2x2s believe in keeping the ten commandments as taught in scripture by our Lord Jesus Christ.

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