Worker's Handbook on Getting People to Profess

If I was a worker again and was asked on how to get people to profess, and to write a handbook on how to get people to profess, this is what I would write.

  1. Pretend you one of God's special servants. Set yourself up as a great person so they treat you this way.
  2. Speak little so they know little about you. This way they have less evidence on which to base their opinions about you
  3. Emulate - act nice and sweet. Don't say things that aren't "positive" in their eyes.
  4. Get others to praise you to the people you are trying to get to profess
  5. Encourage the friends to invite the outsiders over and have meals with them. You can use your friends this way and entertain people using someone elses time and money instead of your own. Encourage the friends to make idle chat and smile a lot. Who can not like that?
  6. Build a relationship and bind them with social niceness. Don't talk about God, unless the person brings up the topic.
  7. Put them in situations where they feel obligate to you or they owe you something. More meals and games together = more obligation.
  8. Invite them. Smile big and invite them over. "It's just a meal" But at the meal they are trapped in their seat. Who would get up and leave? Use the meal to pressure them into believing your way.
  9. Avoid any topics of disagreement. Make all their experiences "positive" experience
  10. Appear to agree with everything the non-PROFESSING person says, except just pause on your fundamental beliefs. Make them doubt their non 2x2 beliefs a tiny bit. After they "profess", those things can be worked through later.
  11. Spend little time with them. Make them count it a privilege to be in your presence.
  12. By all means, never overstay your welcome. Play "hard to get"
  13. Make it seem like they are privileged to get to spend time with you.
  14. Act important and busy. That will get them thinking that you are.
  15. Act like you are seriously studying and receiving great insights from God before you speak at a meeting. They will think that you have a special connection with God and are above being questioned that way.
  16. If they ask a question you don't like, act like they've socially transgressed, and "humble" yourself to give them a short "gracious" answer that makes them feel like they are just too simple to understand and they ought to take your answer like it came from God. And if they should dare not understand or question it, then they are doubting God himself.
  17. If they ask a strong question you don't like, then act disappointed. Pretend you are hurt and excuse yourself. Punish them by not letting them be present with you. That they are not worth your time now. Don't make it look like you are running away in fear. Make it look like they were in the "wrong" for daring to ask. Pretend that you don't have to put up with people asking you questions about doctrines. Avoid topics like: divorce and remarriage, adultery, brother workers having sex with sister workers, child sexual abuse etc. Act like: "Who do they think they are anyway?" Make them feel that those are inappropriate questions to ask a worker. And that anyone who does is doubting the way, and hence doubting God.
  18. Always dress nicer than others in a meeting. That way they know who is special and who is in charge.
  19. Equate everything spoken by a worker in meetings as being God's will
  20. When they revere all words spoken at meetings, then use the meetings to preach against people you don't want there and use the meetings to flatter people you want to keep coming to meetings.
  21. Get people to believe that you have given up everything to do God's will
  22. Make it look like your "sacrifice" of "going out in the WORK" is evidence of your dedication to God so they don't think about what you say
  23. When preaching in meetings, start out with verses from the Bible so that it appears that your message is based on the Bible. If they don't know their Bible, they can be swayed.
  24. Before meetings, appear to be in great thought and God is really talking with you. During meetings speak as if you got a great revelation from God.
  25. Make it look like it takes a revelation from God to believe that the workers are like the 12 apostles.
  26. Don't flatly state the cult's beliefs. Just tell stories that hint at them. Make them feel that if they got the hints and insinuations (and liked them) that they got a revelation from God.
  27. If they disagree with the hints, you can easily sidestep them since you never outrightly taught them. Make it hard for them to know for sure your real beliefs. Keep them guessing. The person's business with cares of life are likely to cause them to not have enough time to find out your real beliefs. Only people who want to believe the lies will keep coming to meetings to hear them again.

Handbook to Profess

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To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in me. - Jesus Christ speaking to Saul, see Act 26:18, see Salvation through Jesus Christ.
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