Percy Watkins Inquest

Percy Watkins inquest was held June 16th, 2014 at 10AM Blackpool UK. People claim that Percy Watkins committed suicide by drowning. Percy was a worker under the UK overseer Ben Crompton.

The hearing about the supposed suicide was a public event. Percy Watkins is alleged to have committed suicide amid legal allegations. However there were no legal allegations to be found!

Percy Watkins worked for and was the right-hand man of Ben Crompton. From what I understand, Peter Liddle was the last person to have seen Percy before Percy was found dead.


If you have information regarding the suicide or events leading to the suicide, you may contact:

Blackpool & Fylde Coroner�s Office
Municipal Buildings
Corporation Street

Telephone: 01253 477128
Fax: 01253 477129

Percy Watkins, 58, a member of the Church with No Name, died in a bath at a house in Freckleton.

The nature of the allegations was not divulged in the inquest and police say they were never reported to them.

The inquest, held in Blackpool, was told Mr Percy Watkins came from Waterstone, near Hereford, but he preached in the North West. His religious group, also known as the Two by Twos, do not have church buildings and meet in members' homes.

Lancashire Police launched an investigation after his body was found at a detached bungalow on Kirkham Road, Freckleton, in February this year.

Det Sgt Pritchard said: Allegations had been made against Percy Watkins but no police force had been involved by his accuser.

A note was found written by Percy Watkins which said he was sorry for all the trouble he had caused. He wrote "I hope this will give my accuser some peace for the sake of the kingdom."

There was no sign of any violence or disturbance in the house. We have checked nationwide to see if Percy Watkins had been named as a suspect but we could find no record of it. We did take his mobile phone and there messages which said he was going through a dark time.

Deputy coroner Chris Beverley recorded drowning as the cause of death. He said: �Percy Watkins took his own life in a deliberate act.�

From :

What kingdom is Percy talking about? Certainly not the kingdom of heaven! Was Percy trying to imitate Judas who denied Jesus and then hung himself?

Website Comment from Sheena Allen

Someone put in a comment on this website, using the name of Sheena Allen (no verification provided as to whether this is the person's real name). Here is her comment

The accusations against Percy were never filed to the police,as verified by the coroner. Someone,somewhere drove this poor man to despair, so much so that he took his own life. The accuser should have taken their complaint to the police in a forthright manner. Surely? Considering the laws in the United Kingdom, governing incitement to racial, faith or religious hatred, it would be wise to look closely at the content of websites such as this one and others. Surely, a true Christian would not be motivated to write in such a hate filled manner ? Kind Regards, Sheena Allen

My Comments on "Sheena Allen's"Comments

I agree with Sheena on some points, but I believe Sheena has things horribly twisted in her mind in order to justify her involvement with the cult and also Percy who committed suicide, taking the very life he was given by God.

It should be taken into account the hypocrisy of such advice. The 2x2s claim that people everywhere who don't go to their meetings are going to hell. And they drive many people to despair through slander, libel and hateful actions - which is anything but forthright. They refuse to publish their beliefs on websites because I believe everyone would be repulsed by them.

Blaming Unknown Individual

Sheena claims that someone, somewhere drove this man to despair. But I doubt this. There are many cases of workers driving people to despair. Does Sheena care about those cases? Here are my public questions about this:

  • But who is Sheena Allen blaming?
  • Where is Sheena's evidence that there was someone responsible?
  • Why does Sheena believe that someone was responsible for his despair instead of Percy and his own cult beliefs?
  • Who does Sheena think it is?
  • Why isn't Sheena forthright about her accusations of this person and pursue it in a legal manner?
  • Why doesn't Sheena go to the authorities if she believes someone was bullying Percy Watkins?
  • If Sheena, as she accuses someone, of driving Percy to commit suicide exists, then why is Sheena and Ben Crompton keeping it secret?
  • Why don't the 2x2s investigate?
  • Why aren't they open?

Driven to Despair

Also, there is the assumption that Percy Watkins could be driven to despair. Does she know why? I think all the FRIENDS know why WORKERS can be driven to despair. They know the unGodly pressures that the FRIENDS and OVERSEERS and other WORKERS put on the WORKERS. See Rules placed on workers

Driven to Despair by OVERSEER's Rules

The overseers claim oversight of dozens of workers. Ben Crompton was the overseer of Percy Watkins. So is Ben Crompton claiming responsibility for the lies and rules imposed on Percy Watkins? Is Ben Crompton taking responsibility for perverting the Word of God and teaching these lies to Percy? Is Ben Crompton taking responsibility for all the burdens and rules placed on Percy Watkins? If you want to see someone driven to despair by all the rules of an overseer and their threats, you can read the evidence of a woman who accused a former overseer of raping her. See Sister Worker Message. The crimes and threats of some overseer are well known.

Reports About Ben Crompton

I have been told that Percy Watkins was asked by Ben Crompton to step down from his place as a worker amid these supposed legal allegations. I think the friends know why this would cause an old man who belongs to a radical, secretive cult to despair. Here is a short list:

  • How would Percy deal with the back-stabbing rumors started by some of the friends of the workers?
  • How would the overseer maintain their image of being perfect and not admitting fault or repenting of their sin?
  • How would Percy face going to meetings and lose face each week?
  • How would Percy face the friends and answer all the questions they have?
  • How would Percy face losing "his place in the work"? and being just a "saint" then?
  • What would Percy do for work since he was in a cult that lies and abuses kids and has covered up for workers who sexually abused kids?
  • How could Percy even get to interviews without transportation?
  • What marketable job skills could Percy obtain without the funds he has to give away yearly to Ben Crompton?
  • How would Percy afford a car since the overseer forbids them for owning a vehicle?
  • How would Percy even know how to buy a car since people have been providing him with a car for years as part of his salary?
  • How would Percy get insurance since WORKERS expect others to buy that for them?
  • How would Percy afford food?
  • Could Percy go on government assistance since he didn't have a profitable job?
  • How would Percy get health insurance without a job?
  • Who would even want to hire Percy given his background?
  • Where would Percy live?
  • Who would take care of Percy in his old age without a retirement account?

    While it would be easy for Ben Crompton to ask Percy Watkins to leave the work, what about this affect on Percy? Sure, Ben Crompton reportedly has his hundreds of thousands of dollars stashed away, but what about Percy? If Percy bought into and followed all the rules of Ben Crompton, he wouldn't have any money stashed away for retirement.

    Many workers are taught that if they leave the 2x2 work, they are worthless. The OVERSEERS twist this verse to make workers feel guilty if they leave the work:

    Luke 9:62 And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.

    Taking Responsibility

    Why doesn't Sheena take responsibility for the cult rules imposed on WORKERS? Why doesn't Sheena take responsibility for supporting cult leaders who teach lies and cover up their founder William Irvine?

    What did Percy Watkins Do to this Unnamed Individual?

    Obviously Percy Waktins wrote about someone in his suicide note. Percy did not dispute in his note whether he was responsible.

    Laws, Police and Courts of the Land

    And there are laws, as Sheena writes. So here's my questions to Sheena and the other 2x2s in the UK about this:

    1. why didn't Percy take this to the police himself if he was being pushed to commit suicide?
    2. And if Sheena knows that someone was pushing him to suicide, they why didn't she do something about it? (I believe Sheena implicates herself.)
    3. And did Percy have any close friends that he could talk with?
    4. Why didn't Percy tell people he was thinking about suicide (if he did commit suicide and it wasn't set up to look like suicide)?

    The police said that there was no struggle. The police were led to believe that Percy Watkins took his own life.

    Percy was a Grown Adult

    Percy was not a child, or victim of school bullying. He was a grown adult. So my question to the 2x2s in the UK is this, "Why didn't Percy handle this as a mature adult?" Why didn't Percy follow legal protocol for dealing with this? I know the 2x2 religon OVERSEERS have proved themselves inept at handling even basic disputes, and it's my opinion that the cult with its brainwashing and lies has made Percy Watkins immature and unable to handle the situation. And I am persuaded by how "Sheena" writes that she herself would not be a help to the situation either.

    More Blame

    Sheena also writes "Surely? Considering the laws in the United Kingdom, governing incitement to racial, faith or religious hatred, it would be wise to look closely at the content of websites such as this one and others." I totally agree that governments should read these websites and see the laws that the 2x2s have broken and are breaking. In fact, I've had webpages up already just for the government. See Government - Home

    This is one of the reasons why I have this website up, to warn governments and people about the hatred of 2x2s for Christians. It is warn them about their lies and evil deeds and cover-ups of the cults origins and child sexual abuse well-known in there religion. The authorities should look at why a grown adult could not handle this problem. They should investigate who (if anybody) was supposedly involved in pushing Percy to commit suicide. What things did Percy believe that caused him to commit suicide? And why does the 2x2 religion condone such behavior instead of speaking against suicide?

    Sheena also writes "Surely, a true Christian would not be motivated to write in such a hate filled manner ?" Perhaps Sheena in a twisted way was trying to insinuate that warning people about liars is a "hate filled manner". If that was her insinuation, then that's really sick. Nobody should hate Percy. They should hate the lies Percy believed that caused him to commit suicide instead of handle the matter responsibly. They should hate the abuse of children in their organization. They should hate the fact that Percy was living in sin and promoting a secretive, evil cult. They should hate the lies taught by Ben Crompton, other overseers and workers and their hate-mongering. To read more along this line and why the 2x2s persecute Christians and why they aren't "true Christians", see Are 2x2s Christians?

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Percy Funeral Notes

Percy Inquest

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