Overseer's Job Description

Job description and responsibilities of overseers in the 2x2 religion. The overseers job is to please other overseers, the workers on their staff and the friends of the workers.

All overseers are male. No females are ever allowed (and never have) to become an overseer. So all the duties below use his and him words.

Duties Taken on by Overseers

Here are a list of things that overseers consider their duty to do in the 2x2 religion:

  • gain a bigger following for himself to increase his popularity and justify his religion
  • increase his trust funds
  • decide who to kick out when a professing person starts believing the Bible
  • force unity through his threats of excommunication
  • try to stay in power as long as he can to accumulate more money in trust funds
  • be popular among other overseers so he can stay in power
  • keep quiet about trust funds, money handling
  • break up his geographical territories into fields
  • pair up his workers each year
  • assign his pairs of workers to each field
  • visit each set of workers each year and see how "the work" is progressing
  • tell lies that his workers and their friends want to hear
  • tell plausible lies or stories to cover up accusations by former professing people
  • minimize or hush news about child sexual abuse of his workers and elders
  • try to increase his staff of workers by recruiting more workers
  • try to encourage his workers so they get more people to profess
  • increase the number of his professing people so he has more people to financially support him and his workers
  • speak at important funerals (deaths of workers and popular elders)
  • make funeral arrangements for workers
  • assign older brothers to be in charge of conventions
  • collect the money gathered by his older brother workers from the conventions
  • decide who can "take part" in his meetings after divorces and remarriages
  • listen to workers' squabbles
  • make clear to his staff of workers what doctrines are to be taught and which ones are not to be taught
  • decide who can become a worker for him and who cannot
  • decide who will be left off his workers list and who will remain each year
  • keep track of how many people profess through each worker and cull the workers who don't get people to profess
  • cull the workers who are unpopular or who aren't toeing the line with his policies
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