2x2 PROFESSING Parents Hating Their Children

There are many ways that I've seen and heard 2x2 parents hate their children and cause them damage. Just because a 2x2 parent doesn't understand what they are doing doesn't mean that they don't mean they are not hating their kids - causing pain and suffering. Here are some of the ways I've experienced the hatred of my professing parents when I was younger.

Parents Hate Truth and Love

Professing parents profess to love God but reject the very foundational beliefs taught by God. God says we must love him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. But instead the professing parents idolize the workers. This is seen by kids. When the workers are found to be fornicators, adulterers and liars by the kids, they often leave the cult. And so their entire "faith" in God is wiped out. Since the kids have been raised in a cult group, with no understanding of God, then when they leave their parent's religion, they just do whatever is right in their own eyes. No foundation, and many lives come to a horrible ruin.

If parents love their kids, they would teach their children God's word so their children would put their faith in an unfailing God who gives perfect counsel that would endure all storms.

Don't Obey God - Lesson of Professing Parents

Professing parents destroy their kids by setting up a foundation of sand for their kids instead of a rock solid foundation. That's what the Bible says about all those who don't obey God. Hypocritical parents that go to meetings but reject the Bible teach hypocrisy and disobedience to their kids. And the 2x2s know this. They have often taught "actions speak louder than words."

Bible Teachings on Disobedience

Mat 7:21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity. Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock: And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock. And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand: And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it.

So what is it when parents who profess to believe in God don't keep the sayings of Jesus Christ, and teach their kids not to keep the sayings of Jesus Christ. And then the parents claim that the Bible is their creed. And they believe that storms in life will come..then is it not crazy of them to believe that their children will be able to stand when the storms of life come? This pure contradiction of professing parents and how they treat their kids is not an act of love, but of hatred, resulting in their kids destruction and disbelief in God.

Hatred Through Negligence or Neglect

When 2x2 parents neglect the care of their children, this is the most brutal form of hatred. Did you know that the worse form of abuse known to kill children is neglect? That's right. More children die from neglect than any other form of abuse. Father's don't spend time with their sons. Mothers don't spend time with their daugthers. Parents don't take time to read the Bible to their children and teach them. I've seen that 2x2 parents don't even understand the gospel, much less the Bible to even teach their kids. Because the parents don't love God, nor believe in the Bible, it's not something that they deem important enough to even teach their kids. Hatred is most often shown in it's most deadliest form of neglect.

Withholding Information From Counselors

Many 2x2 children have gone to counselors to seek help for social issues, disorders or maladies. The counselors are not informed about the nature of the religion that the children are taught. The doctrines, practices and authoritarian anti-God nature of the religion is not declared. When the children are secretive about their beliefs, then the counselor cannot get to the root of the issue that is causing damage to the children.

Children who have been sexually abused by their parents or the FRIENDS or ELDER at their MEETINGS are in a horrible situation. The very "god" that they worship becomes an abusive god and they then think that GOD is evil and bad. Or they may embrace a "naughty" god. The children may turn away from "religion" altogether and become atheist, agnostic or join another cult. This is very common.

Also, children who are sexually abused may have been told lies. They may have been told that they were being taught how to be "a good wife". How are they kids supposed to deal with that? If told by an ELDER or WORKER, and the parents teach kids to obey the WORKERS, then what are the children supposed to do? What are these children supposed to tell their counsellors. They know that if they are truthful with the counselor, then their parents will be angry with them. They have to live with their parents all the time, but only spend a few hours with a counselor: so who do you think they are going to try to please more?

The anger and confusion is not understood by the counselor until the beliefs of the 2x2s is revealed. The sexual deviances caused by the OVERSEERS forbidding sex and then dealing guilt trips on WORKERS who do leave and marry are not revealed to the counselor(s). Anger and malice spill into the children's relationship with their parents and people they date (if any). Some kids may never allow themselves to open up in relationships and so never marry. They may become bitter and prejudice against members of the opposite sex as a means of "protecting themselves" from further abuse. But this often keeps them in the old relationships that leads them into further abuse. The old lies may be more comfortable than the truth that requires change of them in order to heal.

Hatred Through Lies

The Bible teaches us to love each other, because we are all made in God's image. People who hate others will tell lies. They want to lead the other person down a wrong path and control their decisions through telling the other person lies. Some parents who have PROFESSED will lie to their kids who have become Christians because they want to deceive them into accepting the 2x2 religion. This is one of the reasons why I have shared all this information freely on this website; so Christians can read of my experience and opinion of the 2x2 religion and see how the Bible clearly warns against false relgions with occult practices who do so under the guise of "non-denominational Christians". While I think it's very wrong for kids who join the side of the 2x2 religion who lie to their parents, it's even more wrong for parents to lie to their kids to get their kids to accept their decisions. A PROFESSING parent who tries to get acceptance from their child is horribly deceived. It's God that will judge them on the last day, and deceiving others is a sin that does not make God happy. God will not allow liars into heaven.

Hatred Through Disbelief

One of the hardest forms of hatred for children to endure is disbelief. For example, when a child is molested by one of the FRIENDS, WORKERS or OVERSEERS and the child tells the parents, they may not be believed. This is a horrible damaging blow. How does this affect the kids? What would you do if you were abused sexually, physically besides the spiritual abuse of these adored, privledged members of the 2x2 society? Disbelief of a child's report causes horrible pain and wounding. And when kids ask their parents about William Irvine because they have learned about William Irvine from a school friend and are lied to by their parents, how are the children ever supposed to trust the parents? Disbelief of a child's honest, fearful questions results in broken down relationships and great wounding to their soul. The PROFESSING parent is responsible for deceiving their own children and will be held to account by God.


As part of neglect, children with PROFESSING parents are ill-equipped in life. Instead of being able to help others, they despise Christians for having church buildings or preachers who receive salaries. They have been taught in practice that Christians are evil. They believe that some of them could be saved, if they eventually come to MEETINGS and PROFESS and accept the WORKERS as the only true servants of God. But they believe if they continue to not attend MEETINGS when they know about them, then they are going to hell. This prejudice against Christians does not serve the 2x2 children well. It's stunts them from developing friendships with decent God-fearing people. They cast a doubtful look at Christians and when the silence allows, instead assign a false motive for their good deeds. In fact, some of them insinuate evil motives when there is only good. It causes confusion on children.

Rules, Rules and "We Have No Rules"

The 2x2 OLDER BROTHERS have many rules for the OVERSEERS, WORKERS and ELDERS and PROFESSING people to follow. While the enforcement varies in severity from country to country and state to state, there are always rules. And these rules are followed by parents to varying degrees. Because GOING TO MEETINGS is so critical to the supposed salvation of the FRIENDS, then children of PROFESSING parents may not be allowed to join musical bands at school, play in sports, join a chess club, participate in after-school activities and do other social activities. Often times, children develop good friends through these activities and have time to learn about each other and develop lifetime friendships. Perhaps these lifelong friendships are the very things that the OLDER BROTHERS are trying to discourage. The girls cannot play sports that necessitate wearing pants for modesty. Girls have been told to dress like the SISTER WORKERS and wear their hair in a bun. It's not about modesty or Christian principle, but about pleasing the OLDER BROTHERS who enjoy the power they wield in producing a following with strange practices. Indeed, it is these odd and different practices that helps people do an INTERNET search to distinguish what the name of their odd religion is and what it entails. How can people not do research when the 2x2s are secretive? And then some of the WORKERS preach in MEETINGS that they have "no rules". Who are they fooling. These rules are evident to the most casual observer who walks into a 2x2 GOSPEL MEETING being led by the WORKERS.

Needless Embarassment


Withholding Important Needful Information

Some children develop obssesive/compulsive disorders. Some children feel out of control and without direction. In desperation, some children seek counselors to help them in their trouble. But the parents withold from the counselors at school or out of school that they are part of a cult that hates Christians. How can the counselor help the children when fundamental beliefs taught by the parents encourage hatred of people who do good to them? Because the parents love the WORKERS and the MEETINGS and CONVENTIONS and the FRIENDS more than God, then they withold important information back from counselors and prolong the suffering of their children. As one former 2x2 said (who became a Christian), "Being a 2x2 affected every aspect of our lives."

Health Issues

Parents are not the only ones who suffer in health from the side-effects of the 2x2 religion. The children are not immunes to the ravages of obsession, compulsions, spur of the moment lies to save face etc. Children can be sickly as they try to figure out life with all the confusion. When good people are condemned, and lying WORKERS who have molested children go undisciplined in their "church", then what health issues do you think they face? They may develop acne from the stress, stay up late at nights, listen to rock music to drown out the pain, rebel against their teachers and parents, turn to drugs or drinking or pornography and fornication. This is not news. And even after children of 2x2 parents leave the cult, many of their problems continue into adult hood and affect their marriage until they repent of their sins and accept the truth. How can they not continue their past if they do not change? I think it is hateful of 2x2 parents to lie to their kids about the origin of the religion and twist scriptures to justify the rules of the OVERSEERS which cause children to stand out in school as "weird" and "strange". And when the children cannot explain their position from the Bible (because they don't understand the Bible and the 2x2 religion denominational beliefs are not from the Bible), then I believe this is the source of much stress and health issues which continue into their adult life.


When 2x2 parents cannot explain the rules nor justify keeping them to their children, this causes the children to become confused. And when people ask the PROFESSING parents about their religion, they are secretive. When children of these PROFESSING parents learn that their parents are secretive, they may become secretive too. When they are at school or talking with friends and are questioned about their religion, they may be very vague and round-a-bout in their answers. Secrecy eats away at people as they have to carefully guard what they can and cannot say. Some children finally use the word "WORKERS" or "CONVENTIONS" and this is all some people need as they put these keywords in INTERNET search engines like Google, BING and Yahoo to find out about these secretive religions. When the school friends know more about the 2x2 religion then the children of PROESSING people, then you know something is wrong. Why do these PROESSING parents hide from their children how William Irvine started their religion and that it was man-made? Why do they hide from their kids that William Irvine taught you could only be saved if you sold everything, gave it to him and became his WORKER? Parents who are secretive about their religion teach secrecy to their kids. I believe this is a form of hatred because it eats away at their kids. How can their kids feel good about their religion if they have to hide things from people? Isn't this called shame when you hide something and are not proud of it?

Anti-Social Behavior

WORKERS teach the FRIENDS that they are not to be friends with the WORLD. And the 2x2s define CHRISTIANSS as WORLDLY because they meet in buildings and some have preachers that are compensated for their charitable Christian work. When you teach a child to be anti-social with those that do good, then I believe this is a form of hatred. Why keep a child from being friends with people who are charitable? I believe it's good to form friendships and develop good social relationships with our communities. I understand that the OLDER BROTHERS want the young children to be brain-washed and to hate OUTSIDERS so that they will accept their teachings. They have selfish reasons and just want a following. But for parents who have given birth and are told by God to love their children. For these PROFESSING parents to teach their kids to be anti-social, well, I believe it just plain wrong and hateful. I think kids need to be social with good kids and that this is a health part of growing up.


The Bible teaches that parents are to care for their kids and teach them at home. When children are not taught the fundamentals of the Bible, then they are ill-equipped in life. And when children are taught to be on guard against Christians (who do them good), then this does the reverse of equipping them; they are handicapped, disabled spiritually and emotionally and mentally. How can children who don't understand the Bible benefit from the helpful warnings in the Bible?

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