Suing 2x2s for Damages

A fund has been started to assist in suing overseers, workers and elders that are guilty of criminal negligence in sending known pedophiles into the homes of parents with children.


Overseers play a great part in the 2x2 religion in their recruitment of workers for their staff of employees. They are responsible for hiring and firing workers. Because of this, they are responsible for doing background checks (which they do not do) on workers before placing them in the homes of their followers who have children. While they can lie and dupe people about the cult, there is a legal line crossed when workers commit sex acts with children. And overseers are responsible for their staff for putting workers into people's homes.

The Court - And the basis for the no contest please Mr Boyle (attorney for 2x2 overseer Jerome Frandle)?
Mr Boyle - Potential civil liablity , your Honor.

Some overseers are beginning to wake up and be afraid of a civil lawsuit. See Jerome Frandle's Sentencing Transcripts 1 as to why he pled "no contest" to avoid civil liablity.

Overseers are also subject to organized crime laws, specifically RICO, Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. When overseers cover up the child sexual abuse crimes of workers and then drive these workers out of state to avoid prosecution and avoid reporting the crime so that their followers don't catch on to what is happening in their organization. While they have gotten away with this in the past, this behavior is now documented in court records and they probably won't be so lucky no matter how secretive they are in the future.

It is on the court records: the name of the organization, that it is secretive and non-transparent. Also, the court has documented things to check into in future child sexual abuse coverups. See this quote from the court records at the sentencing of 2x2 overseer Jerome Frandle.

On the other hand, during the course of the hearing it became very clear to the Court that this organization, which I believe is THE FAITH is a highly secretive organization. I don't know how the hiearchy operates on a day to day basis. I don't know whether or not Mr Frandle has participated in the removal and transfer of other people that may have been involved in this type of conduct. But I'm not assuming that he has. I'm pointing out for the record that we don't know. It's a very secretive and non-transparent organization. - Judge David B Herrington at the sentencing of 2x2 overseer Jerome Frandle for failure to report child sexual abuse.


Workers who molest children are the most often caught. They have put themselves in a very difficult situation, giving up everything to be completely used by the overseer to do his bidding. Each year, the pattern is for the workers to give the senior workers all the money they have collected throughout the year. When workers are caught, it is their parents who have paid for attorneys because the workers are broke. They don't have access to the funds that they overseers control; being able to hire attorneys to represent them to avoid penalty for their crimes.

Suing Elders and their Wives

There is talk of suing elders of the 2x2 religion for their involvement in recruiting minors into their secretive 2x2 religion and bringing them into contact with workers who are known to commit child sexual abuse. And I am all for this. If an elder plans on setting up children for child sexual abuse and crushing their hearts, then they need to be prepared to face the consequences. If you have a child that is under 18 and a 2x2 elder is trying to recruit your child into their organization and for example take them on a trip out of state to a convention etc without your consent, then feel free to contact me. I know of one elder's wife who was showing me pictures of naked kids from her meeting. I was shocked at the time and didn't know what to say.

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