Abusive Behaviors of 2x2s

There are many controlling and abusive behaviors of 2x2s.

What better way than give an example of a 2x2's own writings?

  1. When a 2x2 argues, they will only talk as long as they want to. If they don't believe they are winning, then you must shut up. Talking beyond their point of patience is not permitted.
  2. If you don't believe what they want you to believe, then you must be wrong or you must be attacking them.
  3. They know what is right better than you. If you don't agree with them, you must be mental or crazy.
  4. If you don't agree with them, they have a right to slander, libel, defame and do you harm. If you don't support them, then they have a right to turn other people against you and use money, more abuse and "privileges" to control you.
  5. Control of women's hair. Women are told to have long hair. They are not to cut it. If they do, 2x2s may make remarks about her to others that she is "unwilling, weak, doesn't see the truth, rebellious or not fitting in."
  6. Control of women's clothes. Women in many areas are not allowed to wear jeans or sometimes even denim materials. If they do, the same comments as above may be made about them. Men are allowed to wear jeans, but when women wear them, they may be called immodest. Men are not considered immodest in jeans.
  7. People are not to have Bible studies with others. If they do, they may be labeled as "starting their own church, out to obtain a following, starting their own religion, or not fitting in."
  8. Control of dissent. Speaking against a worker's abuse is equated to "rising up against Moses". Anyone who dares confront a worker, elder or overseer is considered to be rebellious and very "out of hand".

See also Why does he do that? Inside the minds of angry and controlling men by Lundy Bancroft, page 52 - The Abusive Mentality

Abusive Techniques of 2x2s

Reverse aggression: Someone is abusive and aggressive to you. When you stand up for yourself, they claim you are being aggressive.

Examples: If a worker slanders a 2x2 to discredit them, they may stand up for themselves. When they point out that they've been slandered, they may be accused of trying to get people to find fault with that worker.

Reality inversion: A worker harasses you. When you point out that they are harassing you, they claim that you are actually harassing them. They claim the direct opposite of reality.


Workers believe they are entitled to whatever they do because they are "of god". When asked however, they cannot show that they are sent by God. It is their fundamental belief that they are of a god that justifies their abusive and controlling behavior. Their behavior and techniques reflects their fundamental belief of entitlement.

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