Signs of Cult involvement

Signs are things we can see about them.

Some or many signs may manifest themselves


  • Hate people who love them (returning evil for good)
  • Quit reading Bible
  • Quit praying
  • Major personality changes
  • Loss of love and care for family members
  • Fear driven: fear of displeasing their captor, fear of not attending cult services
  • Obsession with being around cult leader
  • Feeling addicted to the cult leader
  • Pride
  • Hypocrisy (say one thing but do another)
  • Angry outbursts against people who try to help them
  • Frustrations with everyday life tasks
  • Unreasonable and self-righteousness. Wiser in their own conceit than people who can give a reason.
  • Hates questions. Won't answer when they are shown to be wrong.
  • Denial of obvious facts that used to be obvious to them
  • Continuously accusing others
  • Desiring secrecy
  • Lawbreaking
  • Pitting one person against another.
  • Manipulation through deceit and spreading lies to get people to hate each other

Changes in Their Mind

  • Confusion about simple decisions
  • Indecision
  • Desire for psychology books
  • Loss of ability to reason
  • Loss of understanding
  • Loss of knowledge
  • Convenient forgetfulness
  • Refusal to talk about cult involvement
  • Refusal to answer reasonable questions (Cult above truth attitude)
  • Diminished capacity to function with daily activities

Physical Changes

  • Voice changes - higher-pitch voice
  • May speak in monotone or sing-songy
  • Rapid weight gain or loss
  • Eating of "comfort food"
  • Radical clothing and lifestyle changes
  • Physical response (like vomiting) when not able to be in their presence or time away from cult leader

Alienation of Friends and Family

The biggest sign of cult involvement is alienation of friends and family. Cults know that if the person being recruited listens to their friends and family, they will not join. So they teach things that plant suspicion, doubt, and any type of accusations about their parents.

Abdication (resignation and renunciation of powers) of Responsiblity

They turn decision making over to the person who is recruiting them without doing due diligence in decisions that greatly affect their life. They may have people read websites, email and letters to them. They may ask the cult members to interpret them for them and tell them what to do.

Major Priority Changes

The person may spend inordinate amounts of time reading literature produced by the cult, talking with cult members, thinking about the cult or talking about the cult with people who agree with them. People who once enjoyed praise and worship of God may quit. They may give up music, playing instruments, talking with friends, sports and other activities and become obsessed with the cult and cultic ideas.

Hatred for knowledge

People who are enamored with cults avoid knowledge. They don't want anything that would dissuade them from their lie and mirage. They listen mostly to people who promote their fantasy. Their fantasy becomes their God and their way to heaven.


People who demand the cult to be real may become violent to shut up others and resist opposition. To them it is more important than the well being of others. This very sign is why cults are dangerous to be even associated with.


People being drawn into cults show confusion. They cannot give straight answers to questions. They avoid questions. They begin to hate people who reason with them. When they do give answers, they may not make sense. Or they may give answers to a different question and pretend not to know the difference.

Symptoms are known only by the person

Symptoms of cult involvement are fantasizing, lying to yourself, ignoring sound advice, trying not to think about questions, distractions, depression, mood swings etc

Having a college degree does not protect you from being involved in a cult.

Did people with college degrees exercise sound judgment and see past Hitler's brainwashing? The pride of having a college degree or some initials behind your name will make you more susceptible to flattery.

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