Expectations when Exiting / Leaving the 2x2 Religion


You can expect the fears instilled by years of the WORKERS' preaching to make it harder to leave. They know people leave and they'be pretaught people to think evil of people who leave. You've probably heard the slander of people who have left and maybe even repeated or contributed yourself.

Destructive mind control techniques to make it harder to leave. Belief in the foundation lies of the 2x2s make it harder to leave. Destroying the WORKERS' lies with truth from the Bible brings immense help and allows the mind to unravel the crafty fables of the WORKERS.

Good people (hard to find) will help you to leave. Many people have their whole lives wrapped up in the cult and all their "friends" are in it. It's good to make friends with neighbors and local Christians. They can give enormous support and comfort.

Here's a list of things that happened to me when I left:
  1. Slander: (a former Sunday AM meeting ELDER's wife Betty Meyers) told my friends that I was "mental". I called Betty (being hurt by her lies) and confronted her about it. She said I was "mental" because she was in the only RIGHT WAY, and if I knew about that "way" and turned away from it, I must be "mental". That was her justification. And it shows how brainwashing causes people to make ridiculous conclusions.

    Someone told relatives of mine that I had a mental disease because I had a "fixation on the scripture". Yes, they even found a psychological term for it to make it sound officious. Wow. Another 2x2 who was deadset against total faith the Bible. You can really laugh about these things after you've been away for awhile. But at first it is bewildering, then hurtful and later ridiculous.

  2. Libel: People posted lies about me on INTERNET. People make insinuations about exmembers having sex with goats etc. Really crude. They've really got the 2x2 SPIRIT alright.
  3. Harassment:People spam my business email address whenever I post on message board or especially when I put this a link to this website on Wikipedia. My brother-in-law called me five times yelling threat and shouting profanity into the phone. He even threatened to assault me. Do a search on Wikipedia.org for "Christian Conventions". This page is monitored by 2x2s and they remove all postings by people who have left the cult. My link has been removed, readded, removed again. They removed my website dozens of times because they don't like my eye-witness account of what goes on. Especially since I've been in the WORk before.
  4. Threats: My sister's (Pam Rank, formerly Lewis) husband (Brian Rank) called me on the telephone and threatened to "k__k f____ a___ you s___ of a ___" etc. These 2x2s are very vulgar, disobey laws, and downright "impolite" to put it mildly. He never called to apologize. I had to call the police and give a report to get him to stop calling me. He called me 5 or 6 times in one day with threatenings. Fortunately I had a witness and she got to hear his threatenings on the phone. Plus I've got the phone records.
  5. Shunning: I don't have a problem with this :) After all the profanity, lies and deceit, I really don't want to even look at them.
  6. Lost Residence Dave Nealon told my landlord (who was PROFESSING at the time) that I was the cause of all his troubles and that he needed to kick me out. This put such extreme mental pressure and fear in his mind that my landlord asked me to leave. He was crying and felt bad, but was at his wit's end. This harassment by the WORKERS and abuse of older people is actually typical. WORKERS know they can apply so much pressure that they will cave in.
  7. Lost Funding While Going to School Full Time - When my mother found out I wasn't going to MEETINGS anymore, she dropped the funding that was going towards my schooling. So not only did I have to find a new residence, I also had no more financial support that had been promised to me through my grandfather's inheritance. With no place to live and no job, things were extremely difficult. I had to live on credit cards until I found a job. And deal with the slander, confusion etc on top of it all. Some 2x2s say their religion is not a cult because it's easy to leave the 2x2s. That was not my experience. I've found most 2x2s just lie to cover up for their false religion because they are afraid of facing the facts.

Here's a list of things you can expect to go through

  1. Learning the real gospel: "Christ died for your sins. Repent and believe in Him"
  2. Learning the real meaning of words used in the cult: WORKERS - people who work, FRIENDS - people who help you when you're in need, meetings - people getting together and not to be preached at, field - where you grow barley and pasture horses
  3. Getting rid of numerous fears so easily be learning facts about the cult and making real friends.
  4. Nausea after looking at 2x2s when memories come back
  5. Hurt after being lied for so long
  6. Hurt from broken trust
  7. Hurt from betrayal of parents and FRIENDS
  8. Feeling foolish for believing the WORKERS lies
  9. Wondering what to expect from others if this is how you were treated by your parents
  10. Confusion as to why you allowed yourself to be deceived for so long
  11. General trauma and symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder
  12. Depression - some people are so devastated that they go on heavy medication and take frequent counseling. This is no joke.
  13. High mood swings of elation from freedom

Emotional Stability

The good things about your emotions: Your emotions are based on your beliefs. Once you learn the real meaning of "love", "friend" etc, then your emotions will settle down and you will stabilize more.

Here's some hard things you can expect to go through

  1. Roller-coaster of emotions as memories come up
  2. Rethinking about all your experiences in the cult
  3. Developing healthy behavior
  4. Figuring out all your unhealthy fears and changing bad habits
  5. Learning the definition of what a true friend is
  6. Dropping cult vocabulary and replacing it with accurate wording
  7. Confronting parents and the FRIENDS for their evil lies
  8. Abusive behavior from ex2x2s who got out of the cult but haven't changed their behavior
  9. Annoyance of the fear tactics used by WORKERS as thoughts come into your head.
  10. Anger of how you've been treated. You can use this anger to gain initiative to confront your abusive parents (if they are 2x2) family and friends.

Here's a list of things that happened to others when they left:

  1. Worry: Some people worry about what others will think of them. This usually doesn't last more than a few days. Afterwards you'll probably look back and laugh about that. I mean after being lied to for so long, why worry about what they think of you? Why try to please people who hate you?
  2. Sadness: Sadness of knowing you will be lied about. They will say "So and so quit coming to meetings and has "lost out". Isn't that so sad?" No, it's not sad these people have left. It's good to leave a cult that practices destructive mind control techniques. These feelings of sadness make some people feel literally sick and nauseas.
  3. Worry:Worrying about what your parents will think. You may think they "love" you. Ask yourself this though, "Knowing what you know, would you deceive your children? Do you consider this loving?" Look in the Bible for the definition of love. Does it include telling lies, threatening, deceit, malicious gossip and aberrant behavior?
  4. Worrying about your salvation. Some people worry that they have lost out. This is because of ignorance, quite easily solved. Read the Bible and what it says about salvation. Salvation comes by repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. Do you think these followers of the workers are really concerned about your salvation? You can listen through years of MEETINGS and still be clueless about salvation. If you want to do something about your salvation, do this: Read the Bible. Put your faith in God. Repent of your sin. Confess your faults to God. Plead the blood of Jesus Christ.
  5. Cruel Slander My aunt and uncle Don and Kathy Lewis were slandered by many. I saw this first hand because I was PROESSING and young at the time. I was told they just wanted to be "worldly" and have a TV. Actually, my aunt and uncle are much happier out of the cult and so are their kids. Don & Kathy Lewis were a great help to me for a couple years after I left the cult. Kathy has written a book and it's listed in the Books section. Don and Kathy took me in when I was sick with bacterial pneumonia when my folks refused to help. And that was in August 2006.
  6. Divorce I have a friend whose wife is divorcing him, has taken the kids and house and is using other FRIENDS money to support herself. 2x2 relatives slander his name to others. A relative spoke evil of him. I asked her if she knew that she said first hand or not. She said to talk to her elder. I called this elder on 05/26/2007 Sat 8:12 PM. This 2x2 elder Doug Corcoran slandered him also. Thank God for telephone recorders. In Oregon you can record any conversation without the other persons consent. It's good to record all telephone conversations with 2x2s if its' legal in your state. If it's required by law, be sure to get their consent first. If they won't talk when it's recorded, they aren't worth talking to.
  7. Lies 2x2s tell lots of lies about people who leave. I would like to put together a page of experiences of people who have left the cult so you can read their experiences. It's horrible to hear the grotesque abuse of 2x2s to people who want to become Christians.


The arrogant, malicious and heartless behavior of the FRIENDS and WORKERS is evidence of the lies they believe in. The good thing about leaving the cult and being evil-treated is that it solidifies in your mind that they have a false religion and the WORKERS are hirelings who don't care about you. Reflecting on how my family, FRIENDS and WORKERS reacted helped me see through them and put my faith in God instead. The extremity of their wickedness gave me motive through compassion to warn other people about them. And their continued evil treatment of people who leave the 2x2s causes more talk and people to search the INTERNET to explain what is going on.

Seeing how evil the WORKERS were in secret and how they were so clever in their tactics helped me to see what Jesus Christ was talking about:

Mat_7:15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
Luk 6:43 For a good tree bringeth not forth corrupt fruit; neither doth a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. For every tree is known by his own fruit. For of thorns men do not gather figs, nor of a bramble bush gather they grapes. A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is evil: for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh. And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?


  1. Would you want to be treated the way the cult treats others who leave their way?
  2. Did Jesus teach others to slander people when they are tired of being abused?
  3. Can you write out the definition of "spiritual abuse"? Hint: Look up "sexual abuse" and then apply that term of abuse to "spiritual abuse".
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