Seducing Spirit, Mind Control, Indoctrination and Brainwashing


Overseers run the show. They get told about other workers secrets by other workers. Ever since William Irvine started the "business", the overseers learned the racket.

Workers Do the "Work"

Workers are the ones who dumb down the people. They spend hours in meetings, teaching the same old things; saying a lot without saying anything. Hence, the reason why thy won't disclose their beliefs. Mind control tactics and brainwashing are so powerful that after a few meetings, people become addicted to meetings. It's even easier when people don't even defend themselves. Workers and their followers try to get them to believe that they could never lie, that it was beyond them. Meetings put people to sleep spiritually until they are so confused by the Bible and afraid to ask questions to the workers. Especially since they believe everyone else is going to hell, why ask them? So they keep their doubts, fears and questions to themselves. If they talk, they get booted from the "only church set up by Jesus". Workers and elders insist on regular attendance almost obsessively and keep track of who doesn't attend. The elders report to workers. The workers report big problems to the overseers. They know that if people quit coming to their meetings that the brainwashing will wear off and people may view them with a different perspective and leave the cult.

Mind Control to Get You to Believe Lies

Mind control is when they control how you think by getting you to believe certain things that are not true. Things that cause you to justify them when they are wrong. Things that cause you to put their own self-interests above your own well-being. The biggest mind control tactic is getting them to believe (anyway possible, but mostly by insinuation) that the workers are apostles of God and that the cult group was set up by Jesus "on the shores of Galilee" (as some say).

Redefining Words to Make Mind Control Stick

Mind control is made stronger through word redefinition (they don't dare say what they really mean to the new person they are recruiting). The cult becomes the "truth", workers become "apostles", and the brainwashing and dumbing down become "the gospel". When people read the Bible with these words redefined, then it changes the apparent meaning of the whole Bible.

Workers Work with Followers to Recruit

They often work in packs like wolves after weak sheep. One will tip off a worker or follower. If the person they're trying to recruit asks questions, they will tell them to speak with a worker who is better able to deceive them. As they become seduced away from the safety of sound reasoning, they move in with more flattery and attention. Once the person has been to several meetings and they believe they have received their spirit, then they ask them to professing in a tested meeting. Once the person professes to be part of their way, it is hard for them to leave because of: embarrassment, shame, confusion and humiliation.

How Mind Control Nearly Killed Me

Example: when I was sick and dieing of salmonella, I was convinced that it was a trial of my faith and was a test of God. I didn't think at the time how the workers didn't even care about my health or me. The workers loved the conventions more than me. This was not in my own best interest: to die, instead of keep my health. See Brad's memoirs

Mind Control and Fear

Mind control is used with fear to keep people from thinking of leaving. They are taught that since "they are the only way, then if they leave, they they are leaving the only true way and will go to hell". Well, that makes sense, logically. But it's based on the lie that this cult is the only way to God. It flies in the face of the Word of God that Jesus Christ is the way. And salvation comes through faith in Jesus Christ, not the 2x2s.

Let Me Say This Again in Other Words

As a worker, I believed that our way was God's chosen way, set up by God. We believed it because we got a "revelation" of this. It was the "message" we heard within the "message" that was preached to us. And now we were preaching this same message.

This message gave us power. Preaching it gave us power. Just like listening to it gave us power. But it was from Satan, not God.

So as a worker, we preached, alluding to this message that: We were the way and God's only true servants and all others were going to hell

But it was a lie.

But people listened. They stared at us and soaked it up. And although we didn't always say "We are the only way, all others are going to hell. Agree with us and profess", we were ALWAYS alluding to it. And there were powerful spirits working in the meetings. They did most of the work. We prayed for a spirit to come into the meeting and "guide" it.

In the Bible is the spirit of revelation. But the Bible is talk about the spirit of God, that leads us to understand Jesus Christ. The spirit of the 2x2s leads people away from Christ.

I believe that there are evil spirits that try to counterfeit God's spirit of revelation. And it puts thoughts in the minds of people of a great revelation that "WOW! Since the workers go out in pairs, they must be the servants of God. Oh! This is so exciting. I must have found "the Way".

But because of their ignorance, they do not " try the spirits" as the Bible teaches. If they did, they would find:

1) This "revelation" they have received, does not match up with scripture

2) God never taught the things the workers teach: "professing", Sunday morning meetings as doctrine, selling everything and giving it to workers, moving people around to cover up sexual abuse of children, pedophilia, glorifying workers and their "sacrifice".....

So once a person in the meetings has this "revelation" (from the devil), then they would talk to us workers. They may indicate that they are "ready" to " profess" (show their allegiance to us). We would then "test the meetings" (not in Bible) and they would join.

Their names then go on membership/field lists and then they can "take part" in meetings. In OUR meetings. These people were not "Christians" now. NO! They were now "professing" They were the devils own special children (as special as the devil treats his children).

So, back to the mind control.

Once a person has this "revelation", it takes over their mind. Since this is a "revelation" or "conviction", then they make all other thoughts conform to this "revelation" (of Satan).

The Revelation from Satan Controls And Possesses Them

The people can no longer think straight. You can tell them of crimes of workers. You can tell them how workers cover up molesting little kids. But the workers can do no wrong in many of their minds because "workers are apostles of God". All thoughts must conform to this "revelation". And they are the "chosen ones" and everyone else is going to hell. Now it is the "us against them" mentality. And now, anyone who doesn't believe like they believe (that they are the Only Way), must be inferior. And anyone who has been "part of this way" and leaves must be "mental" and "need medications". Because who in their right mind (they think) would "leave the only way to heaven"?

Mind Control or Evil Spirit

We can call this control of the mind, body and soul ... "mind control" or we can call it demon possession, demon oppression or evil spirits. I really believe it is people being possessed by a spirit that is not of God. And it doesn't have to be just one spirit. It controls people. I was nearly killed because of other people's beliefs that they are the only way. They justified denying me medical care for food poisoning so that their precious little convention wouldn't be shut down by the authorities. This is the work of the evil one, the god of this world, Satan or the devil. see Brads Memoirs

White Supremacists

Just like the "white supremacists" make all thoughts and beliefs conform to the idea that whites are supreme, in the same way, 2x2s try to make all thoughts conform to glorifying the workers who brought them "the way that leads to God".

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