Twice the Child

Mat 23:15 Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves

I have wondered, "How do would you make someone twice the child of hell?" If a person like William Irvine is deceived and preaches lies, then those who believe him would simply believe in lies? Would they not? And how could they be twice the child of hell?

There must be other factors. And tonight, I got to thinking about this and thought of a way.

My Idea of How People Made Twice the Children of Hell

Say you have a WORKER and they preach that you must PROFESS in MEETINGS in order to be SAVED. And you have a young man who believes in the 2x2 MESSAGE that the WORKERS are peddling. And this young man knows, by logical deduction, that he can only marry a woman who PROFESSES. That means that in this young man's mind, he must either find a PROFESSING woman to marry or find a woman he wants and get her to PROFESS. Already this young man is once the child of hell. He has forsaken faith in God and instead put his FAITH in the WORKERS MESSAGE instead. Here's how I figure that he becomes TWICE the child of hell.

Step One

First, the young man must find a PROFESSING woman. If he cannot do that, he must find an unsuspecting woman. Many young folks cannot find a good PROFESSING woman and so many turn to step two.

Step Two

Find a non-PROFESSING woman and become friends with her. Play along like you are a CHRISTIAN, just like WORKERS play along that they are NON-DENOMINATIONAL. Invite her to eat and play games with your ELDER and his wife. Get her to come to MEETINGS.

Step Three

Get her to PROFESS. If she doesn't buy into the LIE that your group is the ONLY WAY TO HEAVEN, then at least convince her you are Christian. Tell her whatever she wants to hear. Pretend to agree with her Christian parents. Act hurt when people warn her against you. If she doesn't agree that you are the ONLY WAY TO HEAVEN, then tell her that PROFESSING is just letting your friends know that you believe in God.

This Step three is where a person becomes twice the child of hell. Because 2x2 ELDERS are not going to go along with the lie that PROFESSING is just letting people know you are Christian. Elders know that PROFESSING is about believing that 2x2s are the only way to heaven. Because 2x2 ELDERS know that Christians and 2x2s don't mix. And WORKERS don't want to stay in the homes of 2x2s and Christian mixed couples because they will get found out.

I believe a person becomes twice the child of hell when they believe in in the 2x2 lie and knowingly deceive others to think they are just "Christians" to get them to PROFESS and join the cult.

Of course, deceiving people is not sustainable like being honest is sustainable. A person who is deceived into going to meetings and PROFESSING is going to eventually find out that they were duped. And any Christian with Internet access who searches on keywords about the cult will find out the nature of the 2x2s and the seducing spirit which guides them.

I believe 2x2s who are deceived by WORKERS and then lie to Christians to get them to PROFESS are twice the children of hell.

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Twice the Child

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