Evil Mind Control of Children in 2x2 Religion

Evil mind control is where people are controlled against by their own mind to the advantage of the perpetrator. This is achieved through brainwashing, or teaching lies for hours on end by devious methods of lying, repetition, deceiving, false promises, deceptive insinuations, peer pressure, good appearances but bad motives, using guile and using the weakness of the human mind against people (people's: forgetfulness, laziness in dealing with conflicts, agreeableness, desire for approval, desire for sex, wanting to belong, ignorance, expense of prosecution for crimes).

Mind control of children through religious lies, taking advantage of a child's trust and respect for God for the purpose of sex acts with a child is not only morally wrong but also illegal. Perpetrators who use mind control are able to threaten and intimidate people into quiet submission long after the physical evidence is gone and often after the statute of limitations for the crime in most states. My hope is that by writing about this common event (child sexual abuse allowed through mind control) in the 2x2 religion, that people can educate their children, talk with other members and stop more crimes from taking place. OVERSEERS and WORKERS also "successfully" use cult mind control techniques on parents who find out about their crimes.

The OVERSEERS know about mind control or thought control and have been using it for years. Read what Willis Prop said about mind control:

Now let's just go here and just catch all that in your Romans 10: this is where you take your bible for a text book and not a reference book and I hope you can appreciate that. The reason we have 2500 different religious denominations, so-called Christians, is because they use this bible for a reference book and take a verse out of its context. And if you have. a Jehovah Witness talking to you and using this bible for a reference book, you would become a Jehovah Witness because they just take out something that controls their thought.

The Person Controlled

People under mind control may say to themselves after an experience "What happened to me?", "What in the world did I do that for?". When remembering events, they may kick themselves for the stupid things they did and how they behaved. When they understand their deception, they may become furious. Some people become horribly depressed. Some people become scarred for the rest of their life: doubtful of their own decisions and highly suspicious of other people. Breakdown of relationships often leads to divorce. Pressures and cares of life can cause a person who normally appears OK to collapse as their beliefs are acted on. For example: a criminal may walk down the street whistling a tune, until someone says "Hey, come here" upon which they take off running for fear of being caught.

Family and Friends

Family and friends of those under mind control may notice dramatic personality changes and radical odd decisions and sometimes illegal behavior as they try to force other people to conform to their beliefs.

Signs and Symptoms

Signs are things that other people can see. For example, suicide is a sign (perhaps that someone is depressed). A symptom is something that the afflicted person feels but that other people do not notice. Depression can be a symptom that someone feels but is not apparent readily to other people. A change in believe can be a symptom, until a person verbally declares a new belief and then it is a sign to others.

Symptoms of evil mind control:

  • Confusion
  • Changes of belief
  • Rethinking past experiences
  • Guilt for things which are not sin
  • Thinking of ways to deceive other people to convince them to your new beliefs
  • Loss of desire to live: problems seem overwhelming
  • Frustration when reality doesn't match beliefs.

People with a strong desire and ambition can turn to illegal activities to try to make reality and other people conform to their views.

Signs of evil mind control:

  • Changes in their view of what is moral or ethical
  • Wiretapping - Eavesdropping on phone conversations
  • Reading other people's diaries to see what they are thinking
  • Lying or insinuating things about people you now disagree with
  • Grudges - being upset with someone and not resolving it
  • Slandering people that warn you about cults
  • Libel - Writing lies to defame people
  • Trying to turn people against people who are warning you
  • False accusations
  • Manipulation
  • Praising people to win their favor and then telling them a lie so that they will hate the people you hate
  • Rewriting history: "I don't remember things that way."
  • Refusal to reconcile
  • Refusal to talk or answer simple questions
  • Emotional abuse of people who love them. "You don't love me if you (won't do this for me)"
  • Stealing
  • Murder

Here's an example of an outward sign of mind control:

I do remember a conversation I had with ________ pertaining to the divinity of Christ which I quoted the first few verses of John's gospel & Thomas' "my Lord and my God" but he got REALLY defensive. Literally his hands started to shake and he started slamming his pen on his desk.....


Mind control involves two or more people. It involves the liar and the believer. Liars may also use other people who are friends with their target to exert more pressure. 2x2s who have deceived parents of children who are abused may cause people think it unwise to report the crime. Here's an example of parents whose child was molested by Bruce Waddell (a 2x2 WORKER). They knew about but didn't prosecute sexual abuse of their own child:

"Everybody forgave me. The ones that I did, the parents forgave me. We believe in repentance and forgiveness."...Waddell said none of the parents wanted him to go to the police. "They didn't want to go to the law of the land. They wanted to leave it in God's hands," he said.

No shock the parents didn't want to go to the police. The FRIENDS believe it's the only way to heaven. To admit otherwise would have been to admit being part of a cult whose ministers sexually molest little kids.

You many notice after reading about Bruce Waddell that he had molested more than one child, and that there was no restitution. The burden of child counseling was put on the government, the taxpayers. This is against the teaching of the Bible.

Mind Control May be Legal, but is Unethical and Sin

I would like to point out that many of the mind control methods are legal in the United States. Most activities by cults are legal (within the bounds of the letter of the law), but are not moral or ethical and are sin in the eyes of God. The point where they become illegal is when they physically and/or sexually abuse children. In some states, it is legal to psychologically abuse children up to the point when the child shows certain symptoms: suicidal behavior, self mutilation, personality changes.

The end result of evil mind control is that people end up doing things that are not in their own best interest or the best interest of the people they love.

People can deceive elderly people and get them to legally sign over their money, but in some states this is considered elder abuse. In other states, law enforcement may just simply tell them "If you gave them you're money, you're just stupid."

Think of the lies that OVERSEERS and WORKERS tell young folks to get them to give them all their money and become a WORKER.

The Control - Lie(s)

Lies used in mind control are designed to change the way you think about everything else through their implications. For example, one of the big lies taught by WORKERS for years (and still is by some) is that their group (the WAY) has been "from the beginning". The implications of this lie is that this is the one true way of God, and therefore, it is the only group with which to belong. They may say "The way is right, but the people can be wrong." Here's an example of how this controls people's mind: A parent when finding out that their child has been sexually abused by a WORKER may cover it up, not wanting to bring shame to "the only way".

History shows mind control is used on great scales with good success. Examples include Adolf Hitler etc who used mind control to kill millions of Jews. People believed the lies and were controlled by Hitler because they didn't love their neighbor as themselves - the golden rule. Along with "patriotism", fear and peer pressure, Adolf Hitler was able to get many people to do and think things they wouldn't have done without his lies.

Children use mind control when they lie to parents to get them to act and make decisions a certain way. Even children know how to plant misinformation and insinuate things to cause pain and get their way with adults.


Recovery from mind control involves much more than just disbelieving the lies they once accepted as fact. It involves believing the truth and all the change that this brings. Recovery and healing from mind control is often overlooked.

The Lies and Controls Used by OVERSEERS and WORKERS

The lies taught by the OVERSEERS, WORKERS and ELDERS may be outright or insinuated. Regardless of the method used, the lies remain. Here are some examples of the lies:

  • We're non-denominational Christian
  • We're the only way
  • Our fellowship started from the beginning
  • Our fellowship goes back to the shores of Galilee
  • The WORKERS are the only true servants of God
  • Jesus Christ instituted MEETINGS IN THE HOME
  • Only the true servants of God go without a home and in pairs
  • If you feel pressure to become a WORKER, then this is the calling of God
  • You will have a greater place in heaven as a WORKER than as a FRIEND
  • Agreeing with the WORKERS is like being in the center of the will of God.
  • If you don't PROFESS and you reject the WORKERS, then you have rejected God
  • If you quit PROFESSING, the you have FALLEN AWAY and are going to hell


Lies are believed because of ignorance or because someone hates the truth. For example, to believe that the 2x2s are Christians, someone has to be ignorant of the clear teachings in the Bible or not want to believe the Bible. The Bible teaches that those who hate others and who don't keep the commandments of God, yet claim they know God, are liars. The 2x2s reject the ten commandments and hate people who tell them the truth. That much is obvious. So it is easiest for the OVERSEERS and WORKERS to try to deceive and recruit people who don't know God or don't want to believe in God anymore. Reading through their list of lies (above) and comparing that with the Bible makes the lies obvious.

Brainwashing - Repetition

  • Forced to remain still and listen to brainwashing

    I was always brought to meetings of workers. We went twice a week. I only got to stay home when deathly sick. I once asked my folks "When will we quit going to meetings?" I was told that we were always going to go to meetings. In meetings you had to force yourself to sit still and listen to people talk on and on about things it was apparent they didn't understand. When I got bored and started doing something else, I would be frowned at by people sitting around me. If I poked my sister trying to liven things up and keep from falling asleep, I would be taken outside and spanked. Many children are forced to sit through boring meetings and spanked when they don't "behave". Whippings were used to make me behave during meetings. If I wasn't good in meetings, I would get a spanking when we got home. This threat is commonly made to kids. It is not wholesome for kids to be in meetings. There is some freaky stuff going on in those meetings.

    Peer pressure

    During meetings, some workers would ask "kids questions". Basic questions would be asked on certain verses. If they didn't give the correct answer, people would chuckle. The workers asking questions often didn't even understand the questions. For example, if they asked who raised Jesus from the dead, a kid may say "Jesus" because Jesus said he would raise himself from the dead. But the workers would say he was wrong because in Acts it says "God" raised Jesus from the dead. So then the kid is confused, being taught by implication that Jesus is not God, but just a nice guy who obeyed God and suffered so we wouldn't go to hell. This, coupled with how the workers teach that they give up stuff (getting married, having a house etc) teaches children that people can only be helped by suffering.

    Control of thoughts

    I remember coming home once from school and Everett Swanson was in the house with my mom. I told mom about school that I was learning "critical thinking" to analyze what motives people have in telling you certain things. Everett told me that critical thinking was bad and that I should not use critical thinking skills. My mom did not rebuke Everett. So I learned from my mom and Everett Swanson that it was wrong to analyze the workers motives in telling me things but it was OK to be critical about people who taught critical thinking.

    Control of emotions

    During meetings we rarely smiled. We often looked down at the floor and avoided eye contract. Sunday morning meetings were not a celebration of looking forward to when Jesus returned, they seemed to be rather a mourning of dying to ourself.

    Control of information

    I was never brought to other services or taught about other religions. Other religions and beliefs were condemned by the workers. I found out later that the workers weren't even educated on their own religion and many did not know how their religion got started.
    If I asked questions, I was viewed as "doubting". The Bible was not used as a source to find answers to questions. In fact most 2x2s cannot even list the ten commandments and certainly don't believe in keeping them.

    Symptoms of mind control that manifested themselves in me:

    1. Sadness
    2. Confusion
    3. Loss of interest in activities
    4. Decreased creativity
    5. Depression
    6. Loss of hope
    7. Decreased desire to live
    8. Decreased desire to interact socially
    9. Despise "worldly" people
  • Sexual abuse

    Lies & Hypocrisy


    2x2 Mind Control

    Gossip - Slander

    Spousal Rape

    2 Children Suicide

    Freaky Prayers


    Idolizing Workers

    Abusive Behaviors

    Fears of 2x2s





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