Child Preparation for Abuse

How I believe the 2x2 religion prepares children to be abused: sexually, mentally, emotionally and physically. When children prepare children for sexual abuse, it is called "grooming".

I believe 2x2 children are set up by the OVERSEERS, WORKERS, ELDERS and their parents to be abused from an early age.

I would like to say also point out, that the things that members of the 2x2 religion do to the children, up to the point of abusing them is legal and protected by the laws of the land, although ethically very wrong. There is a difference between what is legal and what is ethical. For example, it is legal to lie to your kids, but it is not ethical. I believe there is a legal term used to describe the difference between what is unlawful and what is unethical.

Children are Not Young Adults

Children are children, not young adults. Children are not small people. They do not have the experience or social skills and life skills that mature adults have. OVERSEERS, WORKERS, ELDERS and parents take advantage of a child's inexperience to lie to their children. For example, even physically, children have much greater susceptability to lead poisoning because of their rapid growth rate. And in the same way, being children who are growing up, are more susceptible to cults.

Children accept what their parents teach them as normal. I believe it's common for many kids to grow up believing that what they know is known by others. This contrasts sharply with a person who has many experiences and has traveled, to see what is normal, ethical and legal. Until people are able to know right and wrong, they are often not able to discern what is right and wrong. Because children are lacking in experience, they can come to accept that what they are taught is right. They don't know otherwise. Parents, OVERSEERS, WORKERS and the ELDERS take advantage of a child's acceptance of their version of right and wrong.

Children have no foundation from a child. As babies, we were literally at one point "born yesterday". As we learn and grow, we make decisions based on what we were taught. We learn from those decisions and incorporate what we've been taught as a child to guide our thinking. OVERSEERS, WORKERS, ELDERS and parents take advantage of this, giving children circular reasoning which leads is the equivalent of a dog chasing it's own tail. This causes a persons' mind to get nowhere when trying to make sense of experiences and often results in frustration, mental and emotional exhaustion. By not giving a child a solid foundation by which to reflect on experiences, children who face abuse can go into an emotional tailspin with physical symptoms eventually emerging.

Children are youthful and have a lot of energy. It's amazing how children can fall, hurt themselves and spring back. They are full of life. The 2x2 religion takes advantage of this. Many symptoms of abuse are covered up as a child's mind is fresh. But often, symptoms of abuse do appear later in life.

Children are forgetful. Things that they don't want to remember, they may blot out of their minds because they are not able to deal with them. OVERSEERS, WORKERS, ELDERS and parents take advantage of this. When a child molestor smiles at the child, the child may doubt their own experience and so in an effort to heal may blot the bad memory out of their minds.

Children are often deemed not reliable nor responsible. Many times I've heard people say "Well, they're just a child" and so discount a child's behavior or outburst. At what point do people take a child seriously. At what point do people say, "Well, they're 13 now, so if they aren't a reliable witness or are making up stories then this reflects on how you raised them." Because children learn from their parents, children can learn to lie to make a point. And later, when a child has a valid story to tell, and incorporates some lies that they believe will get them heard, then parents can use this to discount the child. Then when the parent wants to, they can discount the child. It is a built in trapdoor to blame the child.

The needs of children are often overlooked. When we are babies, we are helpless to take care of ourselves. We need others to feed us, give us water, change our diapers and put us to bed. As we grown, we learn to meet many of our own needs and are able to discern between our wants and needs. When children are wronged, their temper tantrums are easily discounted and overlooked. When teachers at school notice symptoms of psychological abuse and depression, the parents can ignore the injustice and blame it on the child's bad behavior. Bad behavior in class can be strong evidence of poor upraising at home.

Children are weaker in concept formation. When we were young, we made baby noises. Da da. Ma ma. And our parents would smile. We learned to talk, having no previous language, by imitating our parents. It's amazing. But children have limited vocabulary. A child at the age of 2 is not going to say, "Hey dad, my diaper needs changed. It's been 2 days now and my bottom has a huge rash. It really hurts. If you don't change my diaper, I'm going to the authorities." Funny huh? And ridiculous. So when girls are 10 - 12 years old and a WORKER is making a sexual advance on them, what's the girl going to say "Hey mr WORKER, you need to keep your hands to yourself. Putting them up my skirt isn't going to make that emptiness in your heart any better, but will land you in jail." Of course not. For them to make new connections about child sexual abuse when they are a child and have no experience nor moral background and are learning right and wrong from parents who abuse them and WORKERS who take advantage of them, how are they going to verbally confront an abuser? There is a term called "legal guardian" which explicitly makes clear that children are to be legally guarded and implied that children should be guarded ethically. To be protected, children need to be taught about child sexual abuse, kept from abusers and liars and treated ethically by their parents.

Children are dependants. On tax forms, they have a list for dependents. As such, children depend on their parents for meals, encouragement, moral support, help in decisions, directions in life etc. Children know they are dependant. Children have needs and wants. And parents can control children's behavior by withholding things. It is legal to keep a child from having a radio, books etc in their room as a form of punishment. And parents can use legal means to control children, without the child not realizing what is happening to them..

Children have limited resources. They cannot go out and buy a TV and watch shows that would help them to see they are in a cult or being sexually abused and that this is wrong. They may not have the money. They may not have a car or access to someone who can get or do things for them. They may not know how to approach authorities with legal issues at home. They may not have the emotional resources to talk with a counselor at school. That takes courage. Because of limited resources, children may be unable to reach the help they need.

Here are symptoms I've either experienced myself, heard from others or remember seeing in others:

  1. Loneliness even when surrounded by "friends"
  2. Sadness and emptiness inside
  3. Confusion about life in general
  4. Inappropriate and misdirected anger
  5. Talking to complete strangers in hope of some perspective from them

You may say, all children are like that. And my reply, "Not to this extent, and it needn't be so."

One reader from outside the USA writes:

If the INTERNET didn't exist I might never have escaped the cult and would be in a terrible condition by now. I don't want to diminish the work of God but I don't believe I would ever have got saved without it being there. I would never have found any of the books written about the workers on my own and wouldn't have taken any notice of any Christians. I was absolutely convinced the workers were God's true servants and it was only the discovery of William Irvine that snapped me out of the evil spell. Without the INTERNET how would I have done it? Quite a thought.

pressure of children to PROFESS, conditional love based on PROFESSING, troubled children after age of PROFESSING is reached, verbal abuse of relatives if not professing by certain age, feeling weird at school because unnaturally differen in satanic way, self-righteoudness, prejudice, awkward moments, The dependent situation of children and the authority figures of the cult, the willful and sometimes ignorant neglect of parents all make for a potentially dangerous situation.

more later: rem: children are to be seen, not heard / know your place, fill your place, heal in silence, I'm teaching to you be a good wife/ no TV, only true ministers are homeless, twisting the scripture and using scripture in bad way to turn kids against God, lack of morality, hypocrisy of parents, lies beyond santa clause, no "worldy" friends, restriction from sports and team activities, minimal interaction on a close friendship level, no church discipline, no documented guidelines, lies of workers, slander, guile, corrupt police, corrupt counselors, police who lie, false reports, few timely responses, destruction of evidence, few prescendents, religious fervor, socially debilitated parents

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