Types of 2x2 Recruiters

There are several types of 2x2 recruiters and they each have different reasons for what they are doing. I believe the 2x2 boyfriend recruiter is among the most successful and spiritually the most dangerous.

Boyfriend 2x2 Recruiter

This is one of the most dramatic situations and unfortunately too common. Many recruitment efforts fail but the factors that are at play here make for a deadly situation. I believe the most dangerous situation is when a submissive Christian woman in rebellion and desperate to get married who has never dated before meets a 2x2 man who doesn't have a good father role model who can play on her fears. The 2x2 boyfriend recruiter can quickly learn how the workers gain control over their followers and mimic this to gain control of the woman. Some parents have noticed that idolatry of the 2x2 boyfriend quickly sets in and see parallels to their daughter to the boyfriend is similar in relationship to the FRIENDS and the WORKERS.

Factors that make things really dangerous:

  • Hormones - A woman may think that active hormones is love especially if she has never dated before
  • Lies - a 2x2 boyfriend can lie about the cult beliefs and has little to lose if his parents are not professing. OVERSEERS, WORKERS and ELDERS are less likely to tell huge lies that deny the cult because they have much to lose.
  • Fantasy lies about the cult. Because a boyfriend in the cult wants to look good, he can not only lie, but fantasize about his religion and customize it to what the girlfriend wants to hear. He only has one victim to please. If he only takes her to a few meetings, she will not be able to question the WORKERS by asking for a copy of a written creed or for their registered organizational papers.
  • A boyfriend in the cult can tell lies knowing that his girlfriend will probably too lazy to check on his stories about his religion because she may not want to know the truth. She may just want to have sex with him or live with him and not be thinking straight.
  • Fear - a woman fearing she will become an old maid instead of realizing she could get trapped in a horrible marriage
  • Pornography which is prominent in the cult and gives an unrealistic view of men-women relationships
  • Competitiveness - The 2x2 boyfriend can see marrying her as a challenge and game. He doesn't see the seriousness of sin and bad choices
  • Bad Friends - When young people resort to advice and counsel from their so-called Christian friends who are living in sin and seek to justify themselves, then they can choose easily pick and choose people to listen to and justify themselves
  • Media - The TV, Radio, media and current American environment encourages pornography, lust and inappropriate behavior. Many movies glorify illicit affairs and minimize sin
  • ELDRES who are eager to recruit young women may portray their cult as "Christian" and not be upfront and honest about how the cult hates Christians
  • WORKERS are not upfront about cult beliefs and if a woman doesn't research the cult will have little information to go on
  • Control - The boyfriend can get excited with the power and control he finds over a woman by practicing the things he learns from the WORKERS.
  • Pity - A woman can pity a 2x2 boyfriend when she learns all the evil about the cult and doesn't see it right away. She may think that her boyfriend is being persecuted instead of seeing him as being exposed. And the 2x2 boyfriend can play on this pity as being the victim of false accusations. She may only find out after it is too late. You can also do research on "Stockholm syndrome"
  • Workers don't see pornography, computer game violence and and fornication as such huge problems and don't want to deal with it. They have much to hide themselves. This allows it to continue.
  • Parents of cult boyfriends can join in with their son in the recruitment process. They may welcome the challenge that brings them all together.

Things a Young Woman Risks in Cult Involvement

Here are the results of situations I know about from 2x2 recruitment by boyfriends

  • Broken family relationships when her parents will not go along with cult rules
  • Hell as they forsake faith in God
  • STDs - sexually transmitted disease from cult members multiple partners. There are not tests for all STDs. There is no way of proving a man is a virgin. People can get STDs without intercourse.
  • Infertility that results from STDs that cause damage without showing symptoms
  • Divorce from different beliefs
  • Lost children in custody cases
  • Huge financial loss when going through divorce
  • Job loss from strain of family,
  • Loss of friends who don't go along with the cult
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