Cautions for Those Helping

If you are trying to help someone who is being recruited by a cult, here are some things to caution you:

Just by your involvement, you cannot save people in the cult. Some people love cults. They may love the power of Satanic involvement and love dominating and controlling others. They may endure the abuse of others just to destroy and control others.


Cults will try to recruit Christians. It is their glory to recruit Christians. And I have found that just because someone calls themselves a Christian does not mean that they are. They won't listen to their mother. They won't listen to their father. They won't listen to their brother. They won't listen to their sister. They won't follow the commandments of God. Basically, they are just a hypocrite. And they don't respond to scripture. These people cannot be helped. A verse comes to mind:

Mat 15:13 But he answered and said, Every plant, which my heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up.
Mat 15:14 Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.


Just because someone is in your family, does not mean that you can help them. I have found that family members are among the best people to help someone in a cult, but there is more required than that. Cults work with demonic forces of evil. They recruit so-called Christians who don't have power in their life because they obey sin and not God. It is no small task to help someone being recruited by a cult. Cult members often appeal to the flesh and give them pride and power of the devil. And when the new recruit gets a taste of this, it is hard for them to keep their faith in God, especially if they were a name-only Christian before hand.

Expectations and Cautions

Beware helping people in someone else's family. Other family members can try to put guilt trips on you if you try to help and are not successful. They need to know up front that a decision to be part of a cult is the decision of the person being recruited and not 100% the influence of others trying to help. Beware also family members that would try to manipulate you into other things as you try to help. They may use cult tactics on you. And if they do, you can figure that one of the reasons their son/daughter/spouse is being recruited is that they respond to cult tactics and are not rooted and grounded in the the love of God.


When a family is under pressure during the recruitment process of a member, the family may crumble under the weight. Certain family will choose sides and their true beliefs will come out. The family may split and one side turn against you worse than a rabid dog. Whether you continue to help is up to you, but you will need to count the cost. I get lots of messages from cult members with vile accusations and filthy language that would probably horrify even a cult overseer. If only people being recruited by cults could know and see the things I've experienced, they would never give the cults any consideration.

Insidious Lies

Probably some of the most insidious lies will come from so-called Christians who will twist the word of God to justify cult involvement. Write down their lies, and please send them to me. They are from the devil to try to turn people from God. When the lies are written down, they can be examined and scripture can be searched and things prayed about to find out how to combat the devilish lies. One of the most insidious lies I've heard from so-called Christians who are being recruited is "You just need to say that you believe in Jesus Christ and you are saved." The lie looks and sounds good, loving and compassionate, but it is so far from scriptural and is not a teaching of Jesus Christ. Even the devil believes in God.

Using "Christians" Against You

There are many religious organizations that are just a business with a religous covering of Christianity. Cult members find the members of these organizations and use their false teachings to encourage people to come to meetings. Or they may use their teachings to divide families and get false churches to turn on a family whose member may be being recruited by the cult. So if you are trying to help a family member who is being recruited, beware of false churches that the cult can use to turn on you.

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