Brainwashing is the process of overwhelming you with information and getting you to believe concepts without taking enough time to decide if something is good to believe or not.

Brain washing is accomplished through:

  • Meetings
  • Talking on the phone
  • Casual conversation with 2x2s
  • Sunday morning meetings
  • Testimonies/recitation in meetings
  • Talking late at night while you cannot think straight
  • Listening to monologues where you are not allowed to ask questions or have enough time to process what you are hearing.
  • Keeping you from getting enough sleep so you cannot ever think clearly though-out the day.


Sleep is important to prevent brainwashing. Sleep deprivation is a primary tool in brainwashing. Keeping people up till late hours of the night or early into the morning is important because during sleep, we process what we have heard during the day and try to reconcile it with what we already know. How many times have you heard the wise adage, "Let me sleep on it before I make a decision."?


Inferring things is important to the OVERSEERS and WORKERS in how they teach and how they threaten. Very few will come out and say something clearly. They have a message to deliver and many times they deliver it by inferring what they want to say. And people who love mystery, the occult and superstition would love the 2x2 cult.

Brainwashing is Dangerous

Brainwashing is dangerous because it causes people to idolize, worship or esteem others beyond what is realistic. Also, people who are brainwashed can esteem other's wants above their own primary needs. In this way, brainwashing can lead to a person being dangerous to their own selves and to make commitments to a cult during a weakened state that they are afraid to admit was an error. And since cults use people's pride against them, this shows how they are not loving nor kind. I feel horribly sorry for the (mostly) women who have committed to marrying a member of the 2x2 cult and have regretted it for years. Many have only stayed married long enough for their kids to grow up and leave home. And some are in a sorry predicament of being married to someone who despises their love for God. What a painful and costly mistake!

Brainwashing Fundamental to Dangerous Cults

Brainwashing is a fundamental tool for members of cults. Since people are required to put their allegiance to their group above their own welfare, their minds have to be hijacked (so to speak) and moved away from what is reasonable. They portray allegiance to their group as something that is praise-worthy. They boast of self-sacrifice of themselves or others. The do not condemn people who threaten or intimidate people into compliance (an obvious red flag). Sometimes they just enjoy seeing people suffer without cause. What makes cults dangerous is the protection of wrongdoers and evil people at the wrongful harm of others.

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