Persistence of thought

When people tell us things, sometimes they leave out details. We may fill in the details to logically continue or make the thought persist in our mind. Our minds fill in the blanks as we connect the dots. But the person may not have actually said what we think they were saying. This can be thought of as insinuation.

We may fill in details on their behalf based on the initial impression we receive about a person. Sometimes people give others the "benefit of the doubt". This can be dangerous with cults. We've may have read our beliefs into their own words. But when people warn us of what 2x2s actually believe, these erroneous thoughts (that we have filled in on their behalf) or beliefs about their motives may persist in our own mind (for example, like what the workers or 2x2s believe), and so we may not believe people who warn us because we have read our own beliefs into others' words and these thoughts persist. We may make horrible choices based on these erroneous, persistent beliefs. We may persist in these beliefs we've created, beliefs that are unsubstantiated.

When our eyes look at something, we only see something like 30 images per second. We don't see continuously. For example, magicians take advantage of the fact that a person's hand can be quicker than another person's eyes. They can perform "magic" this way. When we look at something, we may not see what happens in between the images our mind captures. Or if we notice something odd, our mind or whatever it is that processes these images may fill in the blanks. Our minds can "connect the dots" to try to complete the picture of what has happened or what we believe we have seen. And if someone tries to make a good impression and appears pious, we may "connect the dots" in their favor to make what we have seen line up with our impression of a person. We can make our beliefs persist even though our eyes may have seen something different.

Where this becomes a problem is when there are conflicts. Do we witness to others things we have actually seen in the cult? Or do we forget the brief moments when our eyes saw things that were covered up? Does our faith match reality? Or do we ignore reality to try to persist in our faith? Do we block out the truth to persist in believing lies?

I remember when Phu Nguyen told me about Milo Wicks going out at night with his wife. Phu told me that he talked with a woman who told him "Milo is a good man.." and refused to believe Phu. This is a prime example of how when someone witnesses to a 2x2 the very things that they have seen and heard, 2x2s will refuse to believe it. They cannot believe their ears! And it's not about just normal doubting. People will refuse to check out the story. Do you think the woman went with Phu to to talk to Milo and see if the story was true? What about when the FRIENDS hear about child sexual abuse by OVERSEERS? Do they say "They would never do that..."? or do they check it out?

I believe that the 2x2s persist in their erroneous beliefs because they have for years persisted in believing lies and have covered up and tried to forget on behalf of the OVERSEERS and WORKERS because they don't want to believe that they are going to hell in a cult group started by a false prophet named William Irvine.

The solution to breaking these erroneous thoughts that persist is to ask OVERSEERS and WORKERS questions and get them to state their beliefs clearly, or put their unambiguous beliefs in writing. If they won't, then this questioning helps break this thought that has persisted in our mind about who they really are. When OVERSEERS and WORKRS are cagey, it helps us to see how they are just liars and deceivers.

For example, some have heard that workers believe that their group was started by Jesus Christ. But question a worker and ask them to detail the historical continuation of their group from the days of Jesus Christ, and they cannot do it. Asking workers the question breaks the persistent thought. It helps us to see that they only truth that really persists about the OVERSEERS and WORKERS is their pattern of deception and lies.

This may shock many people, but many followers of the workers have persistent things they believe about 2x2s that are not true, and that the followers and workers have led people to believe through insinuation, but are rather figments of imagination that workers have created in peoples' minds through manipulation and other people's giving workers the benefit of the doubt. WORKERS take advantage of people's will to believe easy-to-swallow lies.

Again, I believe the solution is through complete confrontation of those thoughts and follow up with questions. Insist on answers when they try to skirt your questions. Check the Bible, learn the truth and contrast that with the WORKERS preaching of their 2x2 MESSAGE. It's different than the gospel of the Bible.


Some believe that 2x2s are Christians.


Get the elder of a 2x2 meeting to put in writing that Christians are welcome to take part in Sunday morning meetings and they don't need to "profess" in a meeting first. They won't do it. If you can prove me wrong, notify me immediately.

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