Forced Out of Meetings

Forced out. Many 2x2s have been forced out of MEETINGS when they still wanted to attend and be part of the 2x2 religion.

Some of the FRIENDS still believe in the WORKERS but have been kicked out. I think these people are in about the worst sitution. They have no true understanding of God, may fake being a Christian just for social acceptance, but have no understanding and still want to be part of the cult. They profess to be Christian but don't believe in Jesus Christ's commandments. They just fit in to another denomination and call it good. They may believe still that they were saved when they PROFESSED. They won't feel like they need to get baptized into the true gospel of Jesus Christ because they believe in their WORKERS' baptism. Or they may ask to be baptized again after they read this just to pretend to be more like a Christian.

Some people get forced out of the cult because they are trying to please two people and they have to choose between one. They may have gotten forced out and are too embarrassed or proud to keep going to meetings. They want to save face. They may have no faith in God and so continue what is really the same religion of PROFESSING with a few changes in where they meet and who they meet with and what they say to please others. It's like people who take a class to pass a test, but don't really care about learning the subject. The test, the appearance and the "A" on the report card is more important than knowledge and understanding.

They may feel relieved in not having to attend MEETINGS, but they still aren't putting their faith in God. They may harbor secret anger at the person/people that forced them out of the MEETINGS but pretend to be friends with them. They may pretend to be Christian, but their heart is not in it. They are just trying to please a new person other than the WORKERS. This is not Christianity but what may be called 2x2ism with a different face. But quite simply God wants to be woshiped with our heart and nobody fools God.

They may ask questions and show to others that they know the right Christian answers to say now to please their new friends.

What becomes obvious to Christians who see this is that it's just a show for someone. And when other's brag about how a 2x2 has become a Christian, it just perpetuates the delusion.

I have received emails from people who have married 2x2s who got kicked out because of dating outside or marrying a non-2x2. And then these women (or it can be men too) after ~10 years of marriage (to what they thought was now a Christian because their husband went to their church) have returned to MEETINGS and also divorced them! Surprise, surprise! These (mostly) women believed they could change their 2x2 husband/wife as the case may be. But as people say, "A man persuaded against his will is of the same mind still."

If a person is manipulated and coerced and pressured to become a Christian, will this make them a spirit-baptized believer? Is that really salvation? Is saying that you have faith in God (for the purpose of pleasing a lover) the same as actually having faith in God? How can a person be a Christian if it's from their mind and mouth for advantage and not from their heart towards God?

And if you believe that an outward profession of faith in God is all you really need from your (future) spouse, then what does that say about your faith in God? I would say that the WORKERS have a stronger faith in their 2x2 religion than you because they recommend that a person PROFESSES and attends MEETINGS faithfully for one year before marrying a former OUTSIDER.

Some women and men believe they can change another person's faith through marriage. This is not a message of proselytizing that is taught in the Bible. Trying to change others to fit your religion through marriage or dating can result in undesirable results and lead to a miserable marriage. And what's worse is if you've been warned about this before you did it and you do it anyway, because now you have more regret. Even if you are engaged to marry, if you find out your fiancée does not really believe in God, but the form of a religion, it is best to call it off. Better to be single than unequally yoked. Or as one single 2x2 woman put it "Better to be lonely and single than married and miserable."

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