2x2 Religion in North Dakota

North Dakota is one of the states that the 2x2 organization operates in.

2x2 Overseer of North Dakota
  • Glenn Gasser in 2012
Hunter, ND - Annual Church Convention Dates:
From: 2018-09-20 to 2018-09-23
From: 2017-09-21 to 2017-09-24
From: 2016-09-22 to 2016-09-25
From: 2015-09-17 to 2015-09-20

Mandan, ND - Annual Church Convention Dates:
From: 2018-10-04 to 2018-10-07
From: 2017-10-05 to 2017-10-08
From: 2016-10-06 to 2016-10-09
From: 2015-10-01 to 2015-10-04

North and South Dakota were combined into one overseer region because of shrinking numbers of workers.

June 18, 2013 email by Glen Gasser

Dear Southeast Field friends,

Greetings from Hermosa! Will send the speaking list here. Will add some of the summer plans as well. Joe Hobbs has asked to be relieved of the responsibility here in South Dakota, so he and others feel like it would be best for North and South Dakota to work as one staff...

2x2 Headquarters and Conventions in North Dakota
  • Hunter Convention, North Dakota in late September
  • 2013, October 3-6 Mandan, ND

2013 ND/SD SUMMER & FALL ARRANGEMENTS made by Overseer Glenn Gasser

May 27 � June 23: Heidi, Marla to Dagmar preps, Dagmar & Cody convs
May 29 - June 23: John to Hermosa preps, Hermosa, SD conv
June 3 � 23: Glenn to Seagrave, ON, Richmond, QC & Hermosa, SD convs
June 14: Betty Braasch begins home visit
June 17 � 23: Mavis, JoAnn to Hermosa, SD conv
June 24 � July 21: Craig to Mellowdale, AB; Emo, ON; Theodore, SK & Didsbury 2, AB convs
June 24 � 30: Duane & Thane to Elizabeth 2, CO Conv
July 1 - 21: Duane Hettich & Thane in SW SD Field
July 2 � Aug 4: Joe & Glenn in Sioux Falls Field
July 2 � Aug 30: Mike & John in SE ND Field
July 8 � 21: Janet K, Marge, Becky to Bowsman, MB & Aylesbury, SK convs
Aug 5 � 30: Joe & Jake in Sioux Falls Field
Aug 5 � 25: Glenn to Quakertown, PA; Downings, VA & Salvisa, KY convs
Aug 5 � Sep 2: Martin to Glen Valley #2, BC; Milltown #2, WA; Saginaw #2, OR & Boring #2, OR convs
Aug 11 � Sept 22: Duane to Yellow Springs, OH; Vanderbilt, MI; McCordsville IN; Rogers, AR; Clever, MO & Utica, SD convs
Aug 25 � Dec 1: Janet Wilson�s Home Visit

Male 2x2 Workers on North Dakota Workers List
  • Glenn Gasser
  • John Simons
  • Martin Wilson
  • Jacob Nelson
  • Paul Haakenson
  • Wilfred Goecke
  • Roy Lacy
  • Stanley March
  • Larry Stephens
Female 2x2 Workers on North Dakota Workers List
  • Shelley Vigesaa
  • Janet Klenk
  • Marge Major
  • Becky Kelbert
  • Mavis Krapu
  • JoAnn Ernsthausen
  • Heidi Peck
  • Marla Freesemann
  • Janet Wilson
2x2 Fields in North Dakota
  • Southeast
    701-724-3421 or 701-789-1105c
    PO Box 2, Hunter ND 58048-0002
    PO Box 335, Forman ND 58032-0335
  • Northwest
    701-838-2123 or 303-915-0931
    1109 47th Ave SW, Minot ND 58701-8320
  • North Central
    701-398-5241 or 701-391-0732c 10538 34th St NE, Lakota ND 58344-9256
  • Fargo
    701-874-2393 or 701-793-2945c
    c/o W. Vigesaa, 4140 4th Ave S, Apt 1316, Fargo ND 58103-1195
  • Southwest
    701-843-8417 or 701-789-1106c
    103 Shady Acres, Mandan ND 58554-3833
  • Central
    701-945-2527 or 479-531-2463c
    c/o B. Stockwell, 3031 81st Ave SE, Unit 8, Jamestown ND 58401-9236
  • Northeast
    701-780-9578 or 563-340-6377c 5796 Pinehurst Dr, Grand Forks ND 58201-2808

A Sample Internet Ad from Janet Klenk and Becky Kelbert

A non-denominational Christian Bible talk is planned at 4 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 12, at the James River Senior Center, 419 5th St. NE, Jamestown. Those attending are asked to enter the door on the west of the building.

Speakers are Becky Kelbert and Janet Klenk

The purpose of the talk is to share and encourage the faith, love and hope that Jesus shared with the world using the Bible as text. The Bible talks will also include a few hymns and a prayer.

There are no fees or collections. Everyone is welcome.

For more information, call (319) 939-0949.

Janet Klenk These workers commonly hide their financial assets and religious ties, so if you see meetings being advertised as "Christian Bible Talks" and it has the names of Janet Klenk or Becky Kelbert, then it is the 2x2 religion.

They were preaching at James River Senior Citizens Center in Jamestown, North Dakota at 419 5th St NE, Jamestown, ND 58401.

2x2s claim only God's preachers go out in pairs and must follow Matthew 10, which they don't do. Matthew 10, Jesus Christ never called out two women to go preach in pairs. If you look at the 12 apostles, they were all Jewish men who were also only sent to preach Israel.

Because of their lies and preaching, it causes distress to older folks who don't know their Bible. 2x2s welcome money from older people and would like them to give all their money "for the kingdom" (their group) when they die. Older people who don't research this organization can fall prey to these false preachers.

Website Visitors from North Dakota

Website visitors from North Dakota include: Beulah, Bismarck, Bismark, Bottineau, Bowbells, Bowdon, Cando, Carrington, Cooperstown, Drayton, Edgeley, Edinburg, Ellendale, Fargo, Forman, Grand Forks, Hatton, Hazen, Hillsboro, Jamestown, Keene, Kindred, Lamoure, Langdon, Lemmon, Leonard, Lisbon, Mantador, Mayville, Minot, New, New Town, Northwood, Oakes, Page, Park River, Pingree, Reeder, Roseglen, Saint Michael, Selfridge, Sheldon, Stanley, Steele, Valley City, Walhalla, Watford City, West Fargo, Wheatland, Williston, Wilton and Wimbledon.

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