Gloria Sjol

Friday, July 07, 2000 ...

...I was trying to find out a way, some information, on the workers sect to share with my professing parents. When I found VOT and started reading other ex-2x2's experiences I could almost say that I was reading my very own experience. I was elated, and shocked with unbelief, because the workers lead you to believe that they are such a small group with no associations of any kind; that they are such a small group that always meet in homes and therefore there is no record of them with the government, because of their no-name status. I had never before imagined that there would be web sites on this sect, chat rooms, even books written about it! So far, I haven't read any of them, but I'm anxious to start.

My name is Gloria Sjol, from the Seattle area. I am a third generation raised in the 2x2 belief system in Mexico. My parents came to know the workers when I was 8 or 9 years old. At the time, my grandfather was the only professing member of the family, then my parents professed, then several of my mother's relatives. I professed at age 12, under the quiet, unspoken, pressure from my mother, and believing it was the right thing to do, or else I'd be damned for hell. I still have my very first King James Version Bible signed by my father, and the late Clarence Anderson.

Growing up in the 2x2's was hard for me, I only came to realize in the last few years, how hard it was, by years and years of repressed emotions, low self-esteem, and depression. I don't know how hard it was for my siblings, who also professed, since we've never talked about it openly.

Reading about other people's experiences was all too familiar: 'I lost my childhood to the 2x2's', 'I grew up as an unfit teenager', etc. My siblings and I as kids, then teenagers, were not allowed to have friendships outside of meetings, but there were no other kids in meeting! As a kid one pretty much wants to do what our parents tell us to do, because you assume they know best.

As teenagers, you are getting a mind of your own and you start asking yourself if all this is right. Why on earth would anyone want a teenager to wear outdated fashions and old grandma's hairdos? You can't wear slacks, jeans or shorts. For me, going to movies was over at 9 years old, and with that, gone was the circus, playing with the neighborhood kids, and feeling unfit began to set in.

I always was embarrassed to answer my friends questions about my favorite tv shows, I never had any, we didn't have a TV. Those of you who have grown up in the 2x2's know how restrictive that can be to the emotional developing of a child. We had me...I left the 2x2's at 17 years old and never went back.

A few years after that, by God's grace and mercy, I found a non-denominational church where I've grown in my Christian walk ever since. One of my siblings and two nephews attend the same church as I do now. Both of my parents are still involved in that sect.

The main purpose of finding information on the workers sect for me is to show my parents, and others too, that they are being lied to, that I am not in a cult, that I am not a heathen, as my father says.

I am earnestly praying that my parents will come to know the real Truth that is in Jesus not in the workers, and that salvation is for today and not to be decided at the time of death. There is enough proof to show them, and this information is something they can see and they can relate to because it is about people who have found freedom, peace, truth, mercy, love, not obeying and following the workers, but following and obeying our Lord Jesus Christ.

My husband and I have talked to my parents many times...I am just so grateful for my salvation through the blood of Christ, whose death on the cross has wiped my sins away, and through whom we can have life, and life everlasting....

I hope that by sharing my experience in the 2x2's others can come to know salvation as I do now. By the way, does anybody in the List have specific information on the sect's history in Mexico, anything would be greatly appreciated.

Saved by the Blood,
Gloria Sjol

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