2x2 Grooming

Here are some of my experiences and opinion as to why OVERSEERS, WORKERS and ELDERS and the FRIENDS are good and adept at grooming people for spiritual crimes, sexual crimes and other evil.

Grooming of Children

WORKERS in a FIELD have a variety of homes that they can stay in. WORKERS ask parents at MEETINGS if they can stay at their homes during certain nights. Parents, since they adore the WORKERS, feel obligated. I remember my COMPANIONS asking people if we could stay in their homes on such and such a night(s).

WORKERS hear things while they go from house to house chatting away with people and talking with others on the phone. They hear things that they can use in their best interest. My first COMPANION spent a lot of time on the phone. And when we stayed at homes, he would talk it up with the women and learn all the latest news.

When children are separated from their parents, they become more vulnerable to suggestions of others. They don't have the immediate availability of a parent to listen to phone calls or warn their children about dangerous situations. When I became a WQRKER at the age of 18, I did not call and talk to my parents about things that were going on. I believe WORKERS look for people who have poor child/parent relationships.

Children are curious. Sex is interesting. Sex can be fun and feel pleasurable. It can be different than torture, murder, stealing in this way.

OVERSEERS and WORKERS decide who becomes an ELDER. They stay more in the homes of ELDERS than other homes. Parents want to please the WORKERS if they are to become an ELDERS. WORKERS can hold this carrot out in front of a parent. My companion got the approval of the OVERSEER before putting MEETINGS in the home of a PROFESSING man in Albany.

WORKERS choose who become ELDERS. They choose people that follow the WORKERS' advice and leading. My companion chose who was going to become the new ELDER (Jim Waldo) after Claude and Martha Axtell moved to a retirement facility.

WORKERS have lots of time. They can visit homes several times during the year. People are used to them living in other people's houses around other people's kids.

The kids are taught by parents to respect and honor the WORKERS. They rarely point out the faults of the WORKERS. Kids want to please their parents, and indirectly please the WORKERS. Even though I did not even understand the gospel, many of the kids in the FIELD looked up to me and greatly admired "my sacrifice" for "the work".

WORKERS know the danger of child sexual abuse. When I was holding a young child male child, I took him outside after CONVENTION and showed him the stars, asking him "Who made the stars?" Randy Russell, my companion told me to never be alone with a child. Perhaps he had seen, experienced or heard of things that WORKERS had done with children?

WORKERS learn a lot about children by staying in their homes. I played games with kids. I was asked to go to a neighbors house (far away enough to drive) with another girl my age (wasn't that a dangerous situation?) which left Randy alone with a lonely woman his age in her house. Hmmmmmm

I think some children fantasize about dating a WORKERS. I got letters from young women wanting to write with me. A young woman in early teens came up to me at CONVENTION and gave me a very "warm" hug. It was nice to have this attention (touch was absent and so was the feeling of being loved in the work) and so this was welcome. But where it could lead was another story. I can see why some OVERSEERS and WORKERS would turn to young children or teenagers who are such easy prey and want to please the WORKERS.

Children love the attention of the WORKERS. Parents love the attention of the WORKERS.

WORKERS and OVERSEERS can give people attention for the wrong reason and with an evil motive.

Followers who displease their parents or displease the workers or displease the OVERSEERS see repercussions. People try to avoid stigmas and repercussions from displeasing WORKERS.

Since OVERSEERS and WORKERS don't uphold the Bible in uprightness as the Word of God and as a moral code, then parents and children turn to the workers to know what is right and wrong.

WORKERS can take advantage of ELDERS and THE FRIENDS who want to please them and accept what they say as God's word.

Grooming for Young WORKERS

To become a WORKER, you must sell everything, give it away, be homeless and follow the direction of the OVERSEERS. I was asked to sell everything and give it to the WORKERS at convention. I had no job, no place to live and no car when I showed up at CONVENTION. This left me in a very helpless position.

My being required to sell everything and give it to them was like a new gang member being initiated to prove his willingness for what the group would require of them. What would I do to prove my love, loyalty, adoration and worship for the workers? Also, this showed to the workers that my parents didn't warn me of this unscriptural demand.

There was a lot of new things that I saw in the WORK that happened so fast, that I did not have time to talk with others about, I just accepted them. My mind was working overtime trying to justify things that were going on. This adversely affected my health. Later on, when I started questioning things, I was fearful because I had no place to live, no job, no car.

I know that the OVERSEERS decide which WORKER goes with which WORKER for the year. And they can make changes during the year too.

OVERSEERS will frequently ask people who offer for the WORK to live on their own for a while and get a job. This removes children from the protection of the home and supervision of the parents who bear a God-given responsibility for them.

I was taught to be willing to "go anywhere, with anyone at anytime". Of course this was under the direct order of the OVERSEER. He was the one who told me what to do.

Young WORKERS are near penniless, jobless and homeless and are very vulnerable. If you don't like the WORK, what are you going to do? You have nothing to return to. It is all gone. So the easiest thing to do is to continue in the WORK. And they expect that.

The older WORKER becomes like a parent and mentor. And they tell you things that are in the interest of "the kingdom" or more accurately "the cult".

WORKERS give ideas and thoughts and things to say to shut down questioning in a young WORKERS' mind and things to say to shut down the questioning of others. Unfortunately, this keeps people from understanding God's will and keeps them from taking appropriate action to protect themselves.

OVERSEERS and WORKERS can easily make it their business to know who is a good candidate for the work and spend more time with them to win over their affection. They know some people just crave someone to be with.

By establishing surface bonds of laughter and stories, WORKERS can get people to trust them in areas that they should not. It is easy to fantasize of the workers being the true servants of God and to leave off necessary judgment.

THE FRIENDS believe that the WORKERS and OVERSEERS can send someone to hell, or that if they "lose out" or "question things" or "are doubting" that they will go to hell. This makes someone very suggestive to other things out of fear of going to hell.

THE FRIENDS are very ignorant of the Will of God or the Bible because they are taught by the WORKERS. The WORKERS don't know much about God's will and teach perversions and twists of the scripture that are to their fleshly advantage.

OVERSEERS and WORKERS and ELDERS have set themselves up in a position of trust and are able to vilify and marginalize and discredit individuals who cry "wolf" (rapes, sexual abuse, fornication, incest, adultery etc).

OVERSEERS, WORKERS and ELDERS have a history of slandering and libeling people that they don't like to discredit people and get them to leave the cult so that members of the cult do not hear or trust witnesses against the workers.

Grooming for Next OVERSEER

I believe OVERSEERS use henchmen or axeman to do their dirty work for them. When a WORKER has shown themselves willing for anything and has proven their loyalty to the overseers, then they are considered a candidate for becoming an OVERSEER.

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