How 2x2 Men May Corrupt Christian Women

2x2 young men mimic what they see their fathers and workers do when trying to find some type of intimacy to fill their shallow life. The deviousness, dishonesty, and feigned check of fleshly desire that results from ineffectual faith based on heresies leads to a frustrating, destructive relationship.

How they may act:
  1. Smile
  2. Are quiet which draws the attention of the woman
  3. Listens to her really well
  4. Pays her a lot of attention
  5. Talk gently in soothing voice
  6. Tells her things she wants to hear
  7. Vaguely agrees with her Christian ideas so she can justify her relationship with him to others
  8. Talks in soothing hypnotic voice to reassure her when she has doubts
  9. When asked certain questions, he speaks but doesn't commit to anything, waiting until he finds out her beliefs and then trying to agree with her and then make it sound like he believed that way all along.
  10. When she is convicted about something, tend to downplay it so she loses her convictions
  11. Is of strong principle, knowing that over time he can slowly weaken her moral standards as she gives way to fleshly temptation
  12. Attempts as best he can to resist touching her, but as they plan times alone, quickly gives way to unchecked physical touch.
  13. Brings her to 2x2 gospel meetings knowing that there is a seductive power that will aid him in his control over the woman. This also cloaks their relationship with a 2x2 perceived godly attempt to get her to profess and join the cult. This pleases the workers and elders in the field and placates them about his dating someone "outside". It makes the relationship look more legitimate. But little does he know that the heresies and activities in which they engage are estranging the woman from the healthy relationships which gave her life the meaning he so desires. He is destroying the very thing that was attracting him.
  14. When she tries to be objective and draw away from the unhealthy relationship, he offers her something she cannot refuse: Bible studies. She is drawn by the seductive spirit even as she is beginning to realize that being objective with him is like trying to build a tower on quicksand.
  15. Despise, lie about and belittle people who try to expose 2x2 men's tactics. Avoid the truth of what the person is saying or has written.

2x2 Tactics of Men on Women

  1. Seduce them with massages, sensual gifts
  2. Teach the woman new-age religion.
  3. Appeal to the woman's pride. That she's old enough she can do what she want. She doesn't need to listen to others. "They're just trying to keep you from having fun."
  4. Send them candy and gifts to appeal to their flesh
  5. Console the women with every complaint and grudge they hold against their parents
  6. Show them only one side of themselves.
  7. Mask how they really feel. Cover it up with a slick presentation
  8. Take her out to eat a lot if she is poor. Give her what she always wanted.
  9. Don't answer her questions, just work around them to hide their true beliefs from the woman
  10. Don't answer questions of her parents. Disrespect her parents.
  11. Bring the woman to a single meeting so that they receive an evil spirit
  12. When the evil spirit works in them and causes their family concern, then dismiss the concern and praise them
  13. Flatter the woman for her accomplishments
  14. When the parents urgently warn their daughters, tell the woman that her parents are controlling
  15. Get her addicted to him with a soothing, slick voice
  16. Do Bible studies on surface topics to get her to trust him
  17. Move into other books like "The Five Love Languages"
  18. Plant lies in her mind about her parents motives. Get her to suspect her motives when they urgently warn her.
  19. Get her to visit him. Get her away from her family and friends.
  20. Bring her to meetings and tell others lies about her parents and flood her with affection.
  21. When the parents get others to help, the evil spirit tells lies through the woman to get other people to get hate her parents who loved and raised her

Tactics 2x2 Men May Use on a Woman's Family Members Who Warn Her

  1. Put on a good presentation to a family member
  2. Find a family member who holds a grudge against the parents and insinuate that her parents are too controlling and need to "let the woman live a little"
  3. Get other people to start hating each other about the lies he has planted.
  4. Get people to focus on each other and not him.
  5. Use time and slowly change his beliefs. Avoid documenting his beliefs.

Warnings Christian women should watch out for in 2x2 men

  1. Secretive about their beliefs
  2. They may use lots of words to describe their beliefs but don't really say anything substantial
  3. They don't understand what they believe
  4. They cannot give scripture to support their beliefs
  5. Don't like you asking questions about their beliefs
  6. Are very evasive and noncommittal in their answers.
  7. They hide or conceal their true fundamental beliefs about the workers and who they believe is saved.
  8. Once they find out what someone wants to hear, they will tell people what they want to hear.
  9. Playing violent video games, loving to see violence
    Psa 11:5 The LORD trieth the righteous: but the wicked and him that loveth violence his soul hateth.
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