Percy Watkin's 2x2 UK Worker Suicide

Percy Watkins was a 2x2 minister in the UK, United Kingdom, who committed suicide at the age of 59 while being a worker in the 2x2 religion. Ben Crompton was Percy Watkin's overseer.

Percy Watkins

Sudden and Unexpected Suicide

Percy Watkin's death was sudden and unexpected by most of "the friends". From what I hear, Percy did not die a natural death but committed suicide while a worker under the employ of Ben Crompton, and the companion of Peter Liddle

Because of the nature of the suicide and events surrounding it, there is going to be an investigation into his death. I believe Percy's suicide marks another reason why many consider the 2x2 religion a dangerous cult.

If you have information regarding the suicide or events leading to the suicide, you may contact:

Blackpool & Fylde Coroner's Office
Municipal Buildings
Corporation Street

Telephone: 01253 477128
Fax: 01253 477129

The hearing is a public event. You are encouraged to attend. The public hearing will be June 16th, 2015 at 10 AM.

See also Percy Watkins Inquest

Funeral for Percy Watkins

There was a funeral held for Percy Watkins by members of the 2x2 religion. Ministers of the for-profit organization praised Percy for his devotion to the 2x2 religion, and warned against bitterness and warned against people not staying in the 2x2 religion. The main leader of the 2x2 religion, Ben Crompton, even used the time to solicit more people to become a worker like Percy Watkins. But I wonder who would want to take the place of a man who was so devoted and committed suicide? I wonder what is wrong with Ben Crompton to use a funeral of a man who committed suicide to try to get others to be a worker too. That just doesn't seem like a good time to do any recruiting.

Percy's home area was in Hereford County.

Percy - Home

Percy Funeral Notes

Percy Inquest

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