Faith in God versus Faith in Religion

Loving God versus Loving Religion

Some people love religion. Some people love God. How to tell the difference when you are dating or looking for friends? Easy. First, look at the definition of love. Everything that is essential to know is defined in the Bible. I simply use E-sword and do a search on "love is" or "faith is" and do a search type of "search for all the words".

2Jn_1:6 And this is love, that we walk after his commandments. This is the commandment, That, as ye have heard from the beginning, ye should walk in it.

God's Definition of Love

Love - keeping the commandments of God. Those who love God, by definition, must love their brother. Those who dont' keep the commandments of God don't love their brother, therefor they are not of God. So if they talk about God, read about God and act like they love God but don't love their brother, then they are religious. And if you marry a religious person and you love God...well, sorry. You're going to have some tough years ahead.

Conflicts Between Faith in God and Faith in Religion

When conflicts arise in relationships, people turn to their fundamental beliefs in trying to determine if they've arrived at the correct conclusions. And for us who are Christians, that means going back to the Bible and reading the scripture to see if we've missed something. And for religious people, that means consulting with their religious leaders to see what they think and then coming back to you with quotes from their religious leaders (not the Word of God). At this point, many people realize that they are not equally yoked. One person turns to the LORD for guidance, and the religious person to their religion. And the two will never have a meeting of the minds. Sure, you can convince many people that you both believe in God in order to justify a marriage, but then you've created a real problem. Reality. That's right. Reality. You can convince a lot of people that jumping off a cliff is your only solution to life's problems, but the fall at the bottom may convince you otherwise.

Signs of Faith in Religion

There are signs (visible identifiers) of people who have faith in religion. They may parrot the party line of their denomination and downplay the scripture. They ridicule scripture by claiming that this is what so and so religion believes (ironically they are ridiculing a faith in a religion). They show a rabbit trail of common beliefs with church they have joined. All these things spell trouble and lack of faith in God.

Lurking Beneath

People always have disagreements. It is going to happen. There is no way around it. Some people change their stance on an issue, but not their mind. So they may "concede" something now just so they don't have to deal with it. But both parties know that lurking under the surface is the same issue that was never taken care of. And as these issues stack up, the trust and "love" that they once had for each other quickly wears thin. And then there are arguments over petty things which are just a representation of the things that they don't want to talk about it because both people know that they fundamentally have different beliefs that can never be reconciled. And hence, people get divorces over "unreconcilable differences". I know, because my mother divorced my father after my father left the 2x2 religion for Christianity.

Lies and Disagreements

When people put their faith in religion, and they begin discussing their faith, then there are a lot of issues to confront. Lies are like chocolate chip cookies, it's hard to have just one. The difference between lies and chocolate chip cookies, is that you cannot believe in a single lie. I've read that it takes two lies to support one lie. And as people talk about their belief differences, then more differences arise because man-made religion is a big lie "supported" by more lies. So when people talk about some little differences, then they find more differences. And as they talk about those differences, then more disagreements arise. And they come to believe in something else like "We'll just have to agree to disagree" But this is no agreement at all because they have always disagreed and maybe just recently found out about it. Disagreement is not agreement. They are polar opposites. And to say that disagreements don't matter is a lie. And to try to "move past" or "move forward" without dealing with the differences is like continuing to build a skyscraper on a cracked foundation. It may look OK on a sunny day, but will come apart in a storm or earthquake.

Fear and Uncertainty Replaced by Faith

As differences are discussed, then people begin to fear. Discussing beliefs and not having any scripture to support your beliefs can be scary. You might just realize how little you know about God. Or you may realize (like I did) that I didn't know God at all. That was a scary thing for me. Can you imagine living 34 years or religious life and then realizing that you didn't know God at all? At some point before I became a Christian, I realized that I didn't know God. All the things I proudly thought I knew as a 2x2 were deceptions and left me with only one thing to do: read the Bible to learn about God. Yes, I was scared. But my fear and uncertainty was replaced by a cry from my heart "God help me. God save me". God gave me encouragement and assurance. He did not let me down. I put my faith in God and read my Bible to read what the Bible said about God. I no longer needed to read the Bible to GET A TESTIMONY because I wasn't going to MEETINGS anymore. I had already come to the realization that God was not with that religion.

And now we're back to faith again.

Heb_11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for...Some people hope in religion and all that a religious appearance has to offer and some people hope in God. I wish you well in finding fellowship with people who love God from their heart.

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