The Alaska Incident

A letter of Tharold Sylvester, Eldon Tenniswood, Ernest Nelson, Howard Mooney about Truitt Oyler and Bob Ingram in Alaska and what they considered a doctrine of Satan that Jesus Christ was God in the flesh or Emanuel.

You should know that anyone who believes in Jesus Christ is good, and God the Saviour as taught by prophets and apostles (Isaiah 45:21, Mark 10:18, Jude 1:25 etc)will have the meeting removed from there home or no longer allowed to take part in meetings.

October 3rd, 1989

Our Dear Alaska Friends,

We know that you would be somewhat bewildered over the change in Robert Ingram's status, and why such action was necessary. A few years ago, three of the young sisters who now labor in the Orient, mentioned that Robert had taken too many liberties with them, and they were crushed as a result. When they confronted Robert with this, he apologized, and said it would never happen again, because he had prayed like Jacob prayed that night, and kept on praying until God took away all desire from him, so that he would have no trouble from now on.

When Sydney Holt and Jack Price were at the Olympia convention this year, a number of the young sister workers came to them. A rumor had been passed around that Robert would be having responsibility over Washington. They were quite distressed over it. One of them said, "If Robert has responsibility over the State, I will either have to give up the work or go to another State, as I couldn't work under him." Several of them went into details to explain to Sydney and Jack just what they had previously been subjected to themselves, and of the embarrassment and heartache that had been caused.

We were also disappointed to hear that there is a division in the ministry caused by a few of the Alaska workers bringing into Washington the influence of the doctrine that Truitt has been teaching in Alaska. This type of division has previously been evident in other areas where Truitt has labored. We had a long visit with Truitt in hope that he would see the damage that had been done. It has been decided that Truitt would go to Alberta with Willis Propp in hope that he could help him see where his doctrine has been in error.

The purpose of the meeting in Seattle was to see if something could be done to salvage the situation. We all felt that the only solution would be to bring in a new overseer for Alaska. One that everyone would have confidence in and would be inspired by His care. We hate to see situations like this arise in a kingdom as wonderful as the Kingdom of God, but there were problems in Bible days, and the Lord's people rose above it, and we have every reason to believe they will overcome this, and go on to enjoy a true hearty fellowship with God and with each other. I am sure if any of you wanted more details either Sydney or Jack would be able to furnish them for you. Our prayers are with you and we wish the best for the future of Alaska.

Your brothers in Christ,

Tharold Sylvester
Eldon Tenniswood
Ernest Nelson
Howard Mooney

The "Brothers"

Truit's Doctrine

The doctrine Truitt was teaching is that "Jesus is God". In 1990 during a convention, I talked with Everett Swanson who told me that Truitt Oyler was teaching the outrageous idea that "Jesus was/is God". I also talked with him about this when he was a 2x2 worker in Montana when I lived in Belgrade, MT. Have you wondered if Jesus is God? or even thought about it? I know that the 2x2s don't believe in Jesus Christ as God, and believing in Jesus Christ as God is something they resist. Have you wondered if Jesus is God? If you think that Jesus might not be God, you have some serious issues. The name "Emanuel" is "God with us".

Former Alaska Elder Remembers The Alaska Incident

One former elder in Alaska remembers the anger of the other overseers to find people teaching that it was OK to worship Jesus Christ like the disciples did. You can read this letter by Earl George.

"Liberties" of Bob Ingram

If Bob Ingram took liberties, then why weren't they able to list what those "liberties" were? This is yet another example of the overseers jealous over others and using insinuations to destroy people.


  1. Why are they afraid to state in the letter that the workers where having sex with each other in Alaska?
  2. Why don't they just come out and say that they don't believe Jesus is God?
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