Wasn't I One of You?

"They never really had it." By "it", we meant the special revelation. The revelation that the Workers were the only true servants of God and that Meetings in the home was the way to worship God. This is what 2x2s say of Christians who come to MEETINGS and then quit coming when they find out it is a cult group of religious overtones that is not of God.

We are Christians

The 2x2s know they are lying when they say to people "We are Christians". As a child I was told to tell people that we were non-denominational Christians. But this was odd to me. We didn't like Christians. I didn't give it too much more thought as a child, but I remember it not setting well with me.

They NEVER had it Anyway

When people from other religions came to MEETINGS and then quit coming, my family and WORKERS would say about them, "Well, they really never had it anyway." They were referring to the spirit of Satan that deceives people into thinking that they are the only way to heaven. They were referring to the revelation that Satan gives to make people believe that the WORKERS were the ONLY TRUE SERVANTS OF GOD.


When some of the PROFESSING FRIENDS LOST OUT and quit coming to MEETINGS, we didn't say "They never really had it anyway", because we knew they did. These were PROFESSING people who went to MEETINGS for years. They once believed that the WORKERS were the only TRUE SERVANTS OF GOD. These were people who were PROFESSING but had now LOST OUT. They had lost their vision. They had lost their revelation. We said about them "They LOST OUT." As if they missed out on a good thing. They lost their place in the ONLY FOLD. And many who left believed that they had LOST OUT and were now headed to hell.

The Heart of Liars - Listen to their Words

If you want to know the inner-most heart of liars who claim that the 2x2s are Christians, then listen to the deceivers when they quit PROFESSING, and they say "But wasn't I one of you?". They knew they were PROFESSING. They went to MEETINGS and GAVE THEIR TESTIMONY for years. They knew that they used to believe that the 2x2s were the only way and lied about their true beliefs. As if they can deceive people now to believe they weren't a 2x2. What's even worse than a 2x2 who claims they are a Christian, is a 2x2 who PROFESSES to have never been a 2x2 and was a Christian all along. God knows the truth and is the rewarder.

The 2x2s Know Their Beliefs

If you've gone to MEETINGS, got others to come to MEETINGS and PROFESSED, then you know as well as I, that the 2x2s believe all others are going to hell and that they believe that only if you PROFESS are you "saved".

Satan's Deception of the Saints

And those that believe 2x2s are Christians are deceived by people who reject Christians. Satan is subtle. He gets people who profess to be Christians to believe that 2x2s are Christians. And at the same time, Satan convinces 2x2s to say that they are Christians even while the 2x2s believe that these same Christians are going to hell.

Who is a 2x2?

Any person who goes to MEETINGS and claims to be a Christian is a 2x2. Anyone who professes that 2x2s are Christians are deceived by Satan. Anyone who teaches that 2x2s are Christians are liars and are deceived by Satan. If you believe that 2x2s are Christians, then you've called God a liar and are preaching your own damnation if you don't go to MEETINGS and PROFESS too.

Unanswered Challenge

I've offered up challenges to people to name one person who is a Christian and goes to the 2x2 MEETINGS and PROFESSES, but not one person has met this challenge. People who claim the 2x2s are Christians won't even lift a finger to support the lies that send thousands to hell. This is how little they care about their own salvation or the truthfulness of the things they teach which lead others to a lost eternity.

"He never had it anyway", "They lost out", "But wasn't I one of you?", "We're non-denominational Christians." These are the voices of hypocrisy that show that 2x2s know that they are not telling the truth as they make war against God's children.

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