Registered Organizational Names of the 2x2s

Members of the 2x2s call themselves by many names - some not registered and some registered - some for-profit and some charities.

Names for 2x2s in Their Early Days

Early references to themselves included "The Testimony of Jesus". There are numerous other names given to the 2x2s in different countries so that people had a name by which to refer to them.

Registered Business Names

The 2x2s have registered business names in many countries. While they deny they are an organization, they have denied other facts commonly known about them. They claim to be "a family". Also, they deny being an organization. But this is simply a denial of the facts and they like to appear as a "family" to cloak their for-profit business activities done in the name of religion. A great example of this is that the 2x2 organization in Australia has registered itself as a charity.

Registered business names of the 2x2 religion include Alberta Society of Christian Conventions and Christian Conventions of Victoria. While Willis Propp dissolved the incorporation in Canada, the 2x2 Charity registration in Australia is still active.

2x2s Organized as a Charity in Australia

In Australia, the overseers and workers have become very bold and registered their religion as Christian Conventions of Victoria. And I say "bold" because many know about this registered charity and the overseers have not dissolved it. I wonder if it is a test case by the overseers to try to become more official. Since I've not been in meetings in Australia, I don't know first hand if they claim to "have no name" as they do in the USA and CANADA. It could be that the Australian 2x2 movement is separating itself from the USA and CANADA. See also Christian Conventions of Victoria.

Registered Name for 2x2 Religion in CANADA

In May 1995, 2x2's incorporated under name of "Alberta Society of Christian Assemblies" in CANADA. See also Alberta Society. After people found out about the corporation, Willis Prop decided to dissolve it. But it makes great reading about how they handle money and guarantee overseer's income.

Registered Name for 2x2 Religion in Vietnam

Registered business name of the 2x2 religion in Vietnam is "Christian Mission".

Registered Name for 2x2 Religion in Britain

1914: World War I began. Willie Gill registered the group with the British Conscientious Objectors Board under the name: "The Testimony of Jesus." - see

Registered Name for 2x2 Religion in England

"The Testimony of Jesus" (British Conscientious Objectors Board, England, 1914), see

Registred Name in Sri Lanka/Ceylon Since 1927

Undenominational Christian Mission
134/2 A. Stanley Tilaakeratne Mawatha
Nugegoda 10250
Sri Lanka

Names used for 2x2s in Germany

"Die Namenlosen" is used in Germany - nameless ones.

Names used for 2x2s in France

And in France "Les Anonymes" -"the anonymous" or "no-names". This is interesting that they call them anonymous, because Jesus Christ said that a city set on a hill could not be hid, yet here they are anonymous. How anonymous is Jesus Christ?

They don't refer to themselves as Christian Conventions of Victoria, because this contradicts their statement that they are not an organization. So they keep the business stuff secret. Why the hypocrisy?

Unregistered Names They Call Themselves

Common names the 2x2s use for themselves include: "The Truth", "The Way" or "The Faith"

Many of the followers adamantly deny they have a name, despite calling themselves "the faith", "The way" etc regularly. If you ask them directly if they use those names, they will often admit it, but still claim they don't have a name!?

Names They Call Themselves

The 2x2s commonly call themselves the following including sample usage:

  • "The TRUTH" - When did you find THE TRUTH?- Means "When did you come to the WORKER's MEETINGS and PROFESS." Calling themselves "THE TRUTH" is the most common around the world.
  • "The WAY" - I found the WAY in 1996 when the workers were passing out invitations. This usage is very common too.
  • "The FAITH" - We've been part of The FAITH since 1992 when I first professed. I've found that 2x2s call it "THE FAITH" when they want to act spiritual, and claim to be Christian and a religion.
  • "The FOLD" - I became part of The FOLD when I professed in 1992. This is not used so much by the FRIENDS as by the WORKERS to indicate who is "in" ("in the fold") and who is "out"("outside the fold"). See also One True Church
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