Damage to Children by 2x2 Cult

Here are some ways that the abusive 2x2 cult damages children and affects them the rest of their life.

The 2x2 organization is built on a lie. And as such cannot stand up to questioning. When children believe the lies and are taught that they are of God, then they try to support the 2x2 organization. They are made to believe that if the don't support the 2x2s, then they have failed God. They have not "passed the test." Children don't have the mental resources or verbal capacity against seasoned WORKERS who have had many years of experience at squashing people's questions. They have many catchy phrases that sound good to stun people into silent submission.

Evil Done in the Name of God

Children are taught lies. They are taught the lies are of God. So to question the lies, is to question God. So children quit asking questions in order to survive mentally. I know of one child that had a nervous breakdown at a very eary age in life.


2x2 children often have no help. The PROFESSING parent(s) keep them from relatives and friends who are concerned about the brainwashing. Parents or legal guardians have the legal means to isolate their children from people who would otherwise be able to help them. The best you may be able to do is to show kindness to a 2x2 child and let them know that you are Christian. This will help the child to associate kindness with true Christianity so when they are abused later, they can remember "Hey, I know a man/woman who was very kind to me who didn't go to MEETINGS."


Children are lied to by the WORKERS and PROFESSSING parents. Many chldren have been taught by parents about santa clause and remember the disappointment when they realize that santa claus is not real. This is an example of brainwashing and misinformation. Now imagine it on a really huge scale. This is brainwashing by a cult with many other people playing along. And many of these other people sincerely believe in the lies of the WORKERS, so their "act" is very convincing to children. And since children only have lies for previous knowledge, how can they know the difference?


Children are taught that Christians are evil and are not of God. Children have to base decisions on some information. And when you make decisions, you have to base it on something you've been taught. When a child has been taught so many lies, how can they make good decisions? Even if a child comes to leave a cult, they may still never properly learn about God because they have been prejudiced against Christians.

Twisted Bible

Children are given Bible study lists. And if the child is PROFESSING, they are expected to GIVE THEIR TESTIMONY at WEDNESSDAY NIGHT BIBLE STUDY. Since the child cannot understand the Bible (since they believe in lies), the listen to others and what they say about the Bible Study and just copy them. This way, children learn what to say and what not to say from the "Bible Study" MEETINGS and this affects their understanding of the Bible. They learn how to twist the Bible to make it "fit" into their 2x2 religion instead of correcting their behavior to obey the God of love.


When 2x2s are confronted with the truth about their religion, they immediately view this person as a threat. When children of 2x2 parents have questions about their religion, the 2x2 parents teach them lies and ways of thwarting those questions with guile, misinformation and lies. Since the child's friends are often young, their friends don't know how to combat the lies. As such, the 2x2 child may feel that they were able to "successuflly" defend their religion and their confidence level in the tactics they have learned rise. Children are commmonly heard to say "I want to be different when different is right", but the children don't know what "right" is. To them "right" is going to MEETINGS and PROFESSING, an outward form that pleases the WORKERS because it subjects them to more brainwashing.


When 2x2 children go to school, they may face ridicule because of their behaviour, dress and beliefs. Because of this, they turn to parents for comfort. This further promotes the cult when children are ridiculed at school. Parents may tell them "The other kids just don't understand." - making the child feel that they have special knowledge. 2x2 children are often not allowed to play in sports etc when it "interferes" with MEETING schedules.

Flattery and Manipulative Praise

When 2x2 children are asked questions or ridiculed at school and successfully "deal" with the "problem" then the children are praised by their parents and/or consoled at school. The children learn to turn to their parents and WORKERS for consolation and comfort. Many times, a person's faith in the WORKERS has to be grossly undermined in order for a person raised as a 2x2 to break free from the lies of the WORKERS.

Bondage and Evil Control

Because children are lied to, they have to limit their thoughts. For example, when learning about William Irvine, they would be afraid to ask "Who did William Irvine PROFFESS through?" and if they found out about William Irvines supposed revelation from God, they would be afraid to ask whether this "revelation from God" was according to scripture. And even if they knew this supposed revelation, they would not be able to discern what was scriptural and what was not.

Not only are children mentally captivated and in bondage in their minds, they are emotionally captive also. Through isolation, they dont' have other people to help meet their emotional needs. So they are emotionally captive to their parents who lie to them. Also, children of PROFESSING parents find out about age 10-12 (when they are expected to PROFESS in MEETINGS) that if they don't meet their parents expectations of how to respond in the cult, that they will not be loved. And many kids have found out that the PROFESSING child is their "favorite". It is often the children who don't PROFESS and see the emotional control of their parents that refuse to PROFESS and leave home as soon as possible. They become repulsed by the hypocrisy.


Children are often made to fear that if they don't go to MEETINGS then something bad will happen to them. I remember Jay Wicks preaching about how some of his friends from school were going to play around the train tracks. Jay wouldn't go with the boys because of a MEETING. He preached how that one of the boys got a broken leg, or got run over by a train. The inference to me as a kid was clear: if you miss MEETINGS, something bad is likely to happen. If I wasn't brainwashed and so young, I could have realized "don't play on the train tracks" and seen that the "missing MEETINGS" was a superstitious scare tactic used by Jay to keep kids in MEETINGS. I wonder how parents felt about Jay Wicks preaching this way to their children? Do they approve of superstitious scare tactics to keep their kids in "the way"?


While it is legal to isolate children, lie to them, twist their minds and such, it is not moral. It causes great damage to people's minds and hearts. Children abused by the WORKERS can have great difficulty getting through later in life when they find out people that they have been entrusted to have deceived them, cruelly treated them and lied to them about life outside the cult.


The failure of the authorities to enforce the law has encouraged the cult. The organization is not registerded as a non-profit, but many WORKERS don't pay taxes. And the PROFESSING people are taught not to write "charity" on a check. So the tax evasion by the WORKERS is supported by the FRIENDS.

I believe perjury is common when 2x2s testify. But few courts will prosecute perjury because it is difficult to prove. WORKERS have much money in trust funds, and use this money to buy lawyers. I believe the best way to get to the top WORKERS who I believe will lie under oath is to get a younger WORKER to testify against them. Younger WORKERS become privy to some of the crimes of other WORKERS. Police officers and detectives know how to lie and trick people into believing an OLDER WORKER has turned on them so that a YOUNGER WORKER will retaliated in kind and spill the beans on the OLDER WORKERS. While this may help result in a conviction (the police officers and detectives know how to lie and deceive to get convictions) this does not help the credibility and confidence in the authorities and police. In the long term, WORKERS will just be trained about how police officers work to counter these YOUNGER WORKERS from testifying about the crimes of the OLDER WORKERS. And just like the mafia knows how to deal with what they call "rats", the OLDER BROTHERS know how to deal with 2x2s who tell on them.

Often the authorities don't understand the cult environment. There is just so much to learn. So they may be deceived by abusive people.

Many authorities have bosses to please and budgets. Their goal may be to sucessfully prosecute a case so it results in a conviction. If the case is too hard and stresses the budget, it may be thrown out. If the case is too difficult and they are not sure about a conviction and don't want to do the leg-work, it may be thrown out. The goal of good-looking statistics to please bosses and money goals can work against justice and protection of children.

The OLDER BROTHERS are not stupid. They know legal issues and have obvioulsy made preparations. They have trust funds stored in other people's names to avoid investigations. Their exercise of trade craft in these areas makes me believe that they know what they are doing. They even ask ELDERS to burn fomer lists. This and their unwillingness to publish their beliefs shows their secrecy and evil works.

2x2s have removed the addresses of followers from FIELD LISTS and only put the ELDERS addresses to further discourage OUTSIDERS from mailing them information about the cult.


Children who don't conform to the 2x2 ways of their parents may be threatened by physical punishment. It is legal for children to be spanked. There are laws about child abuse, but why would other parents report to the authorities child abuse and reveal the wrong and "ruin" the reputation of "the faith"? And they know that if they did so, they would fall out of favor with the WORKERS. How are children going to withstand the threats. Isn't it easier for the child to just conform to avoid getting spanked by their parents for saying the wrong thing about the 2x2s? And if a child should displease the WORKERS who stay in their homes, then why wouldn't the parents "correct" the child for this "mis"behavior?

Privacy Invasion

The WORKERS insist that only the true servants of God are homeless. As such, they insist on living in other peoples' homes. And the WORKERS are typically given the rooms of the children to stay in. While in the home, the WORKERS see what goes on in the homes and sees the interaction in the family. They can use this information to preach in a certain way that will make a child think that the WORKER is like God and knows their thoughts. The child may not realize that the WORKER is simply spying on them and using this information to control them. A child who doesn't want their bed slept in by a WORKER would probably be scolded. I was taught as a child and believed as a child that these homeless liars were to be treated with greater respect than anyone else and that it was a "privelege" to let them stay in our homes. Little did I know as a child about how evil they were. And the stories of childlen being sexually abused by WORKERS was withheld from me and probably from my parents.

You may have heard the phrase "they read my mail" or "they read my diary". In some cases this may literaly be true.

No Questioning or Controlled Questioning

WORKERS will even have a WORKERS' QUESTION time at sings. This gives the appearance of "being open to questions". It's simply a preemptive move against the long-standing claim that WORKERS avoid questions.

I remember Everett Swanson doing this when he was in Bozeman, MT. They will have the children or young folks write down questions and then have a "time for questions" after a sing. So the young folks write down their questions and put them in a bowl. And the older WORKER (who is a seasoned veteran) will pluck a few questions out of the bowl. Now think of the dilema of a young person who asks the question. You aren't required to put your name on the slip of paper, but the WORKERS know who you are (from having lived in your home) and can probably match you with your questions. And so if you ask a "hard" question that the WORKERS don't like, you are going to lose favor. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if the WORKERS kept the questions afterwards. Also, to avoid answering many questions, the WORKER would spend a long time on "favorable questions" , thus few questions would be reached. By calling it a time for questions, this insinuates that there is also "not a time for questions". By reading all the questions later, the WORKERS can think of ways to answer questions in a way that it will not be "damaging" to them.

Burn It

Parents are taught to burn material that is mailed to them by people who have left the cult. So how are children going to get information about the cult. Thankfully, there is the INTERNET and children are learning about the cult this way. The 2x2 OVERSEERS, WORKERS and FRIENDS cannot burn the INTERNET nor can they make it go away. Rather, the may tell young people and children:

  • "Those websites are not about us"
  • "That's about some other group, we're not like that".
  • "Our meetings are not like that."
  • "Don't read those lies"

Accepting Abuse

The lies of the OLDER BROTHERS, OVERSEERS, WORKERS, ELDERS and PROFESSING FRIENDS and parents results in sin. This sin becomes gross and obvious: hypocrisy, slander, libel, fornication , adultery, licentiousness... When children are hurt by sexual abuse, they may be told to "heal in silence" for the "sake of the kingdom". When children learn to accept abuse from people in authority as a way of pleasing God, then they believe it is God's will and don't seek justice. They may keep quiet about further abuse

Later in life when the child grows up, they will probably seek out people who look good outwardly but dish out abuse in their "private" life. When a 2x2 child who has been abused accepts abuse, they may unwittingly choose an abusive spouse. Then they teach their children the same lies (having never learned themselves) and the cycle is repeated.


There are pressures on children because the children have expectations place on them by their PROFESSING parents and WORKERS. If the children don't meet those expectations, they may feel it is their fault. If parents divorce because one leaves the cult, the child may be blamed or blame themselves. The children put pressure on themselves to perform because they believe it is their fault in not living up to the expectations.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

This is a big name for "hurt". Many people suffer from PTSD from leaving the 2x2 cult. There is a link to an article about a woman in Illinois at the bottom of this page.

Pressure Release

To avoid a breakdown from the strains, a child may turn to drugs. And even WORKERS have been known to twist this and say that because a person didn't accept "God's call" on their life that God has given them over to drugs. Rather, the case is that the child may have turned to drugs because of the confusing and hypocritical lies they have been taught by the WORKERS. And it is easy for a WORKER to discredit someone doing drugs, because how reputable is a druggee. And drugs may temporarily ease someone's pain and release from the pressure but will not help the child in the long term. A 2x2 parent may reject a druggee child and kick the child out of the house. This may help the child in some respects, but not in others. The child may believe the lies later in life and believe they are going to hell because they are not "part of the fold" and going to MEETINGS. Many people are immensely relived to find out that their religion was a lie and the group a cult.

Children may turn to sex and get venereal diseases. Because they are using sex as a way of releasing the pressures of their life, they may not protect themselves or care enough about themselves to choose a sexual partner nor take health precautions.

Some children of 2x2 parents have had abortions because they wanted the sex but didn't want the responsibility of a child. I personally know of one woman raised in a PROFESSING home that turned to drugs and had an abortion.

Unbelieveable Outrageous Lies

Because of the stories that especially children and women have to tell about their abuse, the followers of the 2x2 religion may claim that they are "outrageous and unbelievable lies". Because the 2x2s look good on the "outside", many people may choose to disbelieve eye-witness accounts and instead choose to believe the lies for convenience sake. Many people don't want to have the responsibility of dealing with the issue.


Most adults, when faced with a large task, will simply give up or never complete a project. So how can children be blamed for giving up when trying to fight against a cult that affects every aspect of their lives?


It may be too embarassing for a parent to admit they are part of a cult. And so how can children be blamed for keeping quiet to their school friends because they are embarassed that they are part of a cult?


Kids brought up "in the fold" become abnormal. Not having a TV, not keeping current on news, not being allowed to play in sports because it may interfere with MEETIngs etc makes them different. If they sink into more isolation, they may further distance themselves from other people and have trouble relating to others. When they do try to reach out, others may not understand them and push them away.


Teachers and counsellors at schools may become concerned because of the depression and "negativity" of 2x2 children. They may try to reach out to them. But because of the lies the children are taught and because of the social "taboos" of talking about religion, it may go nowhere except perhaps to push the child further away. Schools already have so much trouble handling their own business with the pressures of political agendas from gays, lesbians, new age religions and the evolution religion, that they cannot handle their own job of teaching people how to read and write much less dealing with cults.

A very interesting article about PTSD and a young woman trying to escape the cult: http://religiouschildabuse.blogspot.com/2009/02/university-of-illinois-student-shunned.html

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