Why 2x2 Cult Entrenched with Pedophiles

There are many reasons why I believe child sexual abuse entrenched and there to stay in the 2x2 cult and why it would take massive government involvement to make it change.

Why the sexual abuse of workers won't quit:

They believe they are the ONLY WAY to heaven. So to admit fault in one of their primary teachings would be paramount to admitting that they are not the ONLY WAY.

OVERSEERS preach a homeless ministry as a fundamental aspect of their religion. All non-homeless ministers are condemned as being of the devil.

Homeless ministers live in the followers homes.

OVERSEERS keep their for-profit records private. They do not publish their organizational procedures or methodologies. Their hiring practices are not published because they would not withstand scrutiny.

The OVERSEERS are used to the darkness and as a result are not looking for good changes in their lives.

The OVERSEERS have learned and developed their tradecraft over years and are comfortable and entrenched in it.

OVERSEERS are expected by their fellow OVERSEERS to abide in these practices.

OVERSEERS can discredit and expose the crimes of OVERSEERS who fail to follow their tradecraft. And OVERSEERS know they will be supported by other OVERSEERS if they are able to cover-up child sexual abuse "problems".

The sexual immorality of fornication and adultery (kept secret) and incest of the FRIENDS is not dealt with by WORKERS and so the OVERSEERS and WORKERS expect the FRIENDS to reciprocate in kind with their immorality with children.

FOLLOWERS have children in the homes where the WORKERS stay.

WORKERS have experience in staying in follower's homes and what to expect.

WORKERS know when the children will be alone and vulnerable.

Parents aren't afraid to see the WORKERS alone with children but are counseled to trust them.


OVERSEERS and WORKERS counsel followers to "forgive and forget" as a way of getting their followers to shut up.

WORKERS who stay in many of the followers' homes are able to effectively slander and libel confrontational followers who dare to approach them.

It's easier for parents to forgive and forget than to avoid the uphill battle of getting kicked out, losing their friends and feeling like they would be going to hell if they tried to support their children.

Children see their parents idolize OVERSEERS and WORKERS and learn to idolize them too. This makes them very vulnerable.

OVERSEERS and WORKERS pride themselves on not changing with "JESUS CHRIST, the same yesterday, today and forever."

Any confrontation of disagreement with OVERSEERS on fundamental issues results in excommunication.

OVERSEERS exceeding proud and regard "belonging" more important than admitting fault.

Their group is not based on Bible and never has, so no change will happen based on scripture.

OVERSEERS have the rule that WORKERS have to LEAVE THE WORK in order to be free to marry.

But WORKERS are condemned for LEAVING THE WORK. (use the scripture - no man having put his hand to the plow and looking back is fit for the kingdom of heaven). This is used to pressure WORKERS to stay in the WORK despite pedophilia.

OVERSEERS have a history of moving WORKERS who are pedophiles and adulterers to new FIELDS without informing the people in the new FIELDS.

OVERSEERS have a history of covering up child sexual abuse in order to maintain a "good image" to the FRIENDS.

The same manipulation techniques that OVERSEERS use on WORKERS to manipulate them is then learned and used by WORKERS on their followers' children.

OVERSEERS and WORKERS have history of taking advantage of the FRIENDS, so there is no moral boundary for them to take advantage of their children if they can avoid getting caught.

WORKERS know that OVERSEERS will cover for them and move them to a new FIELD if they someone gets a whif of what they are doing.

Older WORKERS have years of experience from which to draw. They can learn from their mistakes with children in one field and take what they've learned and apply it to the children in the next field.

Children are prone to let things slide as a WORKER only typically stay in their FIELD for one or two years and then is gone. They may be encouraged by parents just to wait until the problem "goes away".

Since OVERSEERS and WORKERS are idolized, the FRIENDS refuse to believe the story of a child when put up against an OVERSEER or WORKER's story.

Children who have been sexually abuse by WORKERS don't have the emotional strength, social skills or understanding especially after years of being brainwashed in MEETINGS to be able to stand up against religious adult leaders.

OVERSEERS and WORKERS teach that people who quit coming to MEETINGS are going to hell, so it doesn't give much room for a child to have hope of salvation if they complain about sexual abuse.

OVERSEERS don't believe in "sin" or "repentance" so when they are accused of crimes, they will plead innocent to avoid charges. This shows a pattern of how WORKERS are to respond to allegations of child sexual abuse.

OVERSEERS have shown a pattern of financially supporting WORKERS who have been accused of child sexual abuse so the WORKERS know the OVERSEERS are supporting them if they do get accused.

OVERSEERS do not do background checks or due diligence when employing new WORKERS. So pedophiles and people with sexual abuse problems don't fear having to disclose these issues.

OVERSEERS have heard many accounts of child sexual abuse and are taught by other OVERSEERS on how to deal with these issues, so they are secure about how they are to respond.

Children who are sexually abused have no previous history with this problem or pattern of how to deal with it.

The 2x2 religion has proselytized followers all over the world. Their organization is in many countries. And OVERSEERS have shown a pattern of moving pedophile WORKERS to other states or other countries to avoid prosecution, so WORKERS have assurance that OVERSEERS will support them if they are accused.

The 2x2 cult encourages followers to only have friends within the cult. This social restriction in friends leaves the children with few (if any) outside friends with whom to confide and gain assistance to help them in their great need.

Silencing and silence with threats is historically taught by OVERSEERS and used by WORKERS as an effective means of "making problems go away" and so it comes natural to OVERSEERS and WORKERS to cover up child sexual abuse also.

Questioning the OVERSEERS and WORKERS is discouraged and spoken against as being "unfaithful" or "doubting" so followers who dare to ask questions are labeled and treated as "trouble-makers".

Followers believe that their faithfulness to God is linked to MEETING attendance. So for parents to quit attending MEETINGS to avoid the sexual abuse of their children would be paramount to GOING TO HELL for themselves and also leading their children to a LOST ETERNITY.

For these reasons and more, I believe that child sexual abuse is there to stay in the 2x2 cult and the only thing that could significantly remove it would be massive government intervention or the dismantling of fundamental aspects of the cult.

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