Professing Teens in Schools

Professing teenagers often face more challenges in public schools than their peers because of their parents weird non-biblical beliefs.

Professing Teenagers in Public Schools

At school, there are many kids who don't go to meetings. When I moved from grade school to middle school, it was tough. I was different from the other kids. I didn't have TV. I didn't believe in church buildings. I didn't know the Bible. I wasn't like the other kids. I despised the other kids. And because of this, I stood out. Standing out is asking for trouble when you go to a school where you have so many kids who have parents that are going through a divorce and they feel like they need someone else to take out all their problems on.

When I got to high school, things were different. The kids that bothered me during middle school no longer bothered me in high school. The other teenagers got involved in their own activities. I didn't do sports, no dancing, no this, no I rarely saw them.

Workers' Rules for Teenagers Going to school

As a teenager, there are different rules that workers make for you. And they impose these rules on you by convincing your parents. Then your parents put pressure on you, believing the worker's rules are of God. Parents often enforce these rules even without understanding the scripture or checking it.

Workers rules: they vary from country to country and state to state. But remember, Jesus Christ the same yesterday today and forever. That shows that worker's rules are not of God.

Teenagers and Dress

At school, many young women wear pants. There are pants for women and pants for men. The Bible teaches modesty, not about specific clothing. A woman should not dress like a man. If a woman wears women's pants and is modest in her attire and behavior, this is not against the scripture.

We are not to add to or take away from scripture. And there is no need to. It is good to know the Bible to expose the workers' rules and so that you know the will of God.

Teenagers and Sports

In some states with specific overseers, parents are taught by the workers not to let their children get involved with sports. Why?, you may ask. Quite simply, they don't want you becoming friends with other students and learning that they aren't evil worldly people as the workers may want you to believe. Also, some people have fun in sports, and would rather participate in sports activities than go to meetings. Many times sporting events are held on mid-week evenings which conflict with the workers' agenda. Rather than the workers moving the meetings, they would rather pressure parents to not let their kids play sports.

This conflict with sports and the bogus reasons that the workers give as excuses is one of the major reasons that many young me quit professing or don't profess. Especially if a teenager is athletic and coaches get involved. The coaches may talk with the teenager, here the workers' reasons, and try to reason with the teenager. When the teenagers' see that the workers' excuses don't even match the Bible, they may start questioning the whole 2x2 religion.

Professing Teenagers and Dancing

Teenagers are often not allowed to go to dances, balls, prom etc. This is often hard on young girls who are compelled by parents to wear dresses, never cut their hair (many sister workers however "trim" their hair), never wear pants etc. All the rules, which rules and so on are determined by the local overseer and the workers in the field that year. Many young people just wait out till new workers come in the next year. Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever...but the workers always change.

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