Questions to Ask 2x2s

Questions to ask someone you suspect is a 2x2.


Are you a Christian?

They will probably say yes. 2x2s pause or hesitate in answering because they don't want to be lumped in with other "Christians" whom many of them despise.

Do you fellowship with other people?

They will certainly say "yes". They might be secretly proud that they meet with other "professing" people. And proud that you took notice of their behavior and are "taking an interest" in their religion.

Do you guys have a preacher?

They will likely say "Yes". But won't like the next question it leads up to...

Maybe I have heard of your preacher. What's their name? (memorize their preachers name)

First off, the question assumes there is ONE preacher. However 2x2s have 2 preachers assigned to their "field". If they are 2x2s, they probably hope that you haven't heard of their preacher. And certainly hope that you haven'ed looked up their name on the INTERNET. They probably won't want to give out the name of their preacher because this is "insider" information. It's "inside" information because they don't want people to know about their real beliefs. If they are being somewhat open, they may dare to tell you that they have two preachers. But I doubt it. If you somehow get the name of their preachers, write them down. Do a web search on "2x2 worker [name]" to find out more information.

If they do tell you their preacher's names, they may really be suspicious of you in the future, afraid that you have researched their religion and worse of all, visited this website.

A denomination is an religion that operates independently of other religions. What denomination are you?

"Non-denominational Christian.", is their likely reply. Not necessarily because they believe this, it's just that 2x2s have been told by their preachers to say this and so they often just blindly obey. The purpose of telling them the definition of "denomination" is to take away their excuse of not knowing what a denomination is.

Do you meet somewhere to fellowship?

They will say "yes".

Do you meet anywhere in particular to fellowship?

They will likely say "yes". But they might be suspicious as these questions lead up to the next one.

Where do you meet to fellowship?

This would be a home for Sunday morning meetings. They are not likely to tell you the address. They are not likely to give you the elders's name. Although giving you the elder's name would make it more difficult than having a workers name.

What religious books does your religion use?

They will probably say Bible.

Do you believe in the Bible?

Which version or translation do you use?

If they are younger, they may not understand the question. But otherwise will probably say King James Version. This is the version that the workers prefer they use.

Other questions that will give you a clue:

What are the main beliefs that distinguish your religion from other religions?

They probably won't want to answer this one. This will make them suspicious of you if not asked in the right way.

Do you sing hymns at your services?

What is your favorite story in the Bible?

What is your favorite hymn?

What hymnal do you use?

Who publishes your hymnal?

They won't want to answer this one. It's clear that you know to identify their religion by their hymnal.

Do you enjoy fellowshipping with other Christians?

What do you do at your fellowship service?

This is a question that they likely have not heard before. And if they are honest it will go something like: opening song, prayer, song, testimony, prayer, bread, prayer, wine, closing song.

What is your favorite part of the service and why?

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