Adultery is a problem in the 2x2 religion. Adultery is when a married person has sexual intercourse with someone other than their spouse.

Adultery is a Crime Punishable by Law

In many states, adultery is a crime. The crime is punishable by law in some states only when the husband or wife complains.

Be aware, that if you as a worker engage in adultery, that if the spouse complains, you can be reported to the local authorities and stand trial in a court of law for your crime of adultery.

My First Companion

My first companion Randy Russell was involved with a married woman in the Albany, OR field, Heather Eblen. And I've gotten emails from other people stating that he had sexual intercourse with other married women before that year.

My Grandpa Was Offered Sex

After my grandmother died, my grandpa Jim Beck was called by a woman in his field who offered to have sex with him to comfort him after the loss of his wife! Horrors! I was a 2x2 at the time and was furious. I was especially appalled by how ho-hum the workers were about it. And that this woman didn't think it was that big of a deal as she had already performed this service for other men in the field whose wives had died! I called the workers in the field (I was a 2x2 at this time) and let them know about it. They weren't appalled, but said they would call the woman.

Now, I think the local women workers probably did nothing about it. I have found out that the workers don't really care about people's souls and want to avoid displeasing anyone for fear of losing income.

Adultery Among Overseers

Adultery may happen with overseers too. Overseers are just glorified workers who are very committed to the 2x2 religion and have proven themselves faithful to the causes of the older brothers to a degree that the older brothers trust them.

Occasionally, 2x2s get disgusted with the adultery of workers and write letters to the overseers or the friends to get something done. I believe if they have any morality, the leave the cult.

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