Sexual Abuse within the 2x2 Group

Sexual abuse in 2x2 religion has happened from the foundation of the movement. The acceptance and covering up of it by the overseers, workers, elders and parents has allowed it to continue to happen.

Deadly Force to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse

Even people who don't believe in God know the seriousness of child sexual abuse. From what I have read in state laws, a person is justified in threatening or using physical force (including deadly force) if they reasonably believe it is necessary in preventing the molestation of a child.

Obviously I am not a lawyer, nor offering legal advice, nor am I encouraging anyone to cause harm to anyone. I am just warning people about seriousness of the commission of child sexual abuse crimes and from what I have read in the law, that someone could kill them if necessary to prevent child sexual abuse. If you are engaged in this behavior, I hope this makes you think twice.

If you are an overseer, worker or elder in the 2x2s, I believe you take your life in your own hands. If a person catches you about to commit child sexual abuse, you should consider that someone may use deadly force to prevent your commission of a crime.

Lots of Sexual Abuse Problems

The 2x2 cult is loaded with sexual abuse problems. Having been a worker myself, I can tell you the inside scoop on this issue. I have talked with the previous Oregon overseer about things and also had a companion worker who had "issues"/multiple affairs (I believe most workers have issues of some sort). Plus, I heard things that other workers talked about with my companion and me. Lastly, I overheard conversations between Howard Mooney and Wayne Harris about sexual crimes committed by workers. Also, I was told by my older companion Randy Russell (he had been in work 13 years at that point) that workers were moved to other fields until "things quieted down" whenever there were problems (like married men or women having affairs with workers).

Children are Most Vulnerable

Children of 2x2 professing parents are the most vulnerable victims of sexual abusers. Their parents often love/idolize the workers above even their own children. Their parents are taught in meetings and by other parents not to listen to anything that would hurt their faith in the workers. And child sexual abuse by workers and elders damages their reputation. So cover-up of child sexual abuse has been a historical fact of the 2x2 religion and probably continues to this day. More and more stories are coming out.

Why is There So Much Sexual Abuse?

Why is there so much sexual abuse in the workers' religion? What does the Bible say?

Rom 1:21 Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, and changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things. Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves: who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen. For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet. And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient; Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers, backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful: who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.

Well, that's clear. 2x2s told that Jesus Christ is God will deny it (spirit of antichrist). The people profess as stated in scripture above. They idolize the workers instead of praising of God. Have you ever been to a meeting where a worker lifted their hands to heaven and said "Praise God!"? I have not. Their behavior is evidence of their focus of worship. Now, ask yourself, how many times have you heard 2x2 praise, idolize or thank the workers?

Reported Statistics of Child Sexual Abuse

Emory University psychiatrist Dr. Gene Abel reports:

  1. Male offenders who abused girls had an average of 52 victims each.
  2. Men who molested boys had an astonishing average of 150 victims each
  3. Only 3% of these crimes had ever been detected

Please tell me. How many stories of child sexual abuse have come out? How many are still being repressed by children squelched by their parents? If we take all the stories we know about, divide it by .03 (3%), how many cases are there? And of those cases, multiply each offender times 52 (taking the smaller number) and tell me how many children have been affected? Of the children who have been affected, how many do you think will be messed up inside? And how many will they affect? Is anyone now going to tell us "It's not a big deal"?

Let's do some math. Let's say you live in Oregon and your knowledge is confined to Oregon. Maybe you know 1 overseer, 26 workers, 80 elders and all your relatives "well enough" that you would know if they sexually abused children. And let's say you know six cases of children being molested (I do).

As stated before, only 3% of cases are detected. But here, we are talking about people who idolize workers. Let's take the 6 cases I know of and divide by .03. So 6 / .03 = 200 cases of child sexual abuse that have probably happened in Oregon alone according to my logic here and statistics from research cited above.

Each of those six cases I now about, they all had different molesters. If you took each 6 molesters and multiplied it by 52 victims, you would have over 300 victims. Those victims may be 2x2s and may not be 2x2s.

How many of those 300 victims will heal in a religion of repression? And of those kids, how many of them will become workers or elders and come to molest kids (because many have been taught that it was OK, and they were helping the worker stay in the work etc)?

How are Molesters Dealt with in 2x2 Religion?

And say, you've only heard of one worker who was molesting kids. Is this worker still in fellowship? Have they made restitution to all their victims? Have they openly repented? Are they recovered? Are they still taking part in meetings despite the unresolved and unreconciled past of offense and criminal acts of hurt?

Different Rules for Workers and the Friends

If some of the friends cannot take part in meetings because of fornication, then why can workers who have molested kids continue to not only take part in meetings, but also be preachers/workers, preach in meetings and take part in the bread and fruit of the vine?

Now, after the math has done, and you have now been led by the hand through some logical conclusions, "Is it a big deal to cover-up the sexual abuse of children?"

If you don't think it's a big deal to cover-up child sexual abuse, I would like to hear from you. There's a form at the bottom. And if you don't think child sexual abuse is a big deal, then the workers will welcome your children with open arms. The love you.

If you don't talk about child sexual abuse with your kids, the workers will certainly take advantage of that.

Do your own research. Do you think the research on child sexual abuse is faulty? Do you think you know better? Please, do your own research. Publish the results and let's get out the truth.

Abuse Patterns - Sexual and Otherwise

Workers learn early on that abuse is OK, as long as it is done in the LORD's name and you are doing it (or can convince others) for the "good of the kingdom". The pattern of picking and choosing and twisting scripture to justify the 2x2 beliefs is set early on in a worker's career. And they learn, that since they believe they are the "only way" (not Jesus Christ), that cover up of sins to maintain their image is more important than believing in Jesus Christ and the cleansing of sins. Better, they learn, to cover up sins and uphold the "reputation" of "the kindgdom" than to admit sin, plead for forgiveness and be saved through the blood of the Lamb of God. Sadly, the reputation the workers have gained has been that of cover-up of child sexual abusers. Ruben Mata and a host of others is a good example of that. And please remember, that's only the 3% that we know about!

Just shows how much they really believe in their conscience-soother, "The way is perfect, but the people are not." If they really believed this, why not admit sin and believe in Jesus Christ for the cleansing of conscience? Why not compensate people for their wrongs? Why not care about the people who are hurt?

Children Suffer

I believe children bear the brunt of the sexual abuse problems in the 2x2 religion. It's the children that are affected by the pressure to profess. It's the children that are pressure by the workers to idolize the workers. It's the children who are commanded to sit in meetings for hours on end in conventions. It's the children who the parents often take their frustrations out on. It's the children who are made to conform to the image the workers desire because the children don't have much choice. They were born into a family and have no resources to leave the abusive environment.

Children respond to this pressure through stress-symptoms, nervous breakdowns, acting out, bolemia, anorexia etc. Even forcing outward conformance through buns of hair, long dresses etc cannot coverup the sadness and depression inside. "Unpassionate" describes their love life with the 2x2 religion.

As one person testified (without reprimand) in a California convention ~"It's a sign of our love for God when we love the workers more than our own children." Yes, excuse me while I go vomit. Obviously this person doesn't know the definition of "Idolatry", nor "Love your neighbor as yourself". It has turned by the workers into "Love us more than yourself or your kids."

The parents are used by the workers to do their evil work in the children. And when children don't accept the 2x2 religion, it's the parents who are blamed by the workers, and then the parents often take it out on the children. Again, the children bear the brunt of the abuse. "If I would have been more faithful..." the parents say. Faithful? What? Like wear your hair in a bun more days out of the week, type of faithful?

Abused boys can learn from their abusive dad how to misuse, use and abuse women when they get older.

Abused girls are acclimatized to abuse and as women marry abusive men.

The abuse continues for generations.

I know children that have suffered nervous breakdowns as early as about 12 years old. Some children suffer emotionally from lack of love, some from psychological abuse, some from sexual abuse and some from being beaten and physically abused. As long as parents adopt the 2x2 religion with its false "gospel" of inequality of love, hatred for people who don't belong to their group, refuse to believe in the ten commandments, then the abuse will continue. The 2x2 religion and abuse of children cannot be separated. Abuse in many forms is the byproduct or fruit of the 2x2 religion.

Even people who have left the cult have trouble wrapping their mind on how overseers and workers have knowingly done so much evil. It is mind boggling. Even Godless people shun the OVERSEERS, WORKERS and the FRIENDS for their evil ways. And many relatives of people in the 2x2 religion are ashamed of them. People who escape the cult had no idea of how many stories of abuse, sin and crime were withheld from them by the OVERSEERS, WORKERS and FRIENDS.

Acceptance of Pedophile Activity in the 2x2 Religion

  1. The overseers do not believe in the sovereignty of God. Since they don't believe God is sovereign, the esteemed themselves as and the absolute authority and basis for morality. Since God is not their LORD, they feel no obligation to obey his commandments.
  2. The friends accept the overseers and workers as the only true servants of God. Therefore decisions made by them are considered the "will of God". The FRIENDS continued financial and emotional support and fellowship of their members is proof of this. Wayne Harris, a former Oregon worker told me that when overseers are met together, whatever they decide is done for them in heaven. How's that for a twist of Matthew 18:18-19?That's how OVERSEERS believe God is at their beck and call.
  3. The law of the land is not held in high regard which is no surprise when the laws of God are rejected by them too. If one does not obey the creator of the universe, who would expect them to obey local authorities?
  4. God's Word is not upheld by overseers and workers towards the FRIENDS. Their opinion is viewed as God's word by 2x2s.
  5. The continued acceptance of the FRIENDS despite the documented behavior of the OVERSEERS and workers show the FRIENDS acceptance of the overseers and workers' adultery with their spouses, fornication with their adult children and pedophile activity with their children.
  6. The coverup by OVERSEERS, workers and parents (the FRIENDS) shows that they are accomplices to the crimes of the OVERSEERS and workers when they sexually abuse their children.

A "Gospel" Which Promotes Child Sexual Abuse

Pedophile activity, adultery, fornication, rape, emotional and psychological abuse of women will never go away from the 2x2 religion. The essence of their "gospel" is the absolute control and authority of the WORKERS who are to be idolized. Therefore, all actions done by the WORKERS must be accepted. I firmly believe after hearing stories that children are emotionally disabled, ridiculed, doubted, put in fear, made to doubt their salvation and otherwise psychologically bound and gagged BEFORE children are ever molested through the avenue of the "gospel" of the WORKERS. I believe child sexual abuse, immoral activities, unrighteousness in general are the fruit and being of the false gospel taught by the WORKERS. The WORKERS who know about the child sexual abuse and cover it up, share them as companions etc, is proof of their acceptance and how child sexual abuse fits in with their belief system.

"It's like David." NO, It's not.

I have heard 2x2 recruiters justify the child sexual abuse, claiming it was like David when he sinned with Bathsheba, and that "all churches have these problems". These are outrageous lies used to deceive brutish individuals who don't know their Bibles and don't know "other churches".

First off, many Christians churches preach the ten commandments which labels such abuse of children as "sin" and "evil". People who practice these sins are excommunicated by the church and are not fellowshiped with. Contrast that with pedophiles, adulterers and fornicators who are presently in fellowship with 2x2s. Take for example, Leslie White, accused of raping a woman worker. He's still in fellowship with 2x2s. Look at Ruben Mata, who molested children in Mexico, was moved up to USA to avoid prosecution and finally was jailed his new sexual crimes against children in the USA. Many workers and elders knew of the problem and worked together as they often do to promote "their kingdom" (of Satan). There are numerous other historical facts of similar fashion.

Secondly (and I believe this is enough), David was confronted by a prophet and confessed his sin. This is different than the 2x2 coverup and moving abusers from field to field by the overseers. Also, David confessed his sin to the LORD and forsook it. This is different that the overseers who have covered up child sexual abuse by their workers for years and have moved them into new fields, given NO WARNINGS to parents, put them in meetings and homes with children! and have promoted a gospel that encourages parents to threaten their own children who complain when they are violated. This is not the love of God, and not people after God's own heart. Unrepentant sin leads directly to hell. What the overseers have done, and continue to teach is nothing like David's sin and repentance in the Bible. They are simply justifying unrepentant sin, wickedness and iniquity. And this is why the 2x2s hate Christians who believe in God. Darkness cannot understand nor comprehend light.

Belief Issues

  1. The foundational issue of belonging to the 2x2s is in people's acceptance of the overseers and workers. Therefore, anything which goes contrary to the wishes of the overseers and workers is deemed morally wrong. I believe this changing of the definition of what is moral and what is not due to faith in the workers instead of God is the root sickness of the 2x2 religion.
  2. The law of the land and others lives are held in low regard because it is not actively enforced by authorities. "We break the laws of man to keep the laws of God" (quote of my previous companion and also Johnny Sterling). If authorities were honorable and upheld the laws of the land and brought them to justice, it would help startle people out of their fixation on the workers.
  3. Media support of the 2x2 religion when writers justify and promote PRO 2x2 religion articles helps bolster the parents who cover-up the abuse of their children.
  4. Workers are forbidden by overseers to marry. This causes workers to be dishonest about their sexuality in order to stay a 2x2 minister. While this does not cause pedophile activity directly, I believe it is a contributor. I believe they do not honestly know how to properly conduct themselves and/or refuse to do so.
  5. If workers do marry, they are kicked out of the work and made to feel like they have let God down or have failed other workers. This is why they may not admit to sexual abuse. They may be afraid of going to hell if they leave the 2x2 work.
  6. Married people are considered "second class" by workers. Workers don't want to leave work and become "second class" people and lose respect and admiration.
  7. The anti-God teaching of the OVERSEERS that their MINISTRY must be HOMELESS is a foundational issue for them. To admit their wrong in this would be to admit a fault. They are not willing to do this. They would rather let the sexual abuses of children continue then admit their fault.
  8. The cult and it's preservation has highest priority in order to maintain the OVERSEERS' and WORKERS' income.
  9. Anything that goes against the 2x2 organization is discredited
  10. WORKERS are worshiped by followers and children's accounts are disregarded
  11. The FRIENDS are afraid of the WORKERS to tell about sexual abuse of their children by OVERSEERS and WORKERS
  12. The WORKERS lie and deceive the FRIENDS about their GOSPEL, so why should they feel any different when they can also take advantage of their children as well?
  13. The spirit of fear dominates overseers, workers and the friends. Workers are afraid to confess their sins and do something proper about preventing sexual abuse.
  14. Celibacy is considered self-will (works, self-righteousness) and not a gift. They are not honest about their gift or lack thereof
  15. Background checks are not done on workers. Workers who have committed child sexual abuse may get moved to another field. The people in the other field are not warned in advance about a worker's previous sexual abuse.
  16. Workers move from house to house (something God told his apostles not to do). The householders only see a fraction of what workers are like. A sexually abusive worker may end up staying in a home with kids.
  17. Workers are moved from field to field to cover things up. People tend to forget what workers did that was wrong because the same worker isn't around to remind them. They figure they don't have to deal with the problems of the worker because they are no longer in their field. as in ..."let someone else deal with them now."
  18. Workers keep secret things that happen, so things aren't talked about and dealt with.
  19. WORKERS have a big boy group. They cover for each other and discredit people who dare to speak up.
  20. People who ask questions are punished (evil eye, frowned on, workers drop comments about them when they are at other 2x2's houses. Or even worse, the workers may tell other workers who also tell other people.). People are afraid to ask questions for fear of being labeled or punished. As a result, parents may not find out if the overseer knew that a worker (now in their field) has molested other kids.
  21. Secrecy keeps "the friends" from knowing things that would help them prevent CSA (child sexual abuse) when workers are around. If parents knew that a worker had a history of sexual abuse with kids, they probably wouldn't want that worker in their field or around their kids.
  22. Overseers cover up CSA by not talking about it and discouraging the people that would talk about it or do something about it. Since the overseer covers it up, then the workers cover it up and parents with children don't get to hear about the subject.
  23. Sin, in general, is covered and hidden and not dealt with according to scripture
  24. Overseers teach that if you leave the work you may go to hell. Workers are afraid of leaving the work to get married and may continue to sexually abuse children.
  25. Rudiments of the world are used to control and spiritually abuse people: belittlement, despising the weak. These tactics don't deal with root problems of child sexual abuse. These spiritually abusive tactics carry over when workers and overseers seek to have their sexual needs met. This results in sexual abuse.
  26. Friends are taught to shun people who ask questions and people who disagree with the overseers and workers. As a result, parents who would normally ask, are afraid to ask so that they don't lose their friends.
They probably exist in a very very few examples, but I have NEVER met a worker that I would regard a psychological sexual 'pervert' or as a clinical pedophile. The reason some have been included in this kind of description is simply the result of a hopeless sexual starvation, and being placed in an environment that clearly overtaxed the will to resist temptation. A doctrinal construction of 2x2ism.

The work not only protects sexually inappropriate workers, it manufactures them with its non-scriptural celibacy demand -- then granting them the status of "morally unquestionable" -- then placing them in super high risk situations. (without a safety mechanism) - Edgar Massey (former 2x2 elder)

Forbidden to Marry

The cult teaches that as a worker you cannot marry. If you break the rule, they kick you out of the work. But it doesn't stop there. If you are kicked out, then you are deemed a failure. They misuse Jesus' words, "No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God." Jesus never started the cult and the people Jesus was talking to were not 2x2 workers. The overseers misapply the word of the Lord.

1Ti 4:1 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;
1Ti 4:2 Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;
1Ti 4:3 Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.
1Co 9:5 Have we not power to lead about a sister, a wife, as well as other apostles, and as the brethren of the Lord, and Cephas?

Shunning People Who Disagree or Who Question

The problems are so deep rooted and inaccessible due to perverse doctrines that most people are overwhelmed and either bury them in their forgetfulness or leave the group.


Followers of the workers' way are controlled and manipulated with fear. Here's a quote from an Australian about a former overseer who molested children.

As a individual who has had personal dealings with this poor excuse that calls himself a worker and Christian, i have from a child felt creeped out by this man and would never allow myself to be alone with him, he stayed in our home. when i spoke out saying he was creepy i was condemned.. I believe i understnd why the rest of these girls wont stand up and be counted. Its called FEAR. FEAR of condemnation from those who stand beside this man and fund his defence and support his action.. as far as im concerned they are as guilty as him.. and they call themselves Christians. They have covered up and looked the otherway for far too long. May God have mercy on all these souls when they meet their judgment day.. No human law will ever be justice.. REAL JUSTICE. Ive watched the man sit there and lick his lips while around young children like they were his next feed.... He MAKES ME SICK ALONG WITH THOSE WHO STAND BY HIM AND HIS SICK WAYS.. SHAME ON YOU ALL. sheena66 on May 23, 2011

Sexual abuse Coverup

Sexual abuse is a huge problem that I believe goes largely undealt with. For examples workers having sex with kids and the overseers moving the workers around to cover up the situation. You can tell who the coverup people are by who the overseers move into a field after there has been some "issue" or "disturbance" in a field. Read about the worker Ruben Mata who was convicted of his sex crimes against children. Who knows how many other children were affected. Because of the followers worshipping the workers, the workers are embarassed totally and loath to admit any wrongdoing to get help for themselves.

Just recently Darren Briggs (2x2 worker) was sentenced in Syracuse, NY. See news article.

I have heard an account from my mother about a man sexually abusing his own daughter in the Portland area. It was also reported that he was confronted about it and he made things right with his daughter. Unless the Bible is followed and abusers are confronted, their crimes will most likely continue and cause horrible scarring.

It has been reported to me personally that much sexual abuse happens within the 2x2 group. I've talked to several members who have made statements regarding sexual abuse in the 2x2 group. Here's a link to a website of a man said to be abused by the worker Noel Tanner (google "Noel Tanner sexual abuse worker" because the link keeps changing).

My website doesn't focus on sexual abuse, but many people have reported to me sexual abuse they've experienced at the hand of workers. More information is being gathered on this.

See also - Wings For Truth - Child Sex Abuse Prevention.

I have been contacted by several people who have been sexually abused by 2x2 elders and 2x2 followers. Unfortunately some people have committed suicide because they could not deal with the hurt and pain caused by the 2x2s.

If you are the victim of sexual abuse, please report it to the authorities in your area immediately. If you need help in doing this, feel free to contact me.

Sexual abuse

Lies & Hypocrisy


2x2 Mind Control

Gossip - Slander

Spousal Rape

2 Children Suicide

Freaky Prayers


Idolizing Workers

Abusive Behaviors

Fears of 2x2s





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