Fears of 2x2s

Hear is a list common 2x2 fears:

Fears of overseers:

  • Fear of dying
  • Workers reporting them to IRS
  • Too many naive workers asking questions
  • Workers speaking out against them in private
  • Workers posting on message boards

Fears of workers:

  • Fear of dying
    • Being caught by IRS
    • Being caught in sex acts with under-age children and going to jail
    • Afraid of doing interviews in case people find out their real beliefs
    • Being asked questions in public about the cult's origins.
    • Afraid of putting members addresses on lists in case people mail them information about the cult.
    • Finding out their companion is gay/lesbian.
    • Being asked questions about the finances by an elder
    • Afraid of reporting food poisoning in case the health officials shut down the conventions.
    • Afraid of reporting a theft at convention in case the police start asking too many questions.
    • Not getting all the fliers of the cars before meetings gets out
    • Other "less knowledgeable

    Fears of elders:

  • Fear of dying
    • Being kicked out by workers for believing Christians are saved even if they are not 2x2 members
    • Displeasing the workers
    • The workers finding a TV in their house.
    • Workers telling them they cannot be an elder anymore because: their kids are doing drugs, their are hanging out with exes, they are asking too many questions, their wife isn't professing anymore or they aren't enforcing the rules.
    • Being told by the workers to do something they disagree with
    • Being seen talking to an "exe". Them may insist on not meeting at their house and going to a restaurant instead.

    Fears of 2x2 parents:

  • Fear of dying
    • A workers molesting one of their kids
    • Other people finding out their family is not "perfect"
    • Letting the TV be seen in their house when the workers are over.
    • Others finding out that they suffer from: depression, anxiety attacks caused by their cult beliefs
    • Others finding out that they drink to try to cope with stress from cult and its problems

    Fears of 2x2 kids:

  • Fear of dying
    • Not "hearing the call" to profess
    • Not "professing" when they are "supposed to"
    • Being asked by their boyfriend/girlfriend about their religion
    • Girls being seen wearing pants
    • Being caught going to the movies
    • Displeasing their parents by not giving their testimony at convention or Sunday AM meetings
    • Being caught doing drugs
  • Sexual abuse

    Lies & Hypocrisy


    2x2 Mind Control

    Gossip - Slander

    Spousal Rape

    2 Children Suicide

    Freaky Prayers


    Idolizing Workers

    Abusive Behaviors

    Fears of 2x2s





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