Why I Believe 2x2s Coverup Sex

I am referring to what I've witnessed, my opinion and sexual sins in general here, not specifically about crimes in Federal or State Penal code.

Having been a worker, I thought about sex every day. I thank the LORD that I got out of the work before turning to molesting kids. I am glad that I got out of the work before trying to seduce some girl or woman or sister worker to have sex with me.

For a worker to leave the work to get married is to concede that they didn't have power from God to keep them. It is to concede utter failure of the 2x2 way. It is to concede that there is no 2x2 god. And there is a huge stigma on workers who leave the work.

I did not have a healthy way of relating to women. I don't need to imagine that many other workers didn't have a healthy way of relating to women.

While sex is one way of relating to women, there are many other ways that are fulfilling and healthy.

2x2 overseers have a history of covering things up. Since they have covered up the origin of the group, why wouldn't they cover up their sexual indescretions?

If parents don't have a Godly marriage, their children learn unGodly behaviors.

Actions speak louder than words when teaching children

The 2x2s do not teach confessing and forsaking sin. See John the Baptist baptism.

Coverups have happened from the beginning of the 2x2 cult with it's founder.

2x2s have no moral code that is believed. They don't even believe in the ten commandments.

2x2s poo-poo sin. It's not a big deal. They have gotten used to it. Many have seared consciences.

Bcause 2x2s don't believe in God, they don't keep or try to keep his commandments. Because they don't care, they don't see problem with sin. Because they don't see problem of sin, they don't confess and forsake sin. Because they don't confess and forsake sin, there is no forgiveness. Because no forgiveness, they are not cleansed of sin and continue to live in iniquity.

2x2s don't believe in cleansing power of blood of Jesus Christ because they don't believe in God.

2x2 religion is based on maintaining the appearance or a form: going to meetings, taking part in meetings, supporting the workers. It is devoid of life.

2x2 religion is based on the will of the overseers, workers, elders and their friends.

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To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in me. - Jesus Christ speaking to Saul, see Act 26:18, see Salvation through Jesus Christ.
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